Parallel 49 Beer Master Dinner (Romer’s Burger Bar) – June 25, 2014

On June 25th, 2014 Romer’s Burger Bar held a followup beer dinner to the Unibroue dinner.  For the latest beer dinner Romer’s partnered up with Parallel 49 Brewing.  Aaron the Chef put together a great dinner cooking each course with one of four Parallel 49 Beer.  Graham With the Brewmaster from Parallel 49 came out to the event to speak about the beer with some help from Jeff Hurkett the Sales manager.

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Below is the Menu from the dinner.


The dinner started like many with The Chef Aaron coming out and talking a bit about how he chose each beer for meal and how he cooked it including how he added each beer into the dish.  When Aaron was done Graham With and Jeff Hurkett stood up in front of the group and introduced themselves and what the brewery is all about.

First Course
Watermelon Salad
Fetta, basil, watercress, pine nuts, seed spitter balsamic
Paired with – Seed Spitter Summer Heff

RomersP49-019 RomersP49-022

It is safe to say I have never heard of a watermelon salad but this was very interesting.  All the ingredients came together to make a great flavour and the balsamic dressing made with the Seed Spitter was to die for!  Watermelon with a watermelon beer may seem like to much of one thing but it went very well together.

Second Course
I.P.L. Tempura Halibut
Hand Cut Frieds, I.P.L coleslaw, Tarter
Paired with – Hoparazzi I.P.L (India Pale Lager)

RomersP49-025  RomersP49-026

The batter on the Halibut was to awesome and really complimented my favourite style of fish.  The tarter sauce was homemade and was great.  The fries were salted just right that they did not require anything to eat.  A touch of vinegar never hurts but it didn’t need it at all.  The coleslaw had the India Pale Lager in it and was noticeable.  It added a really nice little kick.  The citrus in the beer paired well with the fish as you would usually squeeze lemon on fish.  The bitterness always goes well with a dish like this.

Third Course
Lamb Ale Tagine
Ras el Hanout, Moroccan cous cous, garbanzo, tumeric yoghurt cream
Paired With – Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale

RomersP49-027  RomersP49-029

Lets start with what Ras El Hanout is.  Ras el hanout is a mix of spices from North Africa (usually) and was a mix of the sellers best spices. The Lamb stew was amazing with tons of spices and a great malty backbone.  The apricot and tumeric yogurt topping has some great flavours also.  Cous cous is always tasty and this version was no different.  The gypsy tears ruby ale has a great malt backbone which goes well with stew but the hops went well with the mild spices.

Fourth Course
Canana Pie
Caramel, dehydrated banana, ginger candy cream
Paired with – Banana Hammock Summer Hefeweizen

RomersP49-031  RomersP49-032

This was a very sweet desert!  There sure was banana and caramel in the desert and banana flavour dominates the beer also.  It was very popular with the group although for me it was too sweet.  Sorry Aaron.


Romer’s, Aaron, Graham and Jeff helped put on a great dinner with great food that complimented great beer!  I look forward to seeing what Aaron and Romer’s can create next!

Full sized photos can be found here.

Romber’s Burger Bar Kitsilano

1873 West 4th Ave
Vancouver BC

Parallel 49 Brewing

Launch Party (Cloak & Dagger CDA) April 23rd 2013 – Granville Island Brewing

Granville Island Brewing has decided to re-brand their 650ml Limited Release Bomber Series to the “Black Note Book Series”.  The Brewmaster Vern has a black note book with his notes and recipes and this book inspired the new direction.


In honor of the first release of this re-branding they held a launch party at the Brewery on Granville Island (all Bomber releases are brewed on site on Granville Island!).  This invite only event was attended by local bloggers and people in the craft beer industry locally.  Steve and I were lucky enough to both be invited!    When you checked into the event you were given drink tickets to sample not only the brand new “Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale” but also their “Imperial IPA”, “Irish Red” and their “Barley Wine“.  As soon as you walked in you were handed a small approximately 2oz sample of the Cloak & Dagger.


Once everyone had arrived Vern called the Room to attention.  He explained the ideas behind the re-branding and talked a bit about this first brew in the new series.  He also talked about the little note book that everyone at the event would be getting that gives notes on this years “Note Book” releases as well some room to take notes.  Another Granville Island Brewing employee took over and expanded the conversation a bit.  He even took a shot at Verns drawing skills letting everyone know the new art style is not Verns work (it led to some laughs).  One the talking was finished the night moved over to what the night was really about, tasting great beer and discussing it with like minded people.  To expand on the great beer being sampled Granville Island Brewing brought in the “Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts” to provide appies that were paired to all 4 brews.  The students brought their A game and made some delicious foods that went amazingly with the beer!

If this new Cascadian Dark Ale is an indicator of what is to come in the next year then there is reason to be very excited!  This brew is amazing and you can tell that Vern is very proud of his creation (as he should be!).  The consensus in the crowd was the same as mine with the “Cloak & Dagger”, everyone loved it and could not wait until they could let others know about it!  Sadly the Launch Party had to end at some point and it really came to fast.  It was great to talk with local bloggers and beer advocates and great to finally meet Vern in person.

Keep up the great work Vern!

I was also very impressed that GIB handed out Taxi Vouchers to anyone that wanted them!  Don’t Drink and Drive!  On the way out the door every person that attended the Launch was given a package with a bomber of the CDA a Black Note Book Series Tasting Guide and two small sample glasses both with the new branding!


Thanks for the invite Steve and I both really appreciated it and enjoyed the Party.

Read the Cloak & Dagger Review Here!

Brewery, Store and Taproom
1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R7 l 604.687.BREW (2739) l Fax: 604.685.0504

Hours of Operation

GIB Retail Store: 10am to 8pm Every Day
(hours may change seasonally)

GIB Taproom: 12pm to 8pm Every Day
(hours change seasonally and with special events)

Dead Frog Brewing, Brewery Tour/Tasting – Aldergrove

On October 27th 2012 my Girlfriend and I headed out to Dead Frog Brewery in Aldergrove for a brewery tour and tasting.  We had purchased a groupon which got us both a tour, tasting, t-shirts and coasters as part of the package.  When we arrived Tiffany the Marketing Coordinator and amazing tour guide welcomed us.  She then showed us to the tasting room to wait for the rest of the group to arrive.


Once everyone arrived the beer tasting started.  The first beer to be sampled was their lager.  This is a nice lager that actually has some flavour unlike some many lagers on the market!  We then moved onto the Pepper Lime Lager one of my favorite lagers with just the right amount of bother pepper and lime to make it exciting.  The next brew was the Mandarin Orange Amber Ale a nice flavourful ale and the first beer to explore the ale lineup they produce.  Once we were primed up we hit the brewery for our tour.

The brewery was set up like many other working breweries with the Mash Tun and Kettle on one side with the raw materials.  The other side held the fermentors and bottling line.  Tiffany did a great job explaining to the group how the brewing process worked.  I peeled off at this time to have a quick chat with Tim Brown the newest brewmaster at Dead Frog and one of the two masterminds behind the new Fearless IPA.  Tim is a great guy that I would love to sit back and just share a pint and shoot the breeze with!

Once our brewery tour was done we headed back into the tasting room to finish our tasting!  The next beer to be tasted was the Pale Ale.  Starting in 2012 the recipe for this beer has been changed to more resemble other craft pale ales on the market.  What a great move as this beer is amazing!  We then moved onto their top-selling fall/winter beer the Nut Brown Ale.  A great well-balanced nutty ale that goes down well on a rainy Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley day!  Once the Nut Brown was finished we moved onto their brewmaster series beer.  The first of these was their Toasted Coconut Wit.  This was a hit at the tasting.  Wheat beer are always popular but you put in the taste of coconut and people seem to love it!  We then moved onto my new favorite beer in the dead from lineup.  The Fearless IPA is a beer to be feared by the Lager only crowd.  This is a beer that packs a real punch.  With a high hops content and a high alcohol content it is not for everyone although it is for me!

I am happy I headed out and did this tour as I had forgotten how much I liked their lagers.  With my current love of craft beer I had moved more to ales as most people do.  Make sure you check out these beer it is worth your while! This tour/Tasting is worth paying for to both learn their beer lignup and see where the magic happens.

Thanks Dead Frog and Tiffany!

Dead Frog Brewery
Unit 1 – 27272 Gloucester Way,
Aldergrove, BC
Ph. 1-888-856-1055
Fx. 604-856-9803

All tours are done by appointment only so make sure you call or email ahead!

Dead frog Brewing is currently running at 100% capacity as they recently signed a contract to brew all Steamworks Brewing beer destined to be bottled and sold in stores.  With Steamworks Brewing’s brewery so small it only made sense to license the brewing out to a brewery that could handle the volume.  All of their beer is brewed to a strict recipe and guideline to ensure the beer is to the same standard you have come to expect out of their Gastown Brewpub!

Steamworks Brewmaster Dinner – October 24th, 2012

On Wednesday October 24th, 2012 Steamworks Brewing held a Brewmaster dinner as part of BC Craft Beer Month in one of their private rooms downstairs.  Tickets were $40 plus tip and tax and paid at the end of the night.  The doors opened at 7pm and we were shown to our seats.  The meal consisted of 4 courses that were paired with 4 different beer.


Once the room began to fill up the Brewmasters Conrad and Tak tapped a cask of their Copper Roof Ale (actually an ESB).


The Copper Roof Ale Brewed by Tak and Concrad poured a nice amber colour with a white head.  The beer had the aroma of roasted malts, caramel and toffee with a mild hops.  The flavour was great with roasted malts, caramel, toffee, mild citrus and mild hops bitterness.  To brew this beer they used Fawcett Crystal, Biscuit and Fawcett Maris Otter malts.  For hops they used Challenger hops for bitterness while adding Styrian Goldings at two different times to bring on a citrus flavour.  Like most cask conditioned beer there was only a very light carbonation to this brew.

At around 7:30pm after people had started talking and mingling the Brewmaster Conrad called the dinner to order.  Conrad did not want to brag about their beer’s recent awards but he did anyways.


Between every course Conrad would explain why the chosen beer was matched with the coarse (I do not remember the explanations though sadly).  He also explained that each coarse was cooked with a portion of the paired beer.

Course 1: West Coast Steamer Pot / Pilsner
Dungeness crab, Saltspring Island mussels, prawns, corn on the cob, red potatoes, pilsner broth

Not being a fan of most seafood I ate the corn and the potatoes and loved them but my girlfriend ate the seafood.  She said that it was amazing.  She got my seafood and I got most of her beer as she does not drink.  What a trade-off!  From what I had of this first offering though it paired really nicely with the Pilsner.  Full flavoured food for a full flavoured beer (The best beer in BC as voted at the BC Beer Awards).

Course 2:  Spicy Pork Belly Bao Buns / Pale Ale
braised pork belly, spicy char-sui bbq sauce, roasted apple, pickled chili, asian slaw.

I must have died and gone to heaven!  Having never had pork belly I did not know what I was missing!  This was some of the most beautiful pork I have ever tasted!  Damn your heart this is worth eating.  The slaw had a little bit of a bitterness to it that really paired nicely with the Pale Ale poured for this course.  You never want to have a beer that overpowers your food and the bitterness in the slaw and the strong flavour of the pork went very nicely with the bitterness of the Pale Ale.

Course 3:  Braised Short Rib / Pumpkin Ale
pumpkin ale braised short ribs, chanterelle mushroom risotto, baby root vegetables, gingersnap gremolata

Now my mouth was really watering!  This is some of the most melt in your mouth tender short rib, with just the faintest flavour of pumpkin.  The chanterelle mushroom risotto was probably the nicest risotto I have personally had.  Being a mushroom nut thought it had me at hello.  Who knew that a pumpkin ale would go so well with a main dish.  I would fully expect that it would go with the dessert as did the brewmaster.  The Chef had a different idea and it was masterful!  At this point I was starting to get full!

Course 4:  Chocolate Stout Cake / Heroica Oatmeal Stout
Buttercream icing, espresso gelato

I was basically full until this was placed in front of me.  Suddenly I had a tone of room for desert!  This was another first for me.  I have never had a cake made with a stout.  The stout complimented the cake very well as it was not super sweet but nice and chocolatey.  The espresso gelato also had chocolate flakes in it and was also very tasty.  Being an oatmeal stout the beer went very nice with this dessert as it was more sweet than the average beer.

My girlfriend Amber very happy and well fed after the meal was wrapping up.  After the meal the Chef and Sous-Chef came out and said a few words about the meal we had just all thoroughly enjoyed.  A man I had not noticed as of yet then stood up and introduced himself as the owner of Steamworks stood up and thanked the Chef, Sous-Chef and their whole team which was met with a loud round of applause (not the first of the night).  After doing this dinner I wish that I had not waited this long to try one out.  This was one of the most fun dinners that I have ever had full of great food, information and people!  We personally chatted the entire night with a very friendly couple Gary and Sherry.  This sure as hell will not be the last brewmasters dinner that I attend!  Oh ya and I had a second glass of the cask Copper Roof Ale as well so tasty.

These beautiful glasses were handed out as gifts to everyone that attended the dinner.  I can not wait to fill them with some steamworks beer!

Bravo Steamworks, Bravo!