Powell Street Craft Brewery Banner Hanging/Brewery Tour – Vancouver

With only days until Powell Street Craft Brewery opens to the public I was given the opportunity to help hang the breweries banner and take a tour of the brewery!  Freeking kid in a candy store!!!  Sign me up any day.

This was the brewery building before the banner was hung.


Due to the fact that both David and Nicole (the owners) are so busy getting the finishing touches of the brewery done they asked it Pete of http://www.petes-meat.com/ and I could help hang their banner on the front of their building.  Both of us jumped at the opportunity to help out a new local business.

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Photo 1 by Nicole.  Pete is on the left and I am on the right.
Photo 2 Myself.  Pete Left and Nicole Right.
Photo 3 Myself.  The sign is hung!

This is the second Nano Brewery to open up in Metro Vancouver and as such is a pretty small operation.  They have only one fermentor so only one beer can be fermented at a time!  Lets hope they have the same success as Bridge Brewing over in North Vancouver and have trouble just keeping beer in stock! You know as long as I can still buy their beer that is!  Brewery tours will most likely not be done for the public so here is a good way to see what is behind the scenes.

Powell Street Brewing have hired some great artists to create their labels including both their Old Jalopy Pale ale and Dive Bomb Porter which will be available on opening day!

_MNG1832   _MNG1833

They also have a tasting room that will be doubling as an art gallery.  Galleries will run for around a month and submissions are open to any and all local artists!  I even have a photograph that will be on display at the opening Gallery.


Beer will be available in 650ml bombers as well as 1L refillable Boston Rounds and 1.89L refillable Growlers at the brewery.

_MNG1839   _MNG1841

So come by Saturday December 15th 2012 or any day after that when they are open and pick up some amazing beer and check out some great local art.  Maybe even purchase a t-shirt.

To Check out one of their first brews the Old Jalopy Pale ale Click Here.

powell brewery   _MNG1836

Powell Street Craft Brewery
1830 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3V9

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