Grapefruit Wit (Casked) – Parallel 49 Brewing

This beer was availible at the first ever Public Brewery Tour at Parallel 49 Brewing Company.  The beer poured from the cask a slightly cloudy golden colour with almost no head.  The beer smelled of both Wheat and Grapefruit but not much else.  The taste of the beer was of wheat and mild citrus and grapefruit and just a bit of yeast.  This is basically the same beer as their Seedspitter watermelon Witbeir with Grapefruit added instead of watermelon.  I will assume then that the alcohol content was the same at 5.0%.  The beer had little to no carbonation which can be the case with casked beer.  The owner of the brewery was giving the brewmaster a hard time about this the whole time.  This was a nice flavored beer which is no surprise as their 4 current bottled beer are all amazing in their different ways.  This beer may show up at bars if they produced any kegs but it seems to be a one off.

Dry Hopped ESB (cask) – Big River Brewpub

From Richmond BC’s Big River Brewpub comes the “casked Dry Hopped ESB”.  This casked beer was tasted at the Summer Cask Festival 2012 at Central City Brewing in Surrey BC.   When poured the beer has a cloudy amber appearance with a small white head.  The beer smells of citrus with a hint of hops.  The beer was quite sweet tasting with citrus notes and a light hops bitterness.  This is one of this least bitter ESB’s I have tasted but it was a tasty beer none the less.

Summer Cask Festival

Summer Chocolate Honey Wheat Ale (cask) – Canoe Brewpub

From Canoe Brewpub out of Victoria BC comes the “casked Summer Chocolate Honey Ale”.  This casked beer was tasted at the Summer Cask Festival 2012 at Central City Brewing in Surrey BC.  The beer was a cloudy golden colour when poured.  The beer had a heavy wheat smell with hints of honey and chocolate.  The flavor was heavy in wheat, chocolate, and honey with a hint of smoke.  This was an interesting flavor of beer I would be interested in trying something like this again if I could find it.  Sorry for the blurry photo as I was just learning this camera and could not get the flash working at first.

Summer Cask Festival 2012

Casked Tsarist Stout – Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

At Spinnakers Brew Pub in Victoria BC you have the option to try some of their beer out of a Cask instead of from the tap.  Beer conditioned and served from casks takes on a different flavor that a beer done in a more conventional method.  Seeing how this is the original brew pub in BC it seems only fitting they have this option available!  The Beer itself was black as night with a slightly brownish head.  The brew has a slightly higher hops bitterness than the average stout probably from the casking that builds while you drink it (The IBU rating is only 28 so it is not very bitter).  It had a  light to medium bodied  malt flavor that was very flavorful.   This is an Imperial beer and as such has a higher 7.75% alcohol.  The beer was not served as cold as I am used to as a stout is not supposed to be served really cold.  I would have prefered it to be as cold as a lighter beer though as that is more my preference.  This beer is brewed in the same classic  style as stouts brewed in the UK destined for export to Russia.