B’s Craft Beer Lounge – Langley

If you either live out in Langley near Willowbrook Shopping Centre or just find yourself in the area then you need to check out B’s Craft Beer Lounge.


This craft beer lounge gives you the brewery tasting room feel but it does one better.  They serve beer in tasting racks of two volumes or single glasses of beer from all over the world.  You are able to choose beers for the tasting racks from a preset menu that has enough beer that you can have two full tasting trays and not try every beer.  They also have beer that you can enjoy a full glass of.  Everything is poured from bottles (usually bombers) and recapped.  Luckily the beer moves quite fast and will never sit long enough to no flat.

The staff is very knowledgeable and will have information about all the beer that they are pouring which is a very nice touch.   This tasting lounge is attached to a liquor store (Berezan Liquor Store) but you can also purchase beer to go from the lounge.  The lounge seems to have some amazing gems for sale and I walked out with two great beers one being a Fifty Fifty Brewing Eclypse!

Full sized photos found here.

B’s Craft Beer Lounge
19665 Willowbrook Drive
Langley, British Columbia
(604) 539-0046