Moody Ales Brewmaster’s Dinner (Craft Beer Market) – November 29th 2016

On November 29th, 2016 I was lucky enough to attend the Moody Ales Brewmaster’s Dinner that was held at Craft Beer market in the Olympic Village of Vancouver.


It is crazy to think that this is both my first brewmaster dinner at Craft was well as my first with Moody Ales.  I had every reason to believe this would be an epic dinner though as Craft makes some great food and Moody Ales is a very solid brewery.  I was also luck to be sitting at the Moody Ales table and got to catch up with some of the staff that I had not seen it a long time.


To start the night off everyone was served a glass of the Hardy Brown Ale.  It is always nice to have a sleeve of beer to get the lips moving with new people.  With the long table nature of this dinner that makes it a much better night when you can get to know your neighbors early.  With that beer we also noticed the menu on our plates.


Before every course the head brewer Robyn Guille and the executive chef got up and talked about the beer and the food that were about to be delivered to the table.


First Course
Queso Fundido
Chorizo, melted cheese, BC Kennebec potatoes
Paired with Vienna Lager


I will have to say that nothing is better than a very well made chip dip!  This happened to be one epic chip dip to boot.  The cheese, potato and chorizo made a great flavour combination.   The sweetness of the Vienna Lager cut though the mild spice quite well.  This was my first taste of the Vienna Lager and it was very full flavoured and if you know me I am not a Lager fan usually.

Second Course
Roasted Corn Chowder
Charred serranos, roasted corn, cream, chili oil
Paired with Affable IPA


To continue with the firsts this was my very first corn chowder.  I wish this was a much bigger portion as we all agreed that this was epic!  I really liked the pickled corn.  There was an almost non existent hops bitterness that built when you took a sip of the IPA.  It a counterpoint to the first course the bitterness of the beer seemed to cut the sweetness of the soup.

Third Course
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Chili spiced honey drizzle, jalapano cornbread, whipped butter
Paired with Sociable Pale Ale


Course three again stepped up the game.  This fried chicken had amazing flavour with the honey drizzle without having a single note of being greasy.  I felt that the honey from the chicken and the citrus from the beer mingled well.  Now the chicken was deadly good but the cornbread with the jalapenos really paired up nicely with the mild bitterness form the pale ale.

Chocolate Terrine
Raspberry leather
Paired with Russian Imperial Stout


The chocolate was very nice with a mild salting on top.  The bourbon, oak and roasted malts of the Russian Imperial Stout really cut through the sweetness of the chocolate while still really working amazingly together.  The raspberry leather was quite interesting in its own right.

In the end this dinner turned out to be one of my favourite that I have attended.  Not only was the beer very tasty but the food paired well on each course.  The kitchen killed it and I hope to check out more of these dinners in the future!

Catch up with Moody Ales

Catch up with Craft Beer market Vancouver

Firestone Walker Launches in Canada – Craft Beer Market

Firestone Walker Brewing Company out of California is one of the largest and most celebrated breweries in the United States and have now decided to bring their beer up into Canada.

Craft Beer Market held the Launch party in Vancouver on June 30th, 2016.  Originally there were to be 8 beers on tap but 4 got held up at customs for whatever reason so it was brought down to 4.  They had Luponic Distortion  Revolution No 001 a beer that has its hops change every 100 days.  Next they had their DBA British Pale Ale a beer with a portion aged in oak barrels.  Third they had the Pivo Hoppy Pilsner a well hopped lager.  Lastly they had their Union Jack West Coast IPA a beer that would be welcomed by any hop head on the West Coast.

One of the Founders of the brewery David Walker came up for the launch and got up on the bar to give a talk about the brewery and what they do.  He also talked a bit about the expansion into Canada.

The Firestone Walker expansion has just begun but look out for their beer including these 4 and hopeful more to come in the near future!

Check out what they do here:

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

full sized photos

Craft Beer Market Vancouver (Anniversary) – November 5th, 2014

Exactly 1 year ago on Novermber 5th Craft Beer Market opened its doors in Vancouver.  Craft Beer Market opened with a ton of fan fare as it was boasting around 140 taps of beer.  To say the first year was a success would be the understatement of the year.  It is always hard to get a reservation here and it always seems to be very busy!


They released some stats about how much beer was consumed and I find it pretty amazing.


Like always Craft Beer Market treated its party guests to a fee glass of beer in this case from casks from Bridge Brewing Company and Parallel 49 Brewing.  They also supplied lots of small appies and an order of their fish tacos.  With the food and beer culture in Vancouver there was a great mix of people in attendance.

Congratulations of One very successful year in operation!  Here is to many more years of great beer and food!

Full sized photos can be found here

Craft Beer Market
Salt Building85 West 1st Ave
Vancouver BC
604-709-BEER (2337)

Check out my post on their grand opening party!

Stone Brewing Canadian Launch at Craft Beer Market – Vancouver

Stone Brewing from Escondido California has started a large scale expansion of their distribution. Their beer is being launched in BC and Alberta currently which is their first foray into Canada and to celebrate this Stone and Craft Beer Market held parties in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.  This was a very exclusive event and you had to either win to get in or get lucky enough to get and invite.  Luckily for me I was invited at the last minute to the Vancouver event and was able to attend.


Like any event held at Craft Beer Market lots of appetizers were brought around although many of these ones were made using Stone Brewing beer.  Stone brought 15 different beer to these events including the three permanent taps for Craft Beer Market including Stone IPA, Go To IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale.  All of the beer were amazingly tasty which should surprise no one that is serious about craft beer.  If this was your first exposure to Stone’s beer than I would expect your mind to be blown.

Keep your eyes peeled to your local BC Liquor stores and local private stores for Stones Brewing’s beer to arrive.

Full sized photos can be found here

Craft Beer Market Vancouver – November 5th, 2013

The newest Craft Beer bar in Vancouver has opened its doors as of November 7th, 2013!  Craft Beer Market is the new bar on the block.


Located in the historic Salt Building in the Olympic Village in Vancouver BC this bar boasts 140 taps of beer, almost all of them serving craft beer.  The look of the building has been preserved while a great central bar has been installed with lots of tables around it as well as two mezzanines one with a room and one with the kitchen below it.  From memory there are around 50 taps of local BC craft beer on tap with lots of other Canadian, USA and other great craft beer from other Continents.  One thing I hope changes is the very small amount of rotating taps that are found here.  Like many craft beer nerds locally in Vancouver I don’t like drinking the same beer often.  I want to be able to drink a different beer or different beers when I go out.  Other than the Bud light (sic) on tap I have had almost every beer on tap here.  An interesting feature of this bar is the location of the bathrooms as they are down in the basement down with all of the piles.  They have even installed a bank of windows so you can see down into this space.


I was lucky enough to be able to head out to a early opening party on November 5th to experience what Craft Beer Market was.  The event gave us two free drinks as well as lots of tasters of their many great appies.  Being on the coast many of the food options offered were very seafood oriented including muscles, tuna and scallops.  All of the food that I was able to sample was full of flavour and well worth the sample.  I look forward to having more in the future.  Glass sizes served range from around 0.25L to 0.5L so there are no proper pints being sold here but they do not claim this and tell you exactly how much beer you get in your glass on the menu.  The price of beer ranges from around $6.5 for local beer to around $10 for specialty beers.  With opening parties on both the 5th and 6th Craft was intent on showing off their new digs to as many people as possible.

Full Sized Photos found here

For anyone that wants to venture into the craft beer scene this is your pub to be sure!  There are 140 taps and many styles of beers to try.  For the hard core beer nerd like me I really hope they open up another 10 or more taps for rotating beer as I find this to be a very important part of the craft beer experience.   One very cool feature of this bar is the way the beer makes it to the bar from the keg room.  The keg room is located at the front door and is a fully glassed in room so you can see what is happening inside.  From here the beer runs through large metal conduit holding many beer lines all the way to the bar.  There are over 4 km of beer lines running above the seating area!  To be exact there are 439m of beer conduit which is over twice as long as the height of Vancouver’s largest tower the Shangri La Hotel.  The draft lines can hold up to 150 liters of beer at once.  I have to mention my one Gripe with this bar and it will be similar to many other people in the Craft Beer Scene locally.  Alexander Keiths can not be listed as an IPA as it is not an IPA!  Carry any beer that you want as it will be consumed (or not) by your patrons but it is false advertising. You will receive glasses of this beer back with demands for money back from people from out of town.  Call it an ale if you would like or give a disclaimer but don’t call it an IPA.

So run out to the Olympic Village and check out our new watering hole asap! I am sure you will enjoy the Staff, food and drinks!

Craft Beer Market
Salt Building85 West 1st Ave
Vancouver BC
604-709-BEER (2337)
Monday to Friday – 11am – midnight
Saturday & Sunday – 10am – midnight