Ivanhoe White IPA – SanTan Brewing

From Chandler Arizona’s SanTan Brewing Company comes their “Ivanhoe White IPA” a limited release beer.  This beer was filled at the brewery in a Crowler or what they call a Canzilla (a 1L can freshly filled at the brewery) and brought back to Vancouver to be enjoyed.  The beer poured a Cloudy golden colour with a big fluffy white head into my 56oz glass.  The aroma was of citrus, wheat and floral hops but overall it was quite mild.  The flavour consisted of citrus, citrus rind, earthy, wheat, pine, resin and a pretty good hops bitterness.  The alcohol content of this brew is 7% with an IBU of 70.  I quite enjoyed this release and was happy to be able to consume it freshly canned (Less than a week) back in Vancouver!


Smouldering Smoked Porter – Moody Ales

From Moody Ales out of Port Moody comes their “Smouldering Smoked Porter” a beer I acquired in their new 946ml crowler cans.  I poured this entire can into my brand new 56oz glass (what a great Christmas gift).  The beer poured a deep black with a big brown head with some lasting lacing.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, smoke and some caramel.  The flavour is of huge smoke, roasted malts, burnt coffee, wood, bitterness, chocolate and a mild dark fruit finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.9% with an IBU of 19.  I am not a huge fan of smoked beer but I thought I would give this one a chance.  It is not something I would drink every day but if you like a good smoked ale this would be a great choice.

Commercial Description:  Ever wanted to drink the char marks on your steak?  Now you can!  Our Smouldering Porter contains copious amounts of beechwood smoked malts and is fermented with a clean yeast to showcase the smoky aromas of barbecued meats and wood fire.  It is equally well suited to the summer, where it pairs well with charred red meat, and the winter, where it pairs well with the fireplace.