Scotch Style Ale – Boundary Bay Brewing Co

From Boundary Bay Brewing Company out of Bellingham Washington comes the “Scotch Style Ale”.  This beer pours a deep reddish amber colour with an off white head.  The main smell is sweet malts and caramel with an almost woody scent behind it and maybe a hint of chocolate.  The brew tastes of sweet malts, caramel and chocolate(mild) with a very mild hops bitterness.  This beer has a very understated flavor which is different from most beer of this style.  The beer has an alcohol content of 6.4%.  This is a good beer though and is worth trying out.

A Wee Angry Scotch Ale – Russel Brewing


From Surrey BC’s Russel Brewing comes “A Wee Angry Scotch Ale” part of their Brewmaster Series.  This beer is a deep brown with almost no head.  The beer has the aroma of malt, pine, tropical fruit, barley and some light smokiness.  The beer tastes of Cereal, caramel and some scotch with a hops bitterness that dies fast.  This beer has a nice amount of carbonation.  The beer is 6.5% alcohol and has an IBU Rating of 30. If you want to try this it is available in BC Government and Private Liquor stores but pick it up quickly as it has a limited availability.

Chilli Stout (casked) – Central City Brewing

From Surrey’s Central City Brewing (Red Racer Brewing) comes the “casked Chilli Stout”.  This casked beer was tasted at the Summer Cask Festival 2012 at Central City Brewing in Surrey BC.  The beer pours a deep black opaque colour with a off white head.  The beer has the scent of just an average stout.  The flavor of the beer is very different than the smell though as it is high in chilli spice.  This is such a different beer but amazing.  If you have never had a spicy beer you should go out and try it!  If you can find a cask of this try it right away.

Summer Cask Festival

Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale – Whistler Brewing

From Whistler Brewing comes the “Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale”.  The beer has a dark brown appearance with some deep red hues and a light brown head.  The smell of both maple and chai are almost overpowering and mask almost all other smells on this beer.  The beers flavor does not deviate from the smell one bit as it is heavy in both maple and chai flavors.  If you are a fan of both maple and chai you will probably love this beer.  For me it was a little to sweet for my taste buds but I am not a huge maple syrup fan.  The beer sits at a 5% alcohol content.  Interestingly enough Whistler Brewing only brews a portion of its beer in Whistler the other portion is brewed in the Okanagan.  The company is so green though that it trucks all of its water from Whistler for its Kamloops facility (Sure are environmentally conscious).   Whistler Brewing is owned by Kamloops Brewing Company


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Mississippi Mud Black & Tan – Mississippi Brewing Company

From the Mississippi Brewing Company out of New York (don’t ask I don’t know) comes the “Mississippi Mud Black & Tan”.   A black and tan is a mix of dark and a light beer.  In this case it is a Porter and a Pilsner.   You can definitely taste both distinct flavors but they mix to make an interesting mixture for the taste buds! Both me and Steve H. enjoyed this beer and will be drinking it again!  I look forward to trying other black and tans from now on.  Either in bars or my own creations picking two different distinct beer.  The beer sits at a respectable 5% alcohol.

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