Brew and Chew (Old Yale Brewing / Lakeside Beach Club) – Chilliwack

On February 20th, 2016 I was able to attend a “Brew and Chew” brewmaster dinner at the Lakeside Beach Club in Chilliwack almost on the shore of Cultus Lake.  Lakeside Beach Club partnered up with Old Yale Brewing also out in Chilliwack to put on this great canape dinner.  My sister and her Fiance also came along to the dinner.  Her Fiance is a chef so I also have his notes on the dinner.


The Brew and Chew has some rules.  Basically the dinner was a canape dinner with each course being a small sample or a beer and food.  There were some tables but for the most part people walked around and mingled.


People started arriving at 6pm and started the mingling right away while grabbing a glass or two of beer.  As the dinner started at 6:45pm they had a table of appraisers.

The dinner consisted of 7 distinct beers and food courses as can be seen on the menu below.


First Course
Tuna Cone
Seared Tuna, grapefruit, rice, teri-thai drizzle
Paired with – Knotty Blonde Ale (formerly Chilliwack Blonde)


I do not personally go for tuna cones usually when our for sushi so I did not know what to expect.  For me I thought there was a bit to much seaweed (personal taste) but overall the flavour was great especially the grapefruit notes that paired great with the mild but fruity flavour of the Blonde Ale.

Aaron Clark “The softness of the seared Tuna and the Rice is nicely contrasted by the bite of the nori cone. The pop of the grapefruit cuts through the spice of the Teri-thai sauce beautifuly. This is all brought  together nicely by the blonde ale leaving a very satisfied mouth feel.

Second Course
Tropical Inspired Cod
Pan seared cod, strawberry mango salsa, crisp crostini
Paired with – Moon Dance Mango Wheat Ale (Formerly Outta Wack Mango Wheat)


This was pretty darn tasty.  The strawberry and mango salsa had a strong flavour that did not let the cod shine through.  This was a very tasty and interesting salsa.  It all tasted great on the crostini and the chives added a nice accent.  The mango in the beer complimented the salsa quite well and helped cut through the chives a bit.

Aaron Clark “Over all a Delicious mouthful. The mango and strawberry salsa was flavourful and fresh but totally overpowered the delicate flavor of the Cod. The beer paired beautifully with the salsa and cut through the bite of the chive.

Third Course
Pulled Pork Slider
Slow roasted pulled pork, apple, onions, brioche bun
Paired With – New Top Secret Pilsner


This was a great pulled pork slider.  The pork was flavoured with great BBQ sauce with a mild spice kick in the finish.  The sauteed onions added some complexity to the flavour.  The pilsner while tasty was lost a little bit in the mild spice of the BBQ sauce and really only had a mild bitterness left in the flavour.

Aaron Clark “The BBQ flavor of the pork and the crisp sweetness of the onions and the apple mix delightfully with the dry slightly burnt orange flavor of the pilsner which altogether lightens the dish to finish clean.

Fourth Course
Deep Fried Macaroni
Four-cheese macaroni, liquid smoke beer battered, spicy tomato ketchup.
Paired with – Sasquatch Stout (Nitro)


The batter on the mac and cheese was full flavoured.  The mac and cheese itself had a great flavour with the four cheese mix.  The ketchup was a mix of ketchup and sweet chili sauce it seemed and was tasty (enough to break my no ketchup rule with macaroni and cheese).  The beer had a nice smokey wood flavour that cuts through the sweetness of the ketchup and brings everything together perfectly.

Aaron Clark “The smoothness of the Stout matches the creamyness of the mac n cheese perfectly. Nitro adds a woodyness to the Stout and this would have complimented the smoke in the batter but it was somehow absent. This mixed with the sweet chillesque ketchup makes for a contrasting, slightly odd but tasty mix with a light coffee finish.

Fifth Course
Yarrow Duck Breast
Medium rare duck breast, blueberry compote, cajun onions, puff pastry.
paired with – Off Trail Pale Ale


The pastry on the bottom was nice and fluffy and fresh.  The duck was cooked to perfection and the blueberry compote put a bow on a great bite of food.  The nice bready malts of the beer went well with the pastry.  The tropical fruits in the beer play off the blueberry nicely.

Aaron Clark “The gameyness of the duck contrasts very well with the malty hops of the Ale. The compote sweetens the bitterness of the hops perfectly. One of my favourite pairings of the night.

Sixth Course
Red Thai Curry Chicken
Red curry, egg noodles, mixed vegetables, cucumber relish
Paired with – West Coast IPA


The red curry went really well on the chicken and was quite strong.  The chicken was also cooked to perfection.  The egg noodles also went very well with the red curry.  The IPA on the fruitier side cut through the big spice hit of this dish.

Aaron Clark “A fantastic paring of citrus hops mixed with kaffir lime and lemongrass from the curry produce an explosion of yummyness which works perfectly. The high ABV of the IPA also helps cut the spice of the curry and makes for a warm a succulent finish.

Seventh Course
Banana Bread Pudding
Housemade banana bread pudding, Irish cream toffee sauce, warmed creme anglaise
Paired with – Banshee Irish Cream Stout (Larry’s Irish Cream Stout)


I always go for savory before sweets but this banana bread with the Irish Cream toffee was pretty incredible.  The Irish cream in the stout and the Irish Cream in the sauce go well together.  The beer has some roasted notes notes that contrast the banana bread.

Aaron Clark “Wow! Superb pairing. The softness and decadence of the pudding mixed with the creamyness of the creme anglaise and the sweetness of the toffee sauce pair fantastically with the burnt molasses and mild coffee flavourful of the Stout leaving you with a slight naughty feeling inside and a very happy palate


I had a great time at this dinner as did my sister and her Fiancee.  The food and beer may not have been in large portions but with 7 different samples you left full and quite satisfied. Good job both Old Yale Brewing and Lakeside Beach Club.  Thanks for the great evening!


Here are my full sized photos.

Old Yale Brewing
#4 7965 Venture Place
Chilliwack, BC V2R 0K2

Lakeside Beach Club
4130 Columbia Valley Road<
Cultus Lake, BC


The Great Pumpkin Party – Central City Pub Vancouver

On September 1st Central City Pub in Vancouver held “The Great Pumpkin Party” a harvest themed dinner and launch party for the brand new Patrick O’ Pumpkin Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

https rect=32%2C0%2C1110%2C555&s=ceb7ebe3b15300e2c09c9356a50fad4f

The tickets cost $30 and included 3 drink tickets, entree and dessert.

When the event began Gary Lohin tapped pumpkins that had their new beer Patrick O’ Pumpkin in them.  The Pub had both Patrick O’ Pumpkin as well as the Red Racer Pumpkin Ale on tap as they are both coming out this September.

Once everyone had settled in and had some beer we were able to trade our food tickets in for the meal.  The meal consisted of BBQ Brisket, Smoked Pumpkin Croquette, Pit Beans, Pumpkin Seed Slaw, Pumpkin Cornbread Muffin.  With both beers being pumpkin beers it only made sense to make the entire meal with pumpkin as well.  The food was all really good especially the brisket and the pit beans!  For dessert there was a pumpkin pie.

Central City Brewers & Distillers really outdid themselves with this dinner!  I look forward to future events in the same vain!

Full sized photos found here.

Central City on Beatty St
871 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6

Parallel 49 Beer Master Dinner (Romer’s Burger Bar) – June 25, 2014

On June 25th, 2014 Romer’s Burger Bar held a followup beer dinner to the Unibroue dinner.  For the latest beer dinner Romer’s partnered up with Parallel 49 Brewing.  Aaron the Chef put together a great dinner cooking each course with one of four Parallel 49 Beer.  Graham With the Brewmaster from Parallel 49 came out to the event to speak about the beer with some help from Jeff Hurkett the Sales manager.

Photo borrowed from

Below is the Menu from the dinner.


The dinner started like many with The Chef Aaron coming out and talking a bit about how he chose each beer for meal and how he cooked it including how he added each beer into the dish.  When Aaron was done Graham With and Jeff Hurkett stood up in front of the group and introduced themselves and what the brewery is all about.

First Course
Watermelon Salad
Fetta, basil, watercress, pine nuts, seed spitter balsamic
Paired with – Seed Spitter Summer Heff

RomersP49-019 RomersP49-022

It is safe to say I have never heard of a watermelon salad but this was very interesting.  All the ingredients came together to make a great flavour and the balsamic dressing made with the Seed Spitter was to die for!  Watermelon with a watermelon beer may seem like to much of one thing but it went very well together.

Second Course
I.P.L. Tempura Halibut
Hand Cut Frieds, I.P.L coleslaw, Tarter
Paired with – Hoparazzi I.P.L (India Pale Lager)

RomersP49-025  RomersP49-026

The batter on the Halibut was to awesome and really complimented my favourite style of fish.  The tarter sauce was homemade and was great.  The fries were salted just right that they did not require anything to eat.  A touch of vinegar never hurts but it didn’t need it at all.  The coleslaw had the India Pale Lager in it and was noticeable.  It added a really nice little kick.  The citrus in the beer paired well with the fish as you would usually squeeze lemon on fish.  The bitterness always goes well with a dish like this.

Third Course
Lamb Ale Tagine
Ras el Hanout, Moroccan cous cous, garbanzo, tumeric yoghurt cream
Paired With – Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale

RomersP49-027  RomersP49-029

Lets start with what Ras El Hanout is.  Ras el hanout is a mix of spices from North Africa (usually) and was a mix of the sellers best spices. The Lamb stew was amazing with tons of spices and a great malty backbone.  The apricot and tumeric yogurt topping has some great flavours also.  Cous cous is always tasty and this version was no different.  The gypsy tears ruby ale has a great malt backbone which goes well with stew but the hops went well with the mild spices.

Fourth Course
Canana Pie
Caramel, dehydrated banana, ginger candy cream
Paired with – Banana Hammock Summer Hefeweizen

RomersP49-031  RomersP49-032

This was a very sweet desert!  There sure was banana and caramel in the desert and banana flavour dominates the beer also.  It was very popular with the group although for me it was too sweet.  Sorry Aaron.


Romer’s, Aaron, Graham and Jeff helped put on a great dinner with great food that complimented great beer!  I look forward to seeing what Aaron and Romer’s can create next!

Full sized photos can be found here.

Romber’s Burger Bar Kitsilano

1873 West 4th Ave
Vancouver BC

Parallel 49 Brewing

Unibroue Beer Master Dinner (Romer’s Burger Bar) – March 28, 2014

On March 28th, 2014 Romer’s Burger Bar in Kitsilano held a Beer Master dinner featuring Unibroue out of Quebec.  Seeing as the Chef creating the dishes for this event is family (well close enough) I had to make sure that I made it to this event!  Aaron made dishes that both paired amazingly with each beer involved but also had each beer cooked into it.

Photo borrowed from

Below is the Menu from the dinner.


The dinner Started with Aaron talking about his dishes and how he cooked the beer into each dish.  Once Aaron was finished he disappeared to the kitchen to get the food on the move.  Next Silvin Bouchard the Beer Somelier from Unibroue came up to talk.  And talk he did!  Silvin is quite the talker even if the only learned English two weeks ago (he is full of it!).  He talked on the history of the Brewery and all 4 beer that we enjoyed during our dinner.  For each course he came up in front of the group and told us the story of the beer, label and all the french fables that inspired them.

First Course
Cream of Celery and Comfit Garlic Soup
Parmesan Cheddar Crostini
Caramelised Onion and Walnut Pesto
paired with – La Fin Du Monde (Belgian Triple)

Romersburger-006  Romersburger-007

This was an amazingly flavourful soup!  I had tasted an early version of this soup the weekend before and it had nothing on this one!  The description of the dish tells you exactly what it tasted like with a hit of saltiness.  The La Fin Du Monde paired well with this dish because of the spices and the overall fruity flavour didn’t hurt either.  For a beer of 9% you would never guess it as it is very well balance.

Second Course
Pan Seared Local Coho Salmon
Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Lemon Nut Butter
Paired with – Blanche De Chambly (Witbier)
This salmon was to die for with great lemony citrus notes.  This was probably the best Gnocchi that I have ever had as it was just full of flavour!  I am also a nut for asparagus so I always like finding it on my plate.  The Blanche De Chambly is so full of citrus flavour as well as spices like coriander.  This was a paring made in heaven.

Third Course
Bacon wrapped Chorizodor Meatloaf
Wild Mushrooms
Roasted Apple Cheddar Mash Potatoes
Paired with – Maudite (Belgian Strong Ale)
This course stole the entire show!  This Chorizo spiced pork and beef meatloaf wrapped in bacon was to die for!  If this version was on the menu I might be there every night.  It had some good mild spice and smokiness.  The wild mushrooms really accented the meat well.  Mash Potatoes are always great but add some cheddar and apple to it and you have a winning combination.  This was a big dish and it needed a good big strong beer to match and thus Maudite at 8% was used.  The beer has huge flavours with lots of spices, coriander, orange and caramel.  Excellent is all I can really come up with!

Fourth Course
Chocolate Beer Fudge Cake
Preserved Ginger Marscapone
Paired with – Trois Pistoles (Belgian Strong Ale)
This was more or less a big chocolate brownie and it was a great desert.  The Ginger Marscapone was also amazing and was a great topper to the cake.  The Trois Pistoles is another strong beer with a tone of flavour but it is quite desert like itself with lots of dark fruit flavours as well as some anise and spices.

Overall Aaron Clark, Silvin Bouchard, and the entire staff of Romer’s Burger Bar Kitsilano put on an amazing dinner and I look forward to seeing what they can do to top it next time around!

Full Sized photos found here!

Romber’s Burger Bar Kitsilano
1873 West 4th Ave
Vancouver BC

Chambly, Quebec

4 Course Quebecois Beer Pairing Dinner – March 11, 2014

On March 11, 2014 the August Jack and Untapped Craft Importers collaborated on a beer dinner.  All 4 courses were french inspired as the beer was from two Quebec breweries Le Trou De Diable and Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel.  Tickets for the dinner were $50 plus tip.  This beer dinner was much different than any other that I had been to as this was not a big group dinner that started at a set time (If I had known I would probably come with someone).  The soft start for this dinner was 5pm but you could come at any time after 5.  Once their you could start the dinner menu.


First Course
Bruleed Poach PearGoat’s Cheese
Lavender Flower & Ginger Poach
Pea Shoots
Paired with:  Dieu Du Ciel – Derniere Volonte (Belgian IPA)


I don’t usually like pears but these were quite tasty.  The sweetness of the pear went well with the fruity Belgian yeast in the beer.  Being a Belgian IPA the bitterness of the hops contrasted with sweetness also.

Second Course
Duck Confit Poutine
Crispy Duck Fat Fries
Porter Duck Demi-Glace
Duck Confit
Fresh Cheese Curds
Paired with:  Le Trou Du Diable – La Buteuse (Belgian Triple)


This was an amazing putine.  The duck Confit was amazing with tons of flavour.  The fries had tons of flavour as they were fried in duck fat.  I would have liked a bit more demi-glace on top of the cheese curds so they would melt a bit but the curds tasted amazing.  This Belgian Triple had allot of flavour which goes well with the big flavour of the putine.

Third Course
Venison Leek Tourtiere
Grilled mango Chutney
Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts
Paired With:  Le Trou Du Diable – Tractor Saison


The Venison Tourtiere was amazingly tasty with wild game meat.  The sasion paired well with the crust of the tourtiere with the wheat in the beer.  The beer also paired well with the sweetness of the mango chutney.  I have always loved fried brussel sprouts so its always good to have them on any plate.

Fourth Course
Flight of Quevecois Cheeses & Accoutremonts
Grey Owl – Ahe-ripened goat.  Fromagerie le Detour, Notre-Dame-du-Lac
Le Mont Jacob – Washed-rind Cow.  Fromagerie Blackburn
Bleu d’Elizabeth – Blue Veined, Semi-soft, Cow.  Fromagerie du Presbytere
Dieu Du Diel – Rigor Mortis (Belgian Quadrupel)


These are some big cheeses with a big beer!  The big fruit flavours and alcohol was able to keep up with the strength of flavour of the cheeses.  I don’t usually eat blue cheese but I did try this one with a spicy mustered and it was quite tasty.  The fresh made toasts were really good with the cheese as well.

This was a great dinner and was just enough food to fill you up.  Next time I go to a dinner here I will be sure to bring a few friends as it is a bit different doing a meal like this alone.  Thanks to the guys at Untapped for inviting me out to this dinner!

Full Sized Photos here