Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery – Victoria

Earlier in the Summer I checked out Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery the maker of Twa Dogs Beer located in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island.  I thought I had lost the photos but I luckily found them.

When you arrive at the brewery and distillery it is a pretty impressive sight.  Walking through the doors you find a small tasting room and a larger store with their merchandise and whiskey.  This is not a brewery lounge but you can sample any of their beer and their whiskey that they have at the time.  I personally sampled 4 beer and enjoyed them although I can not remember exactly which ones I tried at this point.

The brewery and distillery does guided tours but I was not able to go on that tour unfortunately.  I did find out that they have a 50HL brewhouse from DME back in Charlottetown with 4 – 100HL and 3 – 50HL fermenters from Specific Mechanical in Saanich.  The distillery side of the business has a 5,500L wash still and a 3,600L spirit still from Forsyths, Speyside out of Scotland.  This is a really good looking brewery with amazing looking stills.  I really enjoyed checking out the system and I always enjoy sipping on their beers.

If you have not been to the brewery then its time to make your way there.

Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery
761 Enterprise Crescent
Victoria, BC
+1 778-401-0410

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers (Lounge Open) – North Vancouver

The tasting room had not gone through much of a change at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers since they opened up in August 2013.  Things have now changed in a big way though.


When you arrive at the brewery there is one glaring and obvious change to the right hand side of the doors.  They now have a patio out front!  One of these days the city of Vancouver will get their heads out of their buts and allow this like North Vancouver has.  If it was a nicer day it would be great to stand out at one of the barrels have enjoy a pint or two.

Gone are the long and seemingly breakable glass top tables and in are wood top tables and way more of them. This change has come about because they have finally received their lounge license.  The District of North Vancouver thought long and hard about this license due to the fact they are a brewery and a distillery and they had never licensed one like this.  With this change though you can now head over to Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers and enjoy more than one single 12 oz glass of beer.  Not only can the beer flow from the taps more freely but they now also have a full cocktail menu for spirits lovers to enjoy!  The changes didn’t stop there though as they also put in a small kitchen and have a hot food menu so you can enjoy some food with your beer or spirits.  They also added 4 more washrooms so they have 5 now to help with the increased consumption of alcohol.

The changes still do not change there as their beer will also be available in can very soon.  With the launch of a line of canned beers they are re-branding all of their beers and even tweaking a few of the original recipes.  Don’t just expect the same old beers in their cans though as they have some new concoctions ready to share with BC!

Make sure to head over and check out the changes and while you are at it have a pint and fill a growler (yeah yeah or have a cocktail or buy a bottle of spirits also).  Just make sure to check out their hours of operation as they have changed.

To check out what the brewery looks like check out my original post on the brewery.
Click here to read.

here are my full sized photos.

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers
Unit 170 – 2270 Dollarton Hwy.
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7H 1A8
Phone: 604.770.1136
Fax: 604.770.1138


Seraph (Central City Distillery) Launch – Guilt & Co

Central City Brewers and Distillers are well known for their lineup of beer “Red Racer” (or Red Betty in the USA).  On October 22, 2014 their new lineup of products launched.

Seraph launch-002

Seraph is their lineup of Spirits and has launched with a Gin and Vodka.  Whiskey will arrive in a few more years as in Canada it must be aged for a minimum of 5 years.  The launch of this product has been held up due to issues with the Liquor board though.  According to the Government this is not Craft Spirits due to the fact with their Betty’s Vodka Iced Tea product they have to large a volume to qualify.  Luckily the Government may be confused but consumers like you will be able to tell this is a high end craft product.  The Launch event was held at Guilt & Co in Gastown which is below street level.  The launch felt a little underground due to its small size (Excuse the pun) but that made it very intimate.  Samples of two different cocktails were being served one using their Vodka and one using their Gin.  The one using Vodka was known as a Lavender Lemonade while the Gin cocktail was known as a Starfish and was almost like a grapefruit creamsicle.  There was also a judged cocktail competition with 4 contestants and 3 judges (Gary Lohin being one of the Gudges).  The winning cocktail was available for samples at the end of the event.

Full sized photos can be found here

Both these products should be in store soon if it has not already been placed on shelves.  Ask your favourite liquor store to bring it in!  Central City is well known for crafting very exciting beer so it only makes sense that when they stepped into spirits it would be top notch.

Slogan on bottle:  Single Batch, Single Malt

Central City Brewers & Distillers – Surrey BC

Central City Brewpub was at its time a pretty big brewpub but now that the brewery has moved to a different location in Surrey it is now one of the biggest breweries in BC if not the biggest.

10364958554_db064497c6_z 10364969346_bceb7a3fa5_z

Not only are they a brewery now but also a Distilling company and thus the name has been changed from Central City Brewpub to Central City Brewers & Distillers.  When you walk into the brewery there is a big store area selling their beer and also an area selling all kinds of swag and growler fills.

They offer tours of the brewery on the weekends if you are lucky enough to get a spot on them.  They fill up very fast and are a first come first serve basis although you can book ahead of time.  Taking a tour of this brewery is quite amazing as the scale is huge compared to most BC breweries.  There is a huge amount of brewing equipment and a decent amount of stills also.

Once finished on the brewery side we moved onto the packaging and cold storage side.  This area alone is bigger than most BC breweries.  It is beyond comprehension for most local brewers.  It is quite impressive with both a massive bottling line and canning line.  From the sound of it these canning and bottling lines are very automated and take very little people to run.  For the most part people are only there to make sure that there are no jams.  Central City Brewers & Distillers use a very high tech way to ensure that all cans and bottles are perfectly filled.  They use x-ray technology to ensure perfect fills.  This is important as it is not legal to sell bottle that are under filled.

After finishing up in the brewery and packaging area we all headed back out to the tasting room to sample a selection of their beer.  I was lucky enough to be able to take this tour with a great group of people so the tasting portion of the tour was great.  We had a great time talking and drinking the beer being served.

If you would like to check out the new location for Central City Brewers & Distillers don’t hesitate.  This is a great brewery with a beautiful building and a location that is very close the the skytrain.  Don’t forget though that the Pub is still there at Central City mall it just is not a brewpub anymore.  They still serve all of their own great beer and serve great food.

Click here to check out full sized photos

Central City Brewers & Distillers
11411 Bridgeview Drive
Surrey, BC
V3R 0C2

Tel: (604) 588 BEER (2337)
Fax: (604) 677 5173

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers – North Vancouver

On Friday August 23th, 2013 Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers of North Vancouver opened their doors after one city caused delay.  The launch went off with a bang with tones of people coming though the doors starting at 12:00 noon and running until late in the evening.  The brewery launched with their three standard brews including “Wise Crack West Coast Lager”, “Loud Mouth Pale Ale” and the “Quick Wit Wheat Ale”.  The Distillery portion of the brewery had not finished its first commercial batch at this point so it was not on display as of yet.

The tasting room is very stylish with lots of extra brewing equipment and barrels around for looks.  The taps in the wall remind me of a bar in Portland and I love it!  I hope in the future they install a growler station or two though as I know I purchase growlers on any day of the week but almost always only consume them on weekends.  Its nice to have that one or two week grace period.  The brewery and distillery are very well layed out also as can be seen in the photos above.

Well make your way out to North Vancouver and check out this brand new brewery and see what you think!  Its exciting that more and more breweries are opening up all the time!

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

Unit 170 – 2270 Dollarton Hwy.
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7H 1A8
Phone: 604.770.1136
Fax: 604.770.1138
ORDER DESK: 604.770.1137