Smoregasboard Late (January)- (Butcher & Bullock) Vancouver

Butcher & Bullock in Downtown Vancouver were given a barrel from Beam Suntory to use as they wanted.  After thinking on it for a bit they contacted Parallel 49 to brew a one off beer to be aged in this barrel and served from the barrel at the Pub.  The beer that came out of it is the P49/Butcher & Bullock Imperial Chocolate Bourbon Stout that was infused with a few bottles of Knob Creek 9 year and the barrel was seasoned with a few more bottles.  This 200L barrel is a one off and sounds seriously epic.

If you want to get in on trying this epic beer then check out their event Smoregasboard that will be held on January 21st from 7pm to 11:30pm.

Tickets can be found here.

Facebook event page here.

Press release

~Imperial Chocolate Stout Collaboration with Parallel 49, Knob Creek & Donnelly Group~
It’s no secret that we at Butcher & Bullock love our beer. Over the past 3 years we’ve been steadily adding extra taps, heavily rotating featured seasonal beer offerings, and working with breweries and beer importers to make sure there’s always something interesting on tap.
This past fall we were gifted an intact, water-tight, one-time used American Oak barrel by our friend Matt Jones, Whiskey ambassador for Beam Suntory. Not being distillers ourselves and no whisky to age – we sat on the barrel for a few weeks before linking up with our friends at Parallel 49 to talk about some up-coming events. They were about to brew their S’more stout… we had a barrel and some extra bottles of Knob Creek… thus the P49/Butcher & Bullock Imperial Chocolate Bourbon Stout was born.
Head Brewer Graham With used a few bottles to Knob Creek 9yr Bourbon to season the barrel as well as a few bottles to add a massive punch of bourbon to the beer itself – their S’More stout, but without the vanilla. Knowing that simply aging an Imperial Bourbon Chocolate stout in a barrel and kegging it has been done – we decided to take this event a step further…
We won’t be force carbonating or kegging this beer. We won’t be bottling or packaging it at the brewery. We are rolling this barrel into Butcher & Bullock and tapping & pouring the stout direct from the barrel.
The beer is literally a one-off. There are 200 litres and all 200 will be poured only at Butcher & Bullock. The night will be full of chocolate goodies & good times. Growler Fills will be available to take some of this amazing beer home from the first Butcher & Bullock Beer Club event of 2016.

Pacific Beer Chat Podcast #5

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Keeping up with the Beer Geeks (Pacific Beer Chat Podcast #5)

Welcome to Episode 5 of Pacific Beer Chat.

Bloggers involved include;
Joe of,
Terry of
Mike A of
Steve also of
mike G of

Topics of Discussion:
1 – Recent attended event recap and upcoming events.
2 – Pumpkin Beers Arrival
3 – Wet Hop Beer Season

Beerlesque 3 – September 20th 2013

On Friday September 20th, 2013 the third annual Beerlesque was held.  Like last year the event was held at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown an area of Downtown Vancouver.  The event was put on by Vancouver Craft Beer Week and The Donnely Group.  The tickets once again cost $55 but included everything but the food.  One wrinkle this year was that with your ticket purchase you had to choose a time slot for the Burlesque proformance.  There was a 7pm and 9pm show but the event ran from 6pm-11pm.  All the action was shown on big screens in the main hall so that you could see everything going on in the theatre.


The breweries at the event included Lighthouse, Bridge Brewing, Red Truck, Russell, Driftwood, Phillips, Deep Cove, Steamworks, Vancouver Island, Storm, Hoyne, Central City, Parallel 49, Steam Whistle and New Belgium (Colorado USA).  All were pouring amazing beer but my pick as best beer was Storm Brewing’s Cherry Lambic.

Partial Beer List
Driftwood Brewery – Fat Tug IPABridge Brewing Company – North Shore Pale Ale, Hopilano IPA
Storm Brewing – Cherry Lambic, Black Plague Stout w/ Whiskey, Hurricane IPA
Vancouver Island Brewing – Storm Watcher, High Tail Honey Ale, Hermans Dark Lager, Seadog Amber


Like always there were great Entertainers at this amazing event including The Danger Thrill Show with Neil E. Dee, Rebel Valentine, Lola Frost, Burgundy Brixx, callio p cock,  Lydia DeCarllo, Nicky Ninedoors, and a drag show featuring local Brew Masters.  The brewmaster drag show was a ton of fun and all 4 guys showed a ton of balls including James (Jamey Storm) of Storm Brewing, Adam Chatburn the President of Camra Vancouver, Scott Butchart (Tamara Tuggit) of Van Brewers and Shae DeJaray of Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers.

7:00 PM*
Danger Thrill Show
Teresa Marie (ukulele performance)
callio p cock (burlesque)
Lola Frost (burlesque)
Burgundy Brixx (burlesque)

9:00 PM*
Drag Show
Lydia DeCarllo (burlesque)
Rebel Valentine (burlesque)
Nicky NineDoors (burlesque)

Like last year this was an amazing event with lots of amazing people, breweries and performers!  I look forward to next years festivities.

Full sized photos can be found here
Mikescraftbeer Flickr

Steam Whistle loves Vancouver and the Good Beer Folks want to celebrate VCBW – June 5th 2013

On June 5th 2013 Steam Whistle Brewing out of Toronto Ontario held a party in Vancouver to help celebrate Vancouver Craft Beer Week (Unofficially) at the Butcher and Bullock.  The party was for loyal customers and local Beer Bloggers.  Steam Whistle Pilsner was poured and paired with a bunch of appies like chicken wings, breaded prawns and samosas to name what I can remember.  Some cool swag was given out like a 1L branded stein and a bottle opener.  The party was full of great friendly people some that I knew already and some that I just met that night!  This party reminded me that a good pilsner can be a great beer on a hot day.  This is something I have forgotten over the last few years while I have dived head first into the craft beer world.  Thanks so much Mike & James (Vancouver Reps) and Marina for the invite to a great event and for reminding me to pick up a pilsner on a hot day!

Click here to check out my Steam Whistle Review

Find out where to get Steam Whistle here

East Van Brew Crawl (YVRBeerTweetup) – Vancouver

On April 6th 2013 the Guys from YVRBeerTweetup threw their first ever Brewery Crawl in East Vancouver.  The cost was very low at around $13 and the ticket availability was just as low at around 30 tickets.  The group was split in two and each group headed to the 4 breweries in a different order.  The breweries involved included Storm Brewing, Powell Street Craft Brewery, Parallel 49 and Coal Harbour Brewing.  Everyone met up at the tasting room for Parallel 49 and sampled a few brews while waiting for everyone to arrive.


The group I was part of (Team Awesome) headed to Storm Brewing first.  The Brewmaster James is a very busy guy as he is a staff of One at the brewery and as such does not usually do tours.  I was stoked to be heading to this brewery first.  I am a huge fan of his beer especially his sours.  A very interesting point about Storm Brewing is that everything used in the brewery is second hand and re-purposed.  For example the mash tun was used for making yogurt originally.  James’s past growing up on farms has made him handy enough to do all the alterations and welding to his brewing equipment.  We were treated to samples of his “Scottish Highland Cream Ale“, ” Hurricane IPA” and the “Imperial Sour Flanders Red“.  One more interesting note is that James may be the first person making sours in BC but it was all by accident.  His beer turned out different than he expected and in turn turned all of this other beer sour as well.  To me this was a very happy accident as the Imperial Sour Flanders Red was my fist experience with sour beer and still the standard I hold all others to!

Once done at Storm Brewing we thanked James for his hospitality and headed by foot to our next destination Powell Street Craft Brewing.  Once there we met up with the brewmaster David and his wife Nicole that works the tasting room.  This is by far the newest brewery on the circuit for the day opening its doors in December 2012.  They may be young but they are making amazing beer and already starting to expand from the sound of it with a new fermentor on the way!  I hope this means they will be able to keep up with demand a little better now.  We were all very lucky on this day to be able to try their brand new “Belgian Witbier with Ginger And Cardamom” that had just been released that day!  We also sampled their “Old Jalopy Pale Ale“, “Hopdemonium IPA” and their “Dive Bomb Porter“.  All of these beer are top notch buy my personal favorite and most often filled growler is the Old Jalopy Pale Ale.  David went though his brewing process at the brewery (the very small nano brewery!).  All of their bombers are filled off of a filler that fills only 2 bottles at a time from kegs.  To see a more in depth look at the Powell Street Brewery check out this link Banner Hanging.

The next stop on the tour was Parallel 49 Brewing the second youngest brewery on the tour but now by far the largest!  parallel 49 has been around since spring 2012 but has been expanding like mad since then.  One of the owners of the brewery also owns the restaurant St Augustine’s on Commercial Drive.  We were lucky enough to have a tour of the brewery from Graham the brewmaster.  This is my second time receiving a tour of the brewery by him although it looks nothing like it did back then (See here).  They have tons of new tanks and a new unit in a building across the alley with a barrel aging room, large cooler and packaging area!  Parallel 49 makes some amazing year round brews but really excels in their crazy interpretations of different styles of beer with their seasonals!  We even go to try one of these unreleased seasonals right from the tank before they have perfected it (lets hope it stays close to that as it was amazing)!  Everyone on the tour was in awe of the scale of this craft brewery especially due to its age!  Come on its only been selling beer for just under a year!  Graham has not slowed down on his ideas either and has even done a collaboration beer with Gigantic Brewing Company out of Portland Oregon.  If this brewery is to expand any more it will have to take over units in one of its two buildings it is getting so cramped.  We were free to try any of their beer that they had on tap in the tasting room and most of us did just that.

Last but certainly not least we headed to Coal Harbour Brewing Company which happens to be across the street from Parallel 49. The Head Brewer Ethan Allured was good enough to show us around the brewery and tell us all about their operation and how everything worked.  We got a look at their new canning line that they are quite proud of and for good reason as it is pretty impressive.  I think this would be the second largest brewery on the tour but someone could correct me on this point.  Coal Harbour brews both Lagers and Ales but their main production is craft lager without any adjuncts (think rice and corn such as Molson and Bud).  Everyone on the tour was able to sample both their “311 Helles Lager” and their “Smoke & Mirrors – Imperial Smoked Ale”.  Coal Harbour even hooked everyone on the tour up with a nice little gift of some beverages!  THANKS!

Once the tours were done everyone headed back to Parallel 49’s tasting room as it was nice and large.  The group had more samples or purchased sleeves of their favorite brew all while discussing all the fun they had just had!  I would like to thank the breweries Storm, Powell Street, Parallel 49 and Coal Harbour as well as YVRBeerTweetup‘s Jonathan (@JonnyBeers) and Nick (@VancityBeerGuy) for making this amazing event happen.  I look forward to what you have in store next.


Storm Brewing
(604) 255-9119
310 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC, V5L 3V6

Powell Street Craft Brewery
1830 powell Street
Vancouver BC, V5I 1H9

Parallel 49 Brewing
1950 Triumph Street
Vancouver BC, V5K 1K5

Coal Harbour Brewing Company
1967 Triumph Street
Vancouver BC