Steve’s Beer Advent Calendar Day 7 – Dive Bomb – Powell Brewery

Vancouver, BC’s Powell Brewery, Dive Bomb, a dark ale.

It pours an almost perfectly opaque black, held to the light there are deep mahogany highlights. The head is a nice light khaki with very fine bubbles.

The nose is almost leathery with a slight cola note.

The flavours include beautifully bitter cocoa powder, dark toffee and burnt caramel. It is very dry, giving a champagne impression. The body is dense but the very fizzy carbonation makes feel light.

Commercial description:

This far Ale is surprisingly light and refreshing and sessionable. Flavours of caramel, toffee, chocolate and nuts are complimented with holding hops that add just the right amount of bitterness and a slight floral aroma.

Ginger Beer – Granville Island Brewing

Limited Release 2012

From Vancouver’s Granville Island Brewing comes one of their Limited release 650ml bottles of “Ginger Beer”.  This beer pours a nice golden lager colour with a white head.  The beer smells of a non alcoholic ginger beer (ginger beer is a stronger form of ginger ale).  The beer has the taste of a non alcoholic ginger beer without the sweetness of the pop with a slight hint of hops to finish it off.  The beer is carbonated similarly to a pop so it is quite fizzy.  The beer comes in at a 5.0% alcohol content and is a great patio sipper for the summer months!