Torchlight Brewing – Nelson

Chelsea of Brewtiful British Columbia and I headed over to Nelson for the grand opening of Torchlight Brewing’s new production brewery on June 24th, 2017 .  It was also their third anniversary party as they opened their original nano brewery location in June 2014.

I had been to the original location soon after they opened and this new location is something amazingly different.  The old location was way more hands on with plastic mobile fermenters with little to no refrigeration.  Check out my original post on the brewery.  The tasting room was also very small and not as well laid out.  By the end of 2016 their brewery just could not keep up with demand and they decided to move into a much bigger production facility.

The new lounge is amazing!  The space is very large with lots of seating (60 seat capacity) and 20 taps available with 6 growler filler guns.  Currently not all of the taps are full but they do have some local guest taps pouring as well as their own beer and their brand new sodas.  On top of the beer and sodas they also do cocktails and have a full kitchen that serves tasty food.  I enjoyed all of their beer as I always do but their Sodas are really amazing also and a good choice between beers or for your friend or child that do not drink alcohol.

The brewery has grown from their original nano system to a 20HL brewhouse.  The current brewing capacity is 100HL wich is an amazing upgrade from the old brewery with a 16Hl capacity. Not only does the brewery fill growlers but they produce bottles on their 8 head bottler.  They also now distribute outside of Nelson to much of British Columbia.  Make sure to look for their bottles in your favourite bottle shop and if they don’t have them ask the store to bring them in.

Not only is this a great brewery located in the Kootenays but the staff and the owners are great people and will make you feel very welcome.  Their 13 staff members will make sure you have a great time while you visit them.

For more information check out our Pacific Beer Chat episode where we sat down and interviewed the brewery.

Torchlight Brewing
125 Hall Street
Nelson, BC
V1L 7B4

Trading Post Brewing Grand Opening – Langley

Well as of February 13th, 2016 Langley has joined the Craft Beer Revolution!  Trading Post Brewing had its grand opening and a huge grand opening it was!


I don’t think anyone expected the opening of Trading Post Brewing to be quite as huge as it ended up being.  From the opening until I left well after 4pm there was a lineup outside to get in and a lineup inside to get beer!


The feeling I got from the staff was an overwhelmed excitement.  I have never seen an opening this popular outside of Vancouver and I hope that this does not change!

The tasting lounge is broken into two levels.  The main area through the doors has a great look of wood that really fits in with the trading post look they are going for.  There are lots of tables and bar level tables to drink your beer or eat your food that you order.

If the tasting room is really busy though you can head upstairs to the second part of the lounge.


Heading up the stairs your will find more tables and a nice standing bar that looks over the brewery.

The brewery itself is visible from both the tasting room and the lounge above.  The brewery consists of a 15 HL system from Specific Mechanical on Vancouver Island with 5 – 30 HL fermentors and 2 – 30 HL bright tanks.  The brewmaster Tony Dewald has been doing his homework while setting up the brewery.  He has been trying to make recipes that could have been enjoyed back in the days of Fort Langley.  Ingredients that could have possibly been sourced back at that time have been found to make this a brewery serving beer that is not only good but is also quite possibly the most authentic beer for the Fraser Valley.

If you live in Langley or anywhere near it you need to make sure to head over to try their beer.  Now the beer is really good so if you live outside of the valley you really need to head out to check out the brewery asap anyways!

Check out my Construction Update that I did last year.

Full sized photos.

Trading Post Brewing
107-20120 64th Ave
Langley, BC
(604) 843-2337



Moody Ales – Port Moody

In June 2014 Moody Ales started to build their brewery.   On October 16th 2014 they opened their doors to the public for the first time!  The build out was pretty darn quick!



When you walk through the front door of brewery you will find a beautiful tasting room.  Wood topped bars and wood topped tables are quite stunning.  A chalk board displays the beer that is currently on tap.  They have custom growler fillers that use CO2 to fill with counter pressure.  I love the touch they have added with a brewing process display on the one wall that shows the entire brewing process.

The brewery itself is small but has a ton of room for expansion.  They have a small barrel aging program that I am sure will grow with time also.  If you made it out to the grand opening they had a small amount of a test batch of barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout that was to die for!


This brewery is already showing it can create some tasty brews but I think they are only breaking the surface of what their creativity can bring.  Their test batches are proof of this!  So head over to the brewery as soon as possible!  Just a note that parking is found in behind the brewery but you have to enter the brewery at the front of the building.


Moody Ales
2601 Murray Street
Port Moody, BC
(604) 492-3911

Opening hours from opening day (Times could and most likely will change)

Monday: 12-8
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12-8
Thursday: 12-8
Friday: 12-10
Saturday: 12-10
Sunday: 12 -8



Full sized photos can be found here

Powell Street Craft Brewery – Vancouver

On December 15, 2012 Powell Street Craft Brewery opened their doors on Powell Street in East Vancouver.  They were such a success that they could never keep their beer in stock.  Months back they realized they needed to move to a new bigger location.  Luckily they found one about a dozen blocks West of the old location.  If you are reading this blog post then you should rush over to the new location as it is now OPEN!  The address is 1357 Powell Street and is a huge step up from the old location!  This is no longer the Nano Brewery of old but a full out Micro Brewery!

Starting in the tasting room is a large room with lots of tables and chairs.  The bar has one side to fill growlers and one side to pick up glasses of beer for consumption on site which should cut down on the old lineup issues.  I love the fact that they have not lost the gallery space either.

Knowing the old space really well I was blown away when I saw the brewery!  It is huge compared to the old location.  Talking to David they have already made more beer in this location than they ever did at the old location.  This should really help getting their beer out to more locations be it kegs and bottles.  It was great to see some barrels on site with some already full of beer.  The brewery has two coolers one for all of their kegs and bottles for sale off site and the original cooler from the old space that acts as a walk in fridge for the tasting rooms tap lines.

I am very excited that Powell Street Craft Brewery has moved and expanded and I look forward to what the future brings to this great brewery!  Keep up the great work guys.

Full Sized photos found here

1357 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

Craft Beer Market Vancouver – November 5th, 2013

The newest Craft Beer bar in Vancouver has opened its doors as of November 7th, 2013!  Craft Beer Market is the new bar on the block.


Located in the historic Salt Building in the Olympic Village in Vancouver BC this bar boasts 140 taps of beer, almost all of them serving craft beer.  The look of the building has been preserved while a great central bar has been installed with lots of tables around it as well as two mezzanines one with a room and one with the kitchen below it.  From memory there are around 50 taps of local BC craft beer on tap with lots of other Canadian, USA and other great craft beer from other Continents.  One thing I hope changes is the very small amount of rotating taps that are found here.  Like many craft beer nerds locally in Vancouver I don’t like drinking the same beer often.  I want to be able to drink a different beer or different beers when I go out.  Other than the Bud light (sic) on tap I have had almost every beer on tap here.  An interesting feature of this bar is the location of the bathrooms as they are down in the basement down with all of the piles.  They have even installed a bank of windows so you can see down into this space.


I was lucky enough to be able to head out to a early opening party on November 5th to experience what Craft Beer Market was.  The event gave us two free drinks as well as lots of tasters of their many great appies.  Being on the coast many of the food options offered were very seafood oriented including muscles, tuna and scallops.  All of the food that I was able to sample was full of flavour and well worth the sample.  I look forward to having more in the future.  Glass sizes served range from around 0.25L to 0.5L so there are no proper pints being sold here but they do not claim this and tell you exactly how much beer you get in your glass on the menu.  The price of beer ranges from around $6.5 for local beer to around $10 for specialty beers.  With opening parties on both the 5th and 6th Craft was intent on showing off their new digs to as many people as possible.

Full Sized Photos found here

For anyone that wants to venture into the craft beer scene this is your pub to be sure!  There are 140 taps and many styles of beers to try.  For the hard core beer nerd like me I really hope they open up another 10 or more taps for rotating beer as I find this to be a very important part of the craft beer experience.   One very cool feature of this bar is the way the beer makes it to the bar from the keg room.  The keg room is located at the front door and is a fully glassed in room so you can see what is happening inside.  From here the beer runs through large metal conduit holding many beer lines all the way to the bar.  There are over 4 km of beer lines running above the seating area!  To be exact there are 439m of beer conduit which is over twice as long as the height of Vancouver’s largest tower the Shangri La Hotel.  The draft lines can hold up to 150 liters of beer at once.  I have to mention my one Gripe with this bar and it will be similar to many other people in the Craft Beer Scene locally.  Alexander Keiths can not be listed as an IPA as it is not an IPA!  Carry any beer that you want as it will be consumed (or not) by your patrons but it is false advertising. You will receive glasses of this beer back with demands for money back from people from out of town.  Call it an ale if you would like or give a disclaimer but don’t call it an IPA.

So run out to the Olympic Village and check out our new watering hole asap! I am sure you will enjoy the Staff, food and drinks!

Craft Beer Market
Salt Building85 West 1st Ave
Vancouver BC
604-709-BEER (2337)
Monday to Friday – 11am – midnight
Saturday & Sunday – 10am – midnight