Steve’s Beer Advent Calendar Day 6 – What The Huck Huckleberry Wheat Ale-Fernie Brewing

From Fernie, BC’s Fernie Brewing I received their What The Huck Huckleberry Wheat Ale.

The pour is a dark honey red-brown, crystal clear with no visible carbonation. The head is snowy white with coarse bubbles.

The nose is very light, some berries or fruit and mild spice.

Where this beer shines is on the tongue. The carbonation I could not see is present and pleasant, mild but nice. Several flavours come at once on the first sip, an astringent clove, huckleberry, calcium mineral it’s and a little bit of bubblegum.

Commercial description:

Native to the Rocky Mountain region, the Huckleberry is prized for its sweetness and deep colour. Blended with wheat to create a smooth and creamy beer with a touch of huckleberries.

Huckleberry Hound IPA – Alameda Brewing

From Portland Oregon USA’s Alameda Brewing comes the “Huckleberry Hound IPA”.  This beer has the appearance of a deep cloudy amber with a white head.  When you sniff it you will get the scent of both citrus and berries mainly huckleberry.  When you take a sip you will get huckleberry, citrus and a healthy dose of hops bitterness on the taste buds.  I am starting to get the idea that maybe Oregon breweries makes good beer.

What The Huck – Fernie Brewing Company

From Fernie BC comes the “What the Huck” which is a huckleberry wheat ale. The wheat ale is brewed and nearing the end of the brewing process huckleberry juice is added to the beer. This makes for a nice mildly sweet berry beer that is not overpowering like most desert like berry beers. The beer is rated at 5% alcohol so it is pretty standard on that front. I have gone back and purchased this a few times so it passes my approval process.

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