Haters Gonna Hate Imperial Kolsch – Beau’s All Natural Brewing

From Beau’s All Natural Brewing in Vankleek Hill Ontario comes their “Haters Gonna Hate Imperial Kolsch”.  The beer pours a yellow colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of grain, biscuit, lemon, citrus and floral hops.  The flavour is of grain, bread, lemon, citrus rind, wheat, grassy, resin and mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.1% with an IBU of 40.  As an Imperial Kolsch goes this is probably one of the best versions I have been able to try.

Commercial Description:  Haters Gonna Hate is an extra-strong interpretation of our flagship beer Lug Tread, which is a Kölsch-style lagered ale. Tropical aromas and a mildly “catty” character are contributed with the addition of some Nelson-Sauvin hops.

Food pairing as per brewery:  Chili-lime + garlic prawns, feta vinaigrette, Korean BBQ beef short ribs (Galbi), kimchi, ripe surface-ripened cheeses like La Sauvagine or Madawaska.


Moody Ales and Fuggles & Warlock – Pears in White Satin Imperial Pear Kolsch

Moody Ales and Fuggles and Warlock have collaborated to bring us Pears in White Satin, an Imperial Pear Kolsch.

The beer is a nice orange-gold, slightly cloudy with some slightly green highlights. The head mirrors the name, a white satin look with fine bubbles.

The nose is all about the pear, it dominates the aromas. There are some subtle hop undertones, mostly lime and orange citrus with a little bitter orange peel.

The flavour brings up smooth pear with a hint of mint, a little bitter grapefruit and orange. Honestly, when I first tried this beer I found it a bit too harsh but letting it sit for a day has let the flavours blend much better.