Hopped Bourbon Cask Ale – Innis & Gunn

From Edinburgh Scotland comes the Innis & Gunn “Hopped Bourbon Cask Ale”.  This Imperial Red Ale pours a deep chestnut colour with a brown head.  The aroma consists of dark fruits, brown sugar, toffee, vanilla and oak.  The flavour is of brown sugar, dark fruits, orange, cherries, toffee, vanilla, bourbon, oak, medium bitterness and an overall sweet finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.4%.  While its not my favourite of the Innis & Gunn beers I have had it was a very interesting brew and I am glad I tried it.

Commercial Description:  An Imperial Red Ale brewed using extra Pale Ale, Rye Crystal and Crystal Malts with a touch of wheat. A first for Innis & Gunn, the beer was transferred into first fill bourbon casks and then dry hopped with a blend of Ahtanum and Amarillo hops for maturation. The dry hopping imparts an intense and distinctive hop aroma of orange, Turkish delight, dried cherries and lychees.


Winter Treacle Porter – Innis & Gunn (Innis and Gunn)

From Edinburgh Scotland comes the Innis & Gunn “Winter Treacle Porter” Oak Aged Beer. This beer has been aged in oak barrels for 39 days.  The Porter pours a deep brown although quite see through with a tan head on top.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, dark fruits and treacle (crystallized syrup).  The flavour consists of roasted malts, dark fruits, nuts, chocolate, treacle and a mild hops bitterness.  The alcohol content of this beer is 7.4%.  I liked this flavour although it was quite different than any other porter I have had.

Commercial Description:  This is the first time we have brewed and oak matured a Porter, which has been imparted with great depth of flavour thanks to the additionof some roasted wheat, crystal malt and molasses (rich dark treacle). These flavour packed ingredients, along with our long, slow signature approach to maturation, have created a sublime beer that is perfect for cold, dark, winter nights.

Food Pairings as per brewery:  Sticky pork ribs or a good quality mature cheese.


Spiced Rum Finish – Innis & Gunn (Innis and Gunn)


From Edinburgh Scotland comes the Innis & Gunn “Spiced Rum Finish” Oak Aged Beer.  This beer was aged in Caribbean Spiced Rum barrels for 47 days.  This ale pours an amber/copper colour with and off white head.  The aroma is full of malts, vanilla, caramel, oak and rum.  The flavour consists of sweet malts, oak, vanilla, caramel, mild rum and some fruity flavours.  This is a tasty brew!  The alcohol content is 6.9%.

Commercial Description:  This limited bottling of Innis & Gunn has been finished over oak infused with Caribbean Spiced Rum. The result is absolutely delicious, bursting with the flavours of Caribbean spices along with our signature notes of vanilla, toffee and oak.

Food pairings as per Innis & Gunn:   Jerk chicken or pork, curries containing coconut and curry paste, spiced buns and sticky toffee pudding.