Pike Old Bawdy Barley Wine Style Ale 2012 (Aged 1 Year) – Pike Brewing Company

Seasonal Release

From Pike Brewing Company located inside the Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington comes their “Pike Old Bawdy Barley Wine Style Ale 2012″ a bottle that has been aged for a full year.  The beer pours an cloudy orange/brown colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of caramel malts, candied sugar, dark fruits, pine and an earthy hops.  The flavour is of earthy hops bitterness, pine, caramel malts, dark fruits, semi sweet candied sugar and a mild alcohol.  The alcohol content comes in at 9.9% and the IBU of 90.  This is a very nicely balanced barley wine and I look forward to my other two vintages of this brew.

Commercial Description:  Named to commemorate the La Salle Hotel, once a Seattle bawdy house and the original home of the Pike Brewing Company. Old Bawdy is a vintage-dated, high-gravity beer brewed with peated Scotch malt. It has a deep golden bronze color, a fruity rich taste, and an aggressive and dominating hop character with smoky undertones that are reminiscent of Scotch whiskey.

old bawdy