Quadruple X Mild – Kettle River Brewing Co

From Kettle River Brewing in Kelowna comes their first in their Endangered Series of aged beers “Quadruple X Mild” a beer aged in bottles for 6 months.  This beer was bottled on May 25th, 2016 and from lot 19.   The beer pours a deep cloudy amber colour with a small tan head.  The aroma consists of dark fruits, melon and caramel.  The flavour is of dark fruits and red wine (even though its not barrel aged) up front with lots of earth, resin, fruit rind, apple, caramel and bitterness in the finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.5% hence the name Quadruple X Mild.  This beer almost reminds me of a sessionable barleywine with its mix of flavours.  This is a great first aged release from a brewery and I look forward to future releases in this series!


Golding Dry-Hop Saison – Kettle River Brewing Co

From Kettle River Brewing in Kelowna comes their “Golding Dry-Hop Saison” a beer bottled on August 23, 2016 from Lot 85.  The beer pours a straw golden colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of yeast, spices, grainy, citrus and a hint of banana.  The flavour is of yeast, spices, pepper, citrus and a hint of bubble gum possibly.  This beer finishes pretty dry.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.5%.  While not quite a typical saison it is refreshing.


Kettle River Brewing Co – Kelowna

Kettle River Brewing Co in Kelowna has been open for a little while now and is well worth a visit.


Currently they are open Friday to Sunday as it is as far as they can stretch their beers at their current capacity.  Beer not sold by Sunday night is bottled and sold the following week.

The tasting room is very cozy.  The wood and corrugated steel with the mix of colours seems to be very welcoming for whatever reason.  When I stopped in they had a Table Saison, Table Brown, Wallonian Saison, Pale Ale and an IPA.  When you stop into the brewery though this will be very different.  Every week they have new beers on tap as their brew house is quite small and they only do small batches.  They use a 200L system with 16 fermentors leaving tones of room to play.  The way things are being run currently you may never have the exact same beer twice.  One good thing is that the beer is tasting quite good.  It is a great touch that the front of the building opens up with large doors giving the space an open feel.  They even have a few tables outside.

You can see the brew house through the windows at the back of the tasting room but I was given a tour of the space.  Heading to the back you first see their 200L brewing system.  Inside their cooler you will find their 16 home made fermentors that look like something that Nasa would send to the moon.  Next you can find a photo of their barrel aging program.  From what I understand currently all barrels are wine barrels and are hosing all kinds of creations.  If they every get a forklift they will be able to stack they barrels and do even more experimenting.

Kelowna may not have known they wanted this brewery but they should know this by now.  They are making some really tasty beer and have set up a great space to enjoy that beer.  Its time for you to check it out if you find yourself in Kelowna!

Kettle River Brewing
(250) 862-5115
731 Baillie Avenue
Kelowna, BC



Kettle River Brewing Co (Under Construction) – Kelowna

Kelowna in the Okanagan has a new brewery in the works in and around the Downtown core.  The brewery is called Kettle River Brewing Co and it is looking to be the place to be.

The tasting room is being built with finishings coming from one of the Owners family barns that was torn down.  Other stuff has come from other old barns and whatever cool stuff they can find.  They look to have lots of seating as can be seen in one of the photos.  There will also be windows that look into the brew house.

One of the more unique sides of this brewery is that they brewhouse and fermentors are all built in house.  The brewhouse itself consists of 212L barrels that they have altered to work as a brewing system.  Their fermentors are made out of the same barrels that have been wrapped with copper lines and then packed with insulation.  The copper pipes will distribute the glycol system that will chill the fermentors.  All of the fermentors have been installed on a slight angle so that there is a spot for the solids to settle out of the beer.  The brewery has already got ahold of a bunch of wine barrels so that they can age their beer.  The last photo is of their sign that is still in the process of being built.

With the small batches that the brewery is going to be brewing there will be all kinds of different batches of beer being released.  This will be a great place to hang out and sample all kinds of interesting beer.  I really look forward to heading up to the Okanagan again in Summer to check out what their beer will taste like!

Full sized photos

Kettle River Brewing Co
731 Baillie Ave,Kelowna, BC