Murderers Row Cask Event 2016 – Pentiction

Every year the Fest-Of-Ale seems to get better just like this year.  With being a one of the beer judges for three years straight now Murderers Row ends up being my favourite event of the weekend.  With the prospect of judging beer starting at 10am Saturday we have to take Friday’s festival and after parties easy.  With the judging done and lots of food sampled on Saturday the Murderers Row Cask event is when we can let loose.  Like every year the Cask event was held at the Kettle Valley Station Pub in Penticton right after the festival but took a separate ticket than the event and is hard to come by.  With every brewery that has a cask on tap having a few people at the cask event and many other breweries staff hanging out you are guaranteed to meet people in the beer industry at this party.


In the past the ticket included a branded glass but this year they changed things up.  Everyone in attendance this year got a T-shirt with the event logos.  We also got our first pint of beer free.  With the change of glassware this year though there was a new option added.  You could either buy a pint of one of the casks or a flight making it much easier to test out all 14 casks!  A task that would be fool hardy if they only poured pints.

Cask Line up 2016
Bad Tattoo Brewing – The Early Scotch
Steamworks Brewing – Farmhouse Wheast Ale with Pink Peppercorns
Crannog Ales – Death of a Sales-Rep ESB
Tin Whistle Brewing – Back, Beast!  Peach and Apricot ESB
Red Collar Brewing – Dry Hopped Cherry Sour
Red Truck Beer Co – Blood Orange Lager
Parallel 49 Brewing – Tangerine Hefe Dream
Tree Brewing – Sm-Oaked IPA
Central City Brewers & Distillers – Superstellar with Strawberry
Cannery Brewing – Kiek in de Kok Baltic Porter
Powell Street Craft Brewery – Belgian Wit with Hibiscus
Fernie Brewing – Saisons in the Abyss
Firehall Brewery – Noteworthy Gin & Tonic Cocktail Cask
Phillips Brewing – Space Goat Dry Hopped Oat Pale Ale


Like every year I tried to sample every cask and I was so close this year only missing one cask.  My big mistake was that I missed the same bloody cask two years in a row.  I need to try out Firehall Brewery’s Gin and Tonic beer!

This continues to be one of my favourite cask events every year!  The only cask event that comes close is held in Surrey twice a year.  with great beer, great people and a great live musician it makes for an amazing night!

Full sized photos

Murderers Row Cask Event 2015 – Pentiction

Once again the Fest-Of-Ale in Penticton was a massive success this year!  Just like last year the entire festival wrapped up with a huge cask festival at the Kettle Valley Station Pub called Murderer’s Row on April 11th, 2015.  This is a small event with tickets being highly sought after.  A large portion of the tickets go to breweries so if you get tickets you are guaranteed to be rubbing elbows with brewing royalty in BC.


There were 11 casks on offer and the beer were poured into 12oz glasses.

Cask Line Up 2015
Phillips Brewing – Flamingopher
Crannog Ales – Hand Truck Porter
Steamworks – Cucumber Blond Ale
Lighthouse Brewing – Hoppy Belgian Wheat Ale
Rider Cider – Spiced Rum infused Cider
Tree Brewing – Dry Hopped Cascadian Dark Ale
Central City Brewing – Oaked Double Dry Hopped IPA
Red Truck Beer – Belgian Triple with Papaya and Pineapple
Firehall Brewing – Gin and Tonic Cocktail Cask featuring Stevely’s Gin
Cannery Brewing – Maibock with Tangelo Rind/juice and Mayers Rum
Bad Tattoo Brewing – Root Beer Stout with Sarsaparilla Root, Burdock Root and Winter Mint


I was able to try a bunch of the casks including the following ones (only because I went back to my hotel for a nap before this event).

Cannery Brewing – Maibock with Tangelo Rind/juice and Mayers Rum

Phillips Brewing – Flamingopher

Firehall Brewing – Gin and Tonic Cocktail Cask featuring Stevely’s Gin

Central City Brewing – Oaked Double Dry Hopped IPA

Tree Brewing – Dry Hopped Cascadian Dark Ale

Red Truck Beer – Belgian Triple with Papaya and Pineapple

Murderersrowpen-030Crannog Ales – Hand Truck Porter

Of course every good beer fest needs great food and this pub has good food in spades.


With all the beer being consumed I went for a very healthy option but they have a full pub menu with pizza and burgers and the likes.

If you have ever wondered what 11 casks look like all stacked together it is quite the site to see.  It is a rare chance to see so many casks to tightly packed.


The following are some more photos of the event.  There was a great musician on stage also that played some of the best classic rock.  As the night went on people got to singing along with the musician and some even danced.

Full sized photos can be found here
If you would like to see a different look at the event check out‘s post on the event.

Pacific Beer Chat Podcast #2

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Were back and talking beer (Pacific Beer Chat #2)

Welcome to Episode 2 of Pacific Beer Chat.

Bloggers involved include;
mike G of,
Terry of
Joe of,
Mike of and
Steve also of

Topics of Discussion:
1 – Recent attended event recap.
2 – Discussing the April 1st Price Changes in British Columbia
3 – Lastly we discussed issues around growlers.

Establishments and breweries mentioned in this podcast include, Vancouver Craft Beer Week, Four Winds Brewing, Washington Brewers Guild, Victoria Beer Week, Hoyne Brewing, Dageraad Brewing, Powell Street Craft Brewery, Drake Eatery, Swans Brewpub, Category 12 Brewing, Strange Fellows Brewing, Brassneck Brewing, Main Street Brewing, 4 Mile Brewpub, Loghouse Brewpub, West Coast Brewery Tours, Maui Brewing, Hop & Vine Taphouse, Deschutes Brewing, Bomber Brewing, Red Truck Beer, Parallel 49 Brewing, Fest-Of-Ale, Bad Tattoo Brewing, Kettle Valley Station Pub, Cascadia Liquor, Spinnakers Brewpub, Moody Ales, Half Pints Brewing, Phillips Brewing, Lighthouse Brewing, Driftwood Brewing, Howe Sound Brewing, Woods Coffee (Washington), Steel & oak brewing, Lake of the Woods Brewing, Fort Garry Brewing.


Note to would be Podcasters
It may seem like a cool idea to podcast with two different bloggers in the same room (With different computers) but there are to many technical issues.  One of which is hearing yourself speak through your headphones (My god that was distracting).  Having to set only one microphone to record and ensuring that your computer doesn’t overrule your muted microphone.  I had to fight to remove a second echo version of my voice on the podcast and it was not simple and was time consuming.
Mike G

Murderers Row Cask Event 2014 – Pentiction

Right after Day Two of the Fest-Of-Ale on April 5th, 2014was the Murderers Row Cask Event.  The Murderers Row Cask Event is held at the Kettle Valley Station Pub and was the Third Annual event.  It is a small event and sells out quite quickly but is well worth getting tickets for.  This year casks were brought in by Cannery Brewing, Crannog Ales, Firehall Brewery, Parallel 49 Brewing, Tin Whistle Brewing, Tree Brewing.  I had every intention of trying all 6 brews that were tapped but good intentions don’t always work out.  This festival does not play around as from what I can guess each our is a 20oz pour or pretty close.  If I had not judged earlier in the day I may have made it though all six.  I struggled through three amazing beer but could not drink anymore. MurderersRow Kim-023  MurderersRow Kim-024 The following are the beers I did have a chance to try. Hoppin Spring Saison –  Parallel 49 Brewing Murderers Row-021 This beer poured a cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consisted of sweet fruit esters, yeast and citrus rind.  The flavour was of a smooth yeasty flavour with wheat, fruity esters, oranges and citrus rind.  This was a very tasty saison and a really interesting take on their Hay Fever Spring Saison. Cannery IPA with Wild Honey and Citra Hops – Cannery Brewing Murderers Row-001 The beer poured a cloudy brown colour with a creamy white head.  The aroma consisted of caramel malts, honey, citrus and hops.  The flavour is of caramel malts, semi sweet honey, citrus and hops bitterness.  The Honye and Citra hops really made for a flavorful IPA.  This just made a great IPA taste that much better. Hand Truck Porter – Crannog Brewing Murderers Row-002 The beer poured a deep black colour with a brown head.  The aroma consisted of roasted malts, chocolate, mild coffee and an overall sweetness.  The flavour was of roasted malts, lots of chocolate, coffee, smoke and was very smooth.  Not a surprise that Crannog Brewing made a great ale! Like any cask festival this event was full of real craft beer aficionados.  Everyone was so friendly and so happy to chat about craft beer and especially the casks that were on offer.

Here are some photos from Kim of DogLeg Marketing

Full sized versions of my photos can be found here. Bye the time I finished my third glass I was feeling fairly Murdered and I headed back to the Penticton Ranada right behind the pub to crash.  I look forward to hitting this event up in the future as it was an amazing event.

Fest-Of-Ale Beer Judging 2014 – Penticton

I was asked to be a judge for the Fest-Of-Ale and at first I was not sure if I should do it.  Not being a certified judge weighed on my mid a bit.  I felt unqualified or at least under qualified.   I decided though that there is no way to get experience without just jumping at an opportunity that you are given.  This blog has given me opportunities to do things that I would never have had a chance to do usually.  The judging took place on day two of the Okanagan Fest-Of-Ale on April 5th, 2014.  There was 42 Beer and 3 Ciders to be judged from 35 different Breweries and Cideries.  There were 9 Catagories including Lager/Pils (6), Pale Ale (4), Ale (4), IPA (13), Stout (5), Belgian (2), Wit (4), Fruit Beer (4) and Cider (3).  The following Head Shots are from Kim of DogLeg Marketing.  Meet the Judges.

David Beardsell – Brewery Owner/Consultant

Joe Wiebe – Author

Alan Moen – NorthWest Brewing News


Jim Martin – Metro Liquor (Senior Wine Consultant)

As with all Beer Judging competitions this one is done blind.  Beers are brought out in their categories with only numbers on them to differentiate them.  Here are a few examples of how the beer is laid out for the judges and what our scoring cards looked like.  This competition was overseen by Martin who is the owner of the upcoming Bad Tattoo Brewing and runs the Kettle Valley Station Pub both in Penticton.

There are many ways to judge beer from what I can gather talking to this group after the judging. From what I can gather it is best to take notes and sample all the beer and then go back and give your final scores.  I didn’t do it this way and I wish I did.  If there is a next time I can always do it differently.  Judging this competition you are allowed to discuss with the other judges on all points of the beer and if it actually fits into the category it is submitted as.  Saying that it was very quiet in the room from around 10am when we started to 3pm when we finished up.

Once all the samples had been judged our score cards were handed to Martin.  He then tallied up all the scores and were were given a sample of all the winning beers.  This is were the discussion on Best of Show began.  The best of show has to both be a very good beer and it also should be true to the style.  There was a long discussion comparing the merits of each beer.  When it came down to it though it was a fairly easy choice.


Group shots by Kim


Lager/Pilsner: Hoyner Pilsner – Hoyne Brewing Co., Victoria BC
Pale Ale: Red Truck Ale – Red Truck Beer Company, Vancouver BC
IPA: Four Winds White Rye IPA – Four Winds Brewing Co, Delta BC
Wit/Wheat: Robson Street Hefeweizen – Granville Island Brewery, Vancouver BC
Ales: Naramata Nut Brown Ale – Cannery Brewing, Penticton BC
Stout/Porter: Holy Smoke Stout – Firehall Brewery, Oliver BC
Belgian: Sunkissed Tea Saison – Deep Cove, North Vancouver BC
Fruit Beer: Stiegl Radler – McClelland Premium Imports, BC
Ciders: Red Roof Cider – Orchard Hill Estate Cidery, Oliver BC

Best of Show

IPA: Four Winds White Rye IPA – Four Winds Brewing Co, Delta BC

Four Winds Brewing doesn’t seem to slow down on the awards front these days.  Congratulations to all the winners.  You all deserved the awards and should be proud of the medals you received!

Here are some more photos from Kim

Full sized photos can be found here

We then dispersed into the hall for the remainder of the second day of the Okanagan Fest-Of-Ale.  After doing the judging for this event I would jump at the opportunity to do it again.  There was no doubt that the other judges had a better understanding of how the judging process worked and the flavour profiles of the ingredients in beer.  But then they are professionals that either work in the field or have been writing about beer for a lot longer than I have.