Three Kings Tripel – Fernie Brewing

From Fernie BC’s Fernie Brewing comes their “Three Kings Tripel” a new limited release.  The beer pours an orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of orange, candi sugar, Belgian yeast, grainy, bready malts and an overall sweetness.  The flavour is of orange, citrus, Belgian yeast, candi sugar, sweetness, caramel, grain, mild bitterness and some low alcohol burn.  The alcohol content comes in at 8% with and IBU of 29.  Belgian style Tripel’s can border on to sweet but this one dances that line and makes for a tasty brew well worth picking up.

Commercial Description:  Three Kings Belgian-Style Tripel is named after one of Fernie’s most extreme, stunt-filled downhill bike trails, making it the perfect name for this spicy, strong Trappist Ale. A beer fit for a King.  A pale, somewhat spicy, dry, strong Trappist Ale with a pleasant rounded malt flavor and firm bitterness. Quite aromatic, with spicy, fruity, and light alcohol notes combining with the supportive clean malt character. High alcohol, yet very approachable to many a palate.

At 17 (Tap 13) – Torchlight Brewing

From Torchlight Brewing in Nelson BC comes their “At 17 “(Tap 13).  This beer is a Belgian style Tripel brewed with apples that resided on their Tap 13 an unlabeled tap in the brewery.  The series of beers are named like the periodic table of elements with a big letter then a small letter and then a number.  Very few bottles are packaged of these beers  and I was absolutely lucky to get a bottle in trade from the owners.  The beer poured a copper colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of Belgian yeast, apples, lots of fruit and a sweet finish.  The flavour is of Belgian yeast, bubble gum, apples, fruity notes, candi sugar, hint of spices, very mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 9.1%.  This Belgian Tripel is really tasty and does not suffer from the overly sweet notes that many do for me.  I’m sad to say you will likely never be able to try this but I hope you will consider heading out to Nelson to check out the brewery and maybe get lucky enough to try something from Tap 13.


Jinglepot Stout (Chocolate Pecan Milk Stout) – Wolf Brewing

From Nanaimo’s Wolf Brewing comes their limited release “Jinglepot Stout (Chocolate Pecan Milk Stout)”.  The beer pours a opaque brown to black colour with a brown head.  The aroma consists of chocolate milk, sweetness, pecan, caramel and vanilla.  The flavour is of roasted malts, chocolate, lactose, pecans, earth and a mild Irish Whiskey finish.  The alcohol content comes in at  4.7%.  This is a really good beer and I hope they make it again!  I know that the beer was quite difficult to make and would be made differently if done again though after talking to the head brewer.


Saison Deux Fois La Taille – Black Bridge Brewery

From Black Bridge Brewery in Swift Current Saskatchewan comes their “Saison Deux Fois La Taille”.  This was a very special bottle conditioned release.  From my understanding it was their first bottle release as they typically use cans.  The beer pours a cloudy golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of citrus, yeast, wheat and some floral hops.  The flavour is of citrus, citrus rind, more fruit, yeast, wheat, pepper, vanilla and a mild alcohol finish.  The alcohol content came in at 8.6%.  This was a really well crafted imperial sasion and I am glad I was able to get my hands on it.

Commercial Description: Very dry, clove and rose flower aromas. Lightly spiced with a light pear taste.  Unfiltered, bottle conditioned. High alcohol content.  When possible please enjoy our beer from a glass to experience it fully.  Recommended serving temperature: 45°F/ 7°C.


Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier – Old Yale Brewing

Limited Release

From Chilliwack’s Old Yale Brewing comes their “Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier” a part of their Tall Tale Series of beers.  The beer pours a light straw yellow that is quite cloudy and has a billowing white head.  The aroma consists of yeast, wheat, citrus, orange and coriander.  The flavour is of Belgian yeast, wheat, citrus, orange, coriander and other lite spice, mild tartness and a very mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 20.  Like all witbiers the flavour is not massive but it is really refreshing and I could picture myself sitting on a patio in the summer with a pint or two of this beer.  Get it before it vanishes!

Commercial Description:  An unfiltered Belgian style Witbier with hints of orange and coriander, a slightly tart finish, and a fluffy white head. Use it to steam mussels (delicious!), or pair with a fresh fruit salad.

Food Pairings as per brewery:  Steamed mussels, Fruit Salad, Grilled chicken breast, Crab, Smoked Salmon