Farmhouse Saison & Wild Ale Festival – Vancouver (UBC)

On June 27th 2015 the inaugural  Farmhouse Saison & Wild Ale Festival was held at the UBC Farm.


This festival was a nice change from your average beer festival in this province.  Many of the beer were either one off saisons / sours or rare and hard to get beers.  Nothing for sample was a standard lineup beer.  The ticket cost $50 plus taxes and got you a fancy taster glass and 4 tokens.

Breweries at the Festival
Beerthirst – Elysian, Logsdon, North Coast
Brassneck Brewery
Bravo Beer Co – Brouwerij Verhaeghe, Dupont
Category 12 Brewing
The Commons Brewery
Copper & Theory – Breakside, Cantillon, pFriem
Craft Beer Imports – De Molen, Omnipollo
Dageraad Brewing
Driftwood Brewing
Four Winds Brewing
Goose Island Brewery
Lighthouse Brewing
Main Street Brewing
Moon Brewpub
Parallel 49 Brewing
Persephone Brewing
Powell Street Craft Brewery
Steel & Oak Brewing
Strange Fellows Brewing
Storm Brewing
Untapped Craft Imports – Double Mountain, Dieu Du Ciel, Les Trois Mousquetaires
Westbier – St Louis, Bockor, St Feuillien, ToØl
Yellow Dog Brewing

Full list found here.

The festival had a small amount of tickets sold which showed as there were very rarely lineups and those lineups were only for timed limited beers.  The weather was very hot as has been the case for the Month of June and this shows with brown grass!

As always I took many photos of the different beers that I was able to sample.  There were so many good sours that I did not stray form this style very often.

Full sized photos here.

This was probably one of the best festivals that I have ever attended.  The heat was brutal for me but being in June you would never have guessed it was going to be 30C in Vancouver (It probably should have rained).  If you are looking for just one festival to attend next year then this should be the festival you go to!


Far West Vlaming – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Limited Release

From Hood River Oregon’s Logsdon Farmhouse Ales comes their “Far West Vlaming” a Flanders Red Ale.  The ale pours a orange/amber colour with a tan head.  The aroma was of fruity tartness, yeasty funk and some malts.  The flavour was of tartness and tannins up front with oak, mild fruits, funky yest, mild vinegar and some mild red wine.  This beer was still pretty young and could have used some aging to mellow and build flavours but it was still really good.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.5%.

Commercial Description:  This red ale is brewed in traditional West Flanders style. A combination of light, crystal, and dark barley malt, wheat, and oats are brewed with local whole-cone hops and variety of select yeast and lactic bacteria. We age our red ale in oak barrels for a periodof time to develop complex richness, soft tannins, and fruity tart character.The ages beer is then blended with young beer to create the desired balance of malt sweetness with a dry finish.


Oak Aged Bretta – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

O’hare’s Beer Club June 2013 Box

Limited Release

From Hood River Oregon’s Logsdon Farmhouse Ales comes their “Oak Aged Bretta” a Saison (seizoen) with the wild Brettanomyces yeast added and a portion aged in Oak Barrels to develop flavours .  This is an oak aged version of the Seizoen Bretta.  The beer pours a very cloudy orange colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of a funky Brett with lots of fruit including mango, peach, citrus as well as some sweet vanilla and oak.  The flavour is of Brett, funk, slight sour, fruits including mango, peach, citrus and maybe some papaya with oak, vanilla and some brown sugar, pepper and hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at a strong 8%.  The Seizoen Bretta is one of my all time favorite beer so when I heard there was an oak aged version I jumped at the chance to pick up a bottle.  This beer did not disappoint!  This beer is by far one of the nicest beer I have ever drank.

COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION:  Our organic Oak Aged Brett is made with our Seizoen Bretta that is aged for a period of time to develop the wood aged character in the beer. Oak Tannins, vanilla notes and subtle smoky spiciness soften and mellow this beer over time. The aged unfiltered beer is refermented and carbonated in the bottle with select yeast strains to provide added dryness and complexity.

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:  Soft goat cheese, tomato based mussels

Click here to check out the June 2013 Box

IMG_00000338  IMG_00001148

Cerasus – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

From Hood River Oregon’s Logsdon Farmhouse Ales comes their “Cerasus” a Flanders Red Ale with Cherries added.  This is a barrel aged beer.  The beer pours a deep red with a reddish brown head.  The Flanders Red Ale’s aroma consists of cherries, yeast with sweet and slightly sour notes.  The flavour is of cherries, mild sweetness and a nice hit of tart sourness.  The alcohol content of this brew is 8.5%.  This was a great Flanders Red Ale with a great Cherry twist!

Commercial Description:  Cerasus is our organic kriek beer, a barrel-aged Flanders style red ale with two pounds of fruit added per gallon of beer.  We added both sweet and tart Oregon cherries during the aging process with a combination of several yeast strains and lactic bacteria to develop a secondary fermentation.  The crystal malts, oak tannins, and fruit develop into a soft well rounded beer of Burgundian character.  Bottle refermentation provides complex esters and yeast derived flavors.  This beer will increase in acidity as it ages, giving it additional character.  Store this beeswax-sealed bottle in a cold dark place and enjoy in a proper glass.