Old Abbey Ales (Lounge Update) – Abbotsford BC

Old Abbey Ales out in Abbotsford recently had their first anniversary and things have changed quite a bit since the opening (Check out my original post).  Because of all this change I thought I better do a new post.

The tasting room has been expanded quite a bit with the addition of their lounge.  They have also added a some nice artwork to some of their walls.  They have also repainted all the other walls without artwork away from the orange and blue tones.

I am not sure if the brewery itself has expanded much as it looks quite similar to my original photos.

One thing that has changed over the year is that they are pulling away from bottle conditioning all of their beer.  They may still bottle condition some of their higher end beers but for the most part their beer will be carbonated more traditionally.  They even have a nice new bottling line.  To replace the bottle conditioned line of beers they have created 4 different series of beers.  all 4 descriptions are below.

Tavern Series: easy drinking, sessionable beers, including our Blonde and Rye Pale Ale

Innovation Series: We combine Belgian brewing methods with West Coast creativity, in a style we like to come Belgian Forward. The Sour Raspberry, and 100% Brett IPA are in the Innovation Series.

Brewmasters’ Series: The Brewmasters’ Series is all of our traditional Belgian Beers such as our Triple, and Quad.

Royal Series:  The Royal Series is our highest end beers that will be very limited releases. The series will features beer you can cellar.

Full sized photos

Old Abbey Ales
1A – 30321 Fraser Hwy
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1K9
T. 604-607-5104

Hearthstone Brewery (Lounge Construction Update 2) – North Vancouver

On December 11, 2015 I stopped into Hearthstone Brewery to check out their lounge construction.  Now on February 24th I stopped in again to check on the progress.  Things are finally really moving along and obvious progress is being made.  The pizza oven is tiled with the Hearthstone logo as well as the bars are being installed.

Photo one shows their pizza oven.  Photo two shows where their growler bar will be located with the wood top bar being installed.  The third photo is the bar and pizza oven.  Photo 4 shows where the lounge will be located when all of the construction materials and lifts are moved.  The last photo illustrates the finished wood look that will be on the walls.  It finally looks like the opening is only a few months away.

full sized photos

Hearthstone Brewery
1015 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

Moody Ales Expansion (In Progress) – Port Moody

Moody Ales in Port Moody took over the second unit on their building and are in the works of building an overflow tasting room for their busy nights.


The second unit will be used to house anything they need to store at this point.  This includes barrels aging their beer.  The barrels will be used as a barrier between the storage area and the new overflow tasting room.  The overflow will only be used on their busiest nights but will increase their seating capacity fairly substantially.  There will also be tables in front of their cooler doors.  The only place that will be roped off is their brewery itself as that is a requirement of the liquor board.

I am not sure when this expansion will be open but there is not a lot of construction per say so it could be very soon.  Keep locked on Moody Ales social networks for more information.

Full sized photos

Moody Ales
2601 Murray Street,
Port Moody


Fuggles & warlock Craftworks Lounge Construction – Richmond

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks in South Richmond are fully up and running making some amazing beer already but their tasting room/lounge is still under construction.  Twice in the last few weeks I stopped in to see the construction and I took photos both times.  The first set of photos are from the first visit.

Photo one and two are early looks at the bar area.  Photo two also will house their gaming system for people to enjoy all kinds of classic video games.  On the far side of the second photo you will see into the brewery.  The third photo will is to the right of the bar and also shows a window into the brewhouse.

On my visit the other day things have progressed some as can be seen in the next set of photos.

This set of photos shows some progession.  The first photo is of the bar area with some more work complete.  Photo two shows the same view as the third photo above.  The last photo is a bit of a panorama inside the upcoming tasting lounge.

On top of having video games to play they will also be having lots of one offs and seasonals on tap at the tasting room once finished.  This will be one of the most fun rooms to hang out once open!  Richmond better be excited!

The opening date is still up in the air so keep glued to social media.

Here are my full sized photos.

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
11220 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A


Foamers’ Folly Brewing – Pitt Meadows

Well today December 18th, 2015 is the day that Foamers’ Folly Brewing in Pitt Meadows opened!  It looked like they knocked their opening out of the park also as it was so busy they had to hold people outside until they were under capacity.  If you have been following the blog you would have seen the construction process of the brewery with an Initial post and then a follow up for the lounge.


The lounge was busy, the beer was flowing and the pizza was being served.  There was smiles all around as this is the first brewery in Pitt Meadows.

The lounge opened with 6 beer but plan to have up to 20 on tap at any time with one extra tap for CO2.  They also have a full growler station around the side of the bar.  The whole brewery has been licensed including the mezzanine from my understanding so you can move about the brewery as you wish when they are not brewing.  There will also be a patio built in the summer.

Excerpt from my original post below:

They do not have one brew house but two with two different sets of fermenters to go along with them.  Walking up onto the brew house platform you are met with one 500L system with a larger 2000L system beside it!  The 500L system is designed to do double batches to fill 1000L fermenters while the 2000L system is similarly designed to fill 4000L tanks in two brews.  They have done this to reduce downtime while brewing as they can have two different beer on the go at any one time.  Another neat system they have for doing interesting one offs like single hop beers is a small mobile system with a duel step 4-100L tank system (4 Kettles and 4 Fermentors for a total of 8 tanks) so they can fill them on the brewery floor then move them back upstairs to ferment while still being attached to the breweries glycol chilling system.  This way they can make a base beer in the 500L brew house and make 4 distinct beer out of one base beer.  This will make test batches very easily scaleable as they use the same carefully temperature controlled system.  To help maximize space the brewery decided to go with horizontally stacked bright tanks.  You can see in the one photo that the cooler is still under construction.

On the mezzanine is where the grain mill, grain (well it will be) and glycol system are housed as well as the batch of bright tanks that you can see from the growler bar.  They also have a nitrogen system so they can pour nitro beers!  Hidden up here was also a bottling machine!  When I was there they had just received their first batch of growlers and were loading them up on the second floor for temporary storage.

The brewery has three brewers but none will be considered a head brewer or assistant brewer.  The plan is to always have two of the three brewing on brew days minimum.  They hope this will help bring creativity to the brewery as they can all brain storm as equals.

Full sized photos.

Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co
19221 122A Avenue
Pitt Meadows