Oud Bruin – Yaletown Brewing Co.

Late Winter Seasonal

From Vancouver’s Yaletown Brewing Co comes the “Oud Bruin” a Sour seasonal beer available on tap at the brewpub.  The beer pours a Deep brown with some orange or red tinges and an off white head.  The aroma consists of vinegar, dark fruits, cherries and some wood.  The flavour is of Sour/tart up front with vinegar, lemon, some dark fruit, wood and just a nice funky finish.  There also seems to be an aftertaste on nuttiness to this brew.  This beer has a very low carbonation and a pretty decent acidity.  The alcohol content of this Oud Bruin is 6.5%.  I really enjoy this brew and only wish Ian had the means to bottle this wonderful brew!

yaletown oud bruin  IMG-20130126-00208