Tri-Cities Cask Festival Winter 2017 Pro-Am – Coquitlam

On January 22, 2017 I finally attended the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Winter 2017 Pro-Am.  What a festival it turned out to be.


As beer festivals go this has to be one of the best fests for your buck in the province.  With $49 dollars getting you 10 samples, a custom burger and custom poutine you just can not go wrong.  I also love that this beer fest is 100 percent casks!  Basically every beer that was on offer was a one off creation just for this festival and that seems to be lost in the majority of beer fests these days.  When I saw that 577 people would be in attendance for this festival I expected the room at the Executive Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre to be larger.  Somehow with even this many people in the space it never seemed super busy.  I never had to wait more than a minute to get a sample of a beer I wanted to check out.

Here are the breweries that took part in the cask festival:

One of the more interesting facts about this festival was that it was a pro-am so there were also casks from some home brew clubs that were made in collaboration with local breweries.

Here are the home brew clubs involved:

Everyone that I talked to at the festival was having a great time and seemed to be really happy with the cask beer that was on offer.  I have to say that the burger and the poutine were also awesome!

The following photos are of the different beer that I was able to sample while enjoying the festival.  Every beer that I consumed was enjoyable but like all experimentation some were better than others and some were next level.

I had a great time tying out all of the beers that I did try and I wish that I could have tried more.  Here are my winners for the ones that I was able to try.

Best Commercial Brewery – Storm Brewing – Vanilla Brandy Black Plague

Best Home Brew Club – Full Barrel Brew Club (Langley) – Maple barrel Imperial Stout

Most Intriguing Beer – Mango Habanero Play Dead IPA

My Best of Show – Full Barrel Brew Club (Langley) – Maple barrel Imperial Stout

Now the festival had awards that were voted on by the ticket holders of the festival.  All voting was done via a website and near the end of the festival the winners were announced.  While one of the awards Lines up with mine the other one did not.  Here are the festival winners as per the overall festival goers.

Best Amateur – Full Barrel Brew Club (Langley) – Maple barrel Imperial Stout

Best Pro – Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks – Haze For Daze

Best of Show – Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks – Haze For Daze

There is no doubt in my mind I will be attending more festivals in the future put on by the Tri-Citires Cask Festival people and you should check one out too!  They consist of great beer, food, people and you never have to wait long for a sample like you do at some festivals. Also as the BC government opens up the liquor laws these pro-am events may become even more easy to host.

The next festival they are holding is taking an whole new spin on the festival and making it about the Women in Beer in the Province of British Columbia.  Not all of the women involved will be brewers per say but they are all integral in making their brewery awesome and will help make the casks for the event!

Make sure to check out Siris Cask Fest coming up on April 22nd, 2017.  An added bonus for the women out there the first hour is only open to Women!


Craft Beer Market presents the VCBW Opening Night Gala – May 31st, 2013

Let the Games Begin…. oh wait Let the beer drinking begin.  Thats better!

May 31st, 2013 was the glorious day when the “Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2013” kicked off!  Held at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown Vancouver this event was put on by Vancouver Craft Beer Week and Craft Beer Market a large taphouse opening this summer in the Olympic Village.


The Opening Night Gala went from 6pm to 11pm and was completely sold out weeks before the event happened.  Breweries involved are listed below and most breweries had quite a few beers to sample!

BC’s Newest Craft Breweries

33 Acres Brewing
Bomber Brewing
Bridge Brewing
Deep Cove Brewers + Distillers
Four Winds Brewing
Main Street Brewing
Powell Street Craft Brewery

Old Favourites

Central City Brewers + Distillers
Driftwood Brewing
Hoyne Bewing
Lighthouse Brewing
Merridale Ciderworks
Parallel 49 Brewing
Red Truck Brewing
Steamworks Brewing
Vancouver Island Brewing

Between amazing local craft beer, awesome people and great appetizers you could not ask for a better night out in Vancouver!  There was also some food carts outside the Roundhouse with more substantial food if you so chose.  VCBW also brought together some great prizes that were given away in a raffle including growlers, T shirts and girt cards for Craft Beer Market to name a few things and even some door prizes!  There was a DJ playing music all night although I do not know what his name was.  My favorite beer of the night was from Bomber Brewing and was an ESB.  It was just a great well crafted ESB and it really hit the spot on a Friday Night.   It was great to Meet the new Breweries Staff as well as see all the different Brewmasters from all of my Favorite BC breweries.  It was also great to hang out and chat beer with all my new found Beer friends and some old friends that surprised me at the event!

Sorry this is not more in-depth but the night was not conductive to taking notes but more to drinking great beer and chatting with some of the most friendly people you will meet in Vancouver!  Congrats VCBW organizers for putting on a great Opening Night Gala!  I look forward to my other event later in the week!

Check out Vancouver Craft Beer Week soon for this years party or to keep track of what is going on next years 2014 festivities!

Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2013 runs from May 31st to June 7th 2013.