Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout – Dead Frog Brewery

From Aldergove’s Dead Frog Brewery comes their new “Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout”.  I did not know what to think when I picked this bottle up even though I had tasted a test batch of the beer as I really don’t like peanut butter cups.  The beer poured a dark opaque brown colour with a brown head.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, peanuts and chocolate.  The flavour was of roasted malts, bitter coffee, chocolate, peanuts, mild hops bitterness and a lactose finish.  The beer comes in at 6.1% with an IBU of 24.  This beer is like taking a shot of espresso with a bowl of peanuts and chocolate.  If you like all those things then you will like this beer.  Luckily for me I really liked this one and how it all came together.

Commercial Desciption:  A creamy milk stout brewed with 10 premium malts, roasted cocoa beans, and peanut butter.  Flavours of roasted chocolate and coffee make way for smooth hints of peanut butter and a slightly sweet finish.

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Paniolo Pale Ale – Big Island Brewhaus

From the town of Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii’s Big Island Brewhaus & Tako Taco Taqueria comes their “Paniolo Pale Ale”.  Named after the Hawaiian Cowboys (Paniolo) that roam the Parker Ranch that surrounds the area of the brewery.  The beer pours a golden colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of biscuit malts, fruity citrus and a good floral kick.  The flavour is of very mild hops bitterness with pine and citrus fruits finishing with a good malt backbone.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.6% with and IBU of 37.  This is a very well balanced pale ale and I wish I could have had a pint of the brew.

Commercial Desciption:  This crowd pleasing beer is brewed with the Hawaiian Cowboy in mind.  It is bold and robust yet balanced and features a hearty British Maris Otter malt backbone and an American hop blend that brings to mind tropical fruit.  Comparisons:  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Steam Beer, Bass Pale Ale

big island brewhaus - Paniolo pale ale

Buffalo Butt Amber Lager – Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

From Fort Worth Texas’s Rahr & Sons Brewing Company comes their “Buffalo Butt Amber Lager”.  Thanks to my Aunt for picking up this bottle for me in Texas before heading to BC recently!  This amber lager pours a deep amber colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of caramel and grainy malts.  The flavour is of candied caramel, malts that are sweet but not overly and a mild hops bitterness.  This lager drinks far more like an ale than a lager.  The alcohol content comes in at 4.5% with an IBU of 25.  This is a very nice lager that does not fail to excite the taste buds like so many on the market today.

Commercial Description:  Legend has it that back in the 1840’s, a group of cowboys hanging out at one of the many bars in Fort Worth’s “Hell’s Half Acre” would quench their thirst while telling tales of their buffalo hunting days. When one of the cowboys said a nice, cold beer was the only thing that could make him forget the often-viewed sight of a buffalo’s butt, the local brewmaster laughed and vowed to create Buffalo Butt beer to commemorate the posterior of the prairie’s most majestic beast.  Today, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. continues this fine tradition with our own recipe for Buffalo Butt beer – a rich, amber lager that doesn’t require months on a dusty trail, gazing at a buffalo’s hindquarters to be enjoyed.

Food pairings as per the brewery:  Buffalo Butt pairs well with Cajun and Mexican food. Of course we also think it’s the perfect beer to be served with a rump roast, but that’s only because we’ve never really grown up.  Monterey Jack, Gruyere.



Scottish Ale – Fearless Brewing Company

From Estacada, Oregon’s Fearless Brewing comes their “Scottish Ale”.  The beer pours from the tall can a copper colour with a creamy white head.  The aroma is of sweet fruity citrus and some malts.  The flavour consists of sweet fruits, citrus, caramel, brown sugar and some mild hops bitterness.  The alcohol content of this brew is 5.3%.  This is a sweet Scottish ale but a very tasty one for sure!  If you see a can of this in your local store pick it up!  Also if you see it in store in Canada send me a message because I would love to get more!


Volcano Red Ale – Mehana Brewing Co

From Mehana Brewing Company owned by Hawai’i Nui Brewing out of Hilo, Hawaii (The Big Island) comes their “Volcano Red Ale”.  This red ale pours a red/orange colour with a tan head.  The aroma of this beer consists of malts, tropical fruit and caramel.  The flavour consists of malts, caramel and tropical fruits with a very mild hops.  The alcohol content of the beer is 5.2% and the IBU is 23. This is a nice beer but it has a very mild flavour.

Commercial Description: Volcano Red Ale is a fuller-bodied ale brewed in the tradition of American amber ales. The reddish color and slight malt flavor are achieved by using special malts. An elegant beer, named in tribute to the active volcanoes found on the island.

Food Pairing as per brewery:  Goes well with chicken, veal and barbecued dishes.

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