Happy New Beer Barrel Aged Sour – Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

From Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub in Victoria BC comes the “Happy New Beer Barrel Aged Sour”. The beer pours a golden yellow colour with an off white head. The aroma consists of citrus, tartness and a mild grainy finish. The flavour is of citrusy lemon, earth, pepper, grain, mild wood, quite mild tartness with a resinous hops finish. The alcohol content comes in at 4.5% with an IBU of 30. This beer is tasty but I have a feeling that the low alcohol content and barrel ageing ate away at the sour nature. This beer will appeal to a much larger group than the average sour beer. It’s more of a fruit beer without the sweetness and with a good hop addition.

Commercial Description:  Our Happy New Beer is a specialty barrel aged sour. A refreshingly tart beer perfect for ringing in the New Year! This beer has been dry hopped with Pacific North West varietals for an added level of complexity.  To good friends, a Happy New Year and a Happy New Beer!

Food pairing as per brewery:  house smoked fish plate.


Sofie 2015 – Goose Island Beer Company

From Goose Island Beer Company out of Chicago Illinois comes their “Sofie” 2015 a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale barrel aged in white wine barrels. The beer pours a golden yellow colour with a white head. The aroma consists of yeast, citrus, citrus rind, wheat and a sweet finish. The flavour is of yeast, citrus rind, lemon, wheat, coriander, some hints of wood and a hint of wine and vanilla. The alcohol content comes in at 6.5% with an IBU of 20. I would not hesitate to pick up more of this beer! Its even really reasonable cost wise in Canada.

Commercial Description:   Our sparkling Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale is wine barrel-aged with an abundance of hand-zested orange peel. Spicy white pepper notes contrast the citrus tartness. The light, refreshing, creamy vanilla finish will excite those fond of Champagne.
Originally brewed by Belgian farmers to attract the best farm hands, we were inspired to brew an exceptional ale as inviting as the original Belgian Farmhouse ales. Light and effervescent, we named it for our founder’s granddaughter Sofie.

Food pairing as per brewery:  Sofie pairs with a wide variety of foods, its light and refreshing qualities complement lighter flavors like fresh oysters and contrast rich shellfish like lobster.