Grapefruit Stiegl Radler – Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH

From Austria’s Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH comes their pop… no wait beer…. ummm I mean… Well I don’t know really!  The drink in question is called the “Grapefruit Stiegl Radler” a 50/50 mix of Stiegl Goldbrau lager and pure grapefruit juice.  By definition a Radler is a mixed drink that is either 50/50 or 60/40 beer to softdrink found extensively German speaking regions.   This Radler pours a cloudy yellow colour with a good sized white head.  The aroma consists of grapefruit pop, lemonade, rind and a hint of malts.  The flavour is of lemonade, grapefruit, rind and a mild malt profile provided by the beer although faint.  This beer is a great summer beer and can be consumed in large quantities on hot summer days due to is 2.5% alcohol content and pretty low on the calories also at only 35 calories / 100 ml.  This is the way all session ales or light beers should be doing it.  Do not create a lesser product just to get a lower alcohol content!  This is a brilliant and delicious way to make a drink that you can session for long periods of time in the Summer!  To the purists this may not be a beer but don’t look at it like that.  It is a Grapefruit pop with some malts present and a nice low alcohol content.  Why drink grapefruit pop when you can drink alcoholic grapefruit pop?  This is not a rhetorical question!

Commercial Description:  “Stiegl Grapefruit Radler is the perfect summer beer, it’s light-bodied, clean, crisp and refreshing,” says Guy McClelland, president of McClelland Premium Imports. “And for the health-conscious consumer with an active lifestyle, it’s low in calories and only 2.5 per cent.”  Radler, which means “cyclist” in German, is a beer style invented by Bavarian cyclists.  Seeking a great tasting, low alcoholic beverage they could take on bike rides and picnics, Bavarian cyclists blended a 50/50 mixture of Bavarian lager and fruit juice. The refreshing result is now known as the Radler.

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Helmcken Black and Tan – Yaletown Brewing Co.

From Vancouver’s Yaletown Brewing Co comes the “Helmcken Black and Tan” available on tap or through growler fill at the brewpub.  Most black and tans seem to be a mix of a lager/pilsner and a stout but this one is different.  This Black and Tan is a mix of the “Nagila Pale Ale” and “Warehouse Stout” and is amazing.  The appearance of this beer will change if you let it sit but they pour the pale ale first which is a pale amber and then the stout on top which is opaque black.  The smell combines both these beer to give you sweet, spicy, fruity tones with a decent hops hit as well as roasted malts and black coffee.  The taste also combines all the flavors of orange, citrus, malts and hops with roasted malts, black coffee, dark chocolate and caramel.  This beer is a combination of two great beers to create an even better one.  I  will be having more of this beer in the future.  The alcohol content will hover between the 4.5% and 5% of the two respective beer.

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan – Mississippi Brewing Company

From the Mississippi Brewing Company out of New York (don’t ask I don’t know) comes the “Mississippi Mud Black & Tan”.   A black and tan is a mix of dark and a light beer.  In this case it is a Porter and a Pilsner.   You can definitely taste both distinct flavors but they mix to make an interesting mixture for the taste buds! Both me and Steve H. enjoyed this beer and will be drinking it again!  I look forward to trying other black and tans from now on.  Either in bars or my own creations picking two different distinct beer.  The beer sits at a respectable 5% alcohol.

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