Mosaic Imperia IPA – Mikkeller

Limited Edition

Mikkeller is a gypsy brewery from Copenhagen, Denmark that contract their beer to be brewed all over the world.  This brew was brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium and is called “Mosaic Imperia IPA”.  This is one of Single Hop series beers that Mikkeller is producing.  This Imperial IPA pours an orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of fruits, big malts and some floral hops.  The flavour is of tropical fruits, lemon, citrus, pine, hops bitterness and some sweet malts.  The alcohol content comes in at 8.9% with an IBU of 100.  This is an extremely tasty double IPA and really shows what Mosaic Hops bring to the table!

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Kaleidoscope Mosaic IPA – Phillips Brewing Company

Limited Release

From Phillips Brewing out of Victoria BC’s comes the “Kaleidoscope Mosaic IPA” using the new Mosaic hops.  The beer pours a copper colour with an explosive off white head.  The aroma consists of pine fruit and floral hops.  The flavour was of pine, big hops bitterness, tropical fruits and citrus.  There is a definite Mosaic hops flavour profile to this beer.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.5%.  This is a great foray into a Mosaic hopped India Pale Ale with a ton of flavour.

Commercial Description:  Just because you don’t live in a tropical paradise doesn’t mean your IPA shouldn’t taste like one! Boat loads of mosaic hops, famous for their hop-tropic punch to the palate, really shine in this seasonal IPA featuring flavours of guava and mango. Subtle IPA bitterness keeps everything fresh for a tasting experience that’s symmetrically balanced any way you spin it.  Don’t linger on your hammock too long before picking one up as this seasonal release is only available at craft-focused private liquor stores for a limited time.

IMG_00000975  KALEIDOSCOPE-cropped-e1373308179708

Hopnotist Imperial IPA – Parallel 49 Brewing

It has been 1 Full year since Parallel 49 Brewing in East Vancouver launched to the public!  For the One year anniversary Parallel 49 has released their One Year Anniversary Imperial IPA named the “Hopnotist”.  Not only is this an amazing Imperial IPA but it also has a 3D label!  No lie!!!!

3d time

This Imperial India Pale Ale pours a cloudy orangey brown colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of tropical fruits, pineapple, pine, resin and floral hops.  The flavour is of pine, resin and hops bitterness up front with tons of citrus, tropical fruits and an overall sweetness.  The alcohol content comes in at 8.5% and the IBU rating is 86.  This is one amazing double IPA using the fairly new Mosaic Hops.  Pick up as many bottles as you can as you will not regret it!

Commercial Description:  Tick tock, tick tock… look into our eyes… Tick tock, tick tock…  The depth of Mosaic hops flavour in this imperial India pale ale will have you tasting in 3-D… You will only drink parallel 49 beer… Tick tock…

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:  Roasted meats, poultry, fatty fish.

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