Helmcken Black and Tan – Yaletown Brewing Co.

From Vancouver’s Yaletown Brewing Co comes the “Helmcken Black and Tan” available on tap or through growler fill at the brewpub.  Most black and tans seem to be a mix of a lager/pilsner and a stout but this one is different.  This Black and Tan is a mix of the “Nagila Pale Ale” and “Warehouse Stout” and is amazing.  The appearance of this beer will change if you let it sit but they pour the pale ale first which is a pale amber and then the stout on top which is opaque black.  The smell combines both these beer to give you sweet, spicy, fruity tones with a decent hops hit as well as roasted malts and black coffee.  The taste also combines all the flavors of orange, citrus, malts and hops with roasted malts, black coffee, dark chocolate and caramel.  This beer is a combination of two great beers to create an even better one.  I  will be having more of this beer in the future.  The alcohol content will hover between the 4.5% and 5% of the two respective beer.