Silver Valley Brewing – Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge has its newest brewery in Silver Valley Brewing.  The brewery opened their doors to a quiet soft opening on September 21st, 2017.

When you walk through the doors you are welcomed with a really warm tasting room.  Wood top tables with white walls and a nice tile back splash that looks almost like brick.  They had 4 beer at the time of opening with one extra guest tap but as you can see in the photos below there will be more beer in the future.  They also have food items to have with your beer.

The brewery itself is pretty tiny at Sliver Valley.  The fermentation capacity is 7 – 2 barrel fermentors with a two barrel brew house and a 4 barrel hot liquor tank.  With the seven fermentors they should be able to keep beer flowing on their taps.

I always love checking out new breweries and I like what Kevin has done with the space and beers are tasting pretty good right off the bat.  I look forward to heading back in the near future.

Silver Valley Brewing
Unit 104 11952 224th Street
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 6B3

One Duck Brewing (Under Construction) – Squamish

Squamish has a new brewery in the works.  This time it is a nano brewery called One Duck Brewing.  The brewery started its life as part of a kickstarter campaign.


Because the construction is still in the early stages I was asked not to share the address of the brewery but I can share a a look inside the brewery.  One Duck Brewing is located in a multi tenant warehouse.  The tasting room will be located at the front of the space near the front door.  The first photo is from where the brew house will be located towards the front.  The second photo shows where the bar will be located in tape.  The third photo is located beside the bar to the left of the stairs and depicts where  the storage area will be and possibly the grain mill.

Visible from the tasting room will be the fermentors and brew house as can be seen in tape on the floor in the first photo.  Photo two is around the corner and is where the cooler will be located.

Upstairs there seems to be plans to have a little lounge but I am not sure what will happen there.

There is still lots of construction to go on at the brewery including cutting up the slab for trench trains as well as building the bar and cooler but things are well under way.  One thing that the owner Jesse won’t need to wait for though is the brewing equipment.  The brewing equipment is already in storage so once the renovations are done the equipment can be moved in and setup.  The next 3 photos are from Jesse owner and brewer.

Jesse looks to be leaning towards specializing in Belgian ales and hopes to be open for business in early Spring.  Keep your eyes open for updates!

Full sized photos can be found here.

One Duck Brewing

Førbidden Brewing – Courtenay

After the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria I took a quick (ok very slow) trip up to Courtenay on Vancouver Island to visit a few breweries. Førbidden Brewing is a Nano Brewery located inside the Westerly Hotel part of the Best Western Chain of Hotels and was my first stop.


This Nano Brewery has a very good sized tasting room with a lounge license.  Like so many other breweries in BC there is a great wood finish to so much of the tasting room.  I think this is the largest tasting room for a nano brewery I have seen!  The brewery was pouring their Pale Ale, IPA as well as a Shandy, Lone Tree Cider and the Hoyne Pilsner.  I went home with a growler of their IPA so a review will be coming soon!  I did not know that this brewery was only two months old as of my visit!  To go with the Lounge License the brewery serves a limited food menu also including Burgers, Nachos, Fish Tacos and a Salad from the pub across the parking lot.

I was not able to get a full tour of the brewery while I was in town as I was both in a rush and the staff on hand was not supposed to let people in the back.  I was able to get a quick peak into the brewery to see the grain mill area and the brewing vessels.  I wish the brewer had been there to both show me around more and explain the 6 – 50L vessel brew house and I wish I had more time but neither worked out sadly.   A blog out of Ontario called Student Of Beer had a more full view of the brewery you can check out here.

Full sized photos

Førbidden Brewing
1590 Cliffe Ave

IPAwkward – Awkward Brewing

From the new Nano Brewery in Lake Stevens, Washington comes their “IPAwkward” an awkward named IPA to be sure.  The beer pours a deep cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consisted of melony fruit, floral hops and some sweetness.  The flavour was of tropical fruits, citrus rind, sweetness, bitterness, pine with some mild earthiness to finish it off.  There was a ton to the body of this beer that made it almost chewy think Fat Tug IPA if you are in BC.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.1% with an IBU around 118.  I quite like this beer and look forward to trying more of their beer in the future.

Commercial Description:  Hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra and just a bit of Simcoe. Hoppy but very drinkable.

awkward brewing awkward ipa

Awkward Brewing – Lake Stevens, Washington

Well this is awkward I can’t actually tell you where the brewery is located other than in Lake Stevens, Washington.


There is a good reason though as this tiny Nano Brewery is located in head Brewers and only official employee Amanda Blurb’s garage!  The state of Washington allows garage breweries and does allow tasting rooms but currently tastings and growler fills are by appointment only.  Your best bet to find their beer is to pop into the local watering holes in Lake Stevens and possibly surrounding areas.  Luckily for me I know Amanda’s husband a little bit and I was able to get a tour of the brewery on a recent trip down to Seattle.

The brewery is even smaller in scale than our local White Rock Beach Beer Company here in BC!  This brand new brewery in Washington is producing two tasty beer already with an Awkward Pineapple a Hefeweizen and their IPAwkward.  I look forward to the next time I am down in Washington so I can try more of their beer!  Well that is unless somehow miraculously some ends up making it to Canada for me haha.  I was honored to be the very first of any media to get a look at the brewery!

Full Sized photos

Awkward Brewing
Lake Stevens, WA