Beere Brewing – North Vancouver

North Vancouver has a new brewery once again.  This time it is Beere Brewing located a short walk from Lonsdale Quay.

Its not a huge space for sure but the brewery is shoehorned into the space perfectly.  The tasting room is located on the left side of the building.  Wood bar tops and tables give a great feeling in the space.  When I was there they had 6 beer on tap with a Double IPA on the way soon.  I was able to try all 7 beer and I have to say that it is a really solid opening lineup.  The beer may not be perfect but it is definitely enjoyable already and that is not always the case.  With the big garage doors the space was very bright on this sunny day.  The photos were not perfect due to just how bright it was.

The brewery itself is located on the right hand side of the building behind the Garage door with the Fermenters located along the back wall behind the bar and behind the stairwell in the center of the building that leads to the business upstairs.  The brewery has a 15 HL brewhouse with 6-30HL if I remember correctly.  They also have 2 bright tanks.  On the right hand side you also find the keg washer and kegs.  There is also a small cooler located right behind the central stair.

I really recommend checking out Beere Brewing.  The beer is tasty and the staff is friendly.

Beere Brewing
312 East Esplanade
North Vancouver

Bridge Brewing Company – North Vancouver

Bridge Brewing Company has recently moved to a new and much bigger location.  If this is what you think of when you dream of picking up beer from Bridge Brewing you need to update your address book.

Bridge Brewing- Enterance

No longer is Bridge Brewing a Nano Brewery as they have grown leaps and bounds with this brewery.  They are now a full fledged Micro Brewery but even with this huge expansion they have not lost the feeling of the old location.  From an open concept tasting room to a nice wood topped bar and wood topped tables you will still feel right at home.  One thing that has changed though is that they already have a few brand new beers as well as all of their core beers.  They have beer in glasses, bombers and growler fills.

So if you have not stopped by the new location yet it is time to change that!  They are making the same great beer but can now create even more interesting brews.

Here are my full sized photos

Bridge Brewing Company
1448 Charlotte Road
North Vancouerver, BC
V7J 1H2

Moody Ales (Under Construction Part 3) – Port Moody

Moody Ales in Port Moody is getting very close to opening up now.  They hope to be open in the next month now depending on how all the city inspections go.  The brewery itself is up and running and their first beer is about to be kegged.  The bar is taking shape now and their tables and bar stools are in now.  Taps and growler fillers are not yet installed but it is going in soon.  The cooler is running and there is hops chilling out inside.  Keep your eyes peeled to social media for their opening date as it is getting very close!

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Moody Ales
2601 Murray Street
Port Moody

Moody Ales (Under Construction Part 2) – Port Moody

Port Moody’s Moody Ales has been rolling right along with their construction.  They have now got most of their fermentors hooked up to glycol lines and the brewhouse is in the works of being installed.  The cooler is installed but the electrical has not been installed into the cooler.  The tasting room area has been built up and they are ready to have the flooring installed.  The bar area of the tasting room will be installed soon enough.  Its only been a few months since the last time I was at the brewery but things have changed drastically.  Click here to see my last post.  Check out the photos below!

If you live in the Port Moody area or if you like to hang out at Rocky Point Park then this is a place that you really sure be getting excited about!  I do not know the opening date of the brewery and I don’t know if they know but it is creeping ever closer!

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Moody Ales
2601 Murray Street
Port Moody

Moody Ales (Under Construction) – Port Moody

Metro Vancouver has a new brewery in the works.  It is still early but Moody Ales located in Port Moody is building towards opening up.  The location is very close to Rocky Point Park.  The location is also very close to the new Evergreen Line skytrain line (2016 isn’t that far away really).  The building is a great old warehouse with lots of character and possibly room to grow.  The brewery will be held in the back of the building with the cooler and tasting room located near the front of the building.  There will be no separation between the two other than possibly a barrier or a rope.

Moody Ales-011 Moody Ales-012

Here are some more photos of the space.

A few friends and my other writer Steve went to a Focus Group with the brewery and were able to try some of their pilot brews.  All beer was very well received.   At this point all I can attest to is that the owners of this soonish to be brewery are awesome guys.  I know for a fact that I can trust the people that did try their beer though and I can say that they are going to be serving very good beer!  The brewery may be 6ish months away but it will be worth the wait!

Full sized photos can be found here

Moody Ales
2601 Murray Street
Port Moody