Odyssey Nitro Porter – Phillips Brewing Company

From Phillips Brewing Company in Victoria BC comes their “Odyssey Nitro Porter” a canned beer with a widget. When you open the can there is quite the hiss from the Nitrogen being released. The beer pours a deep brown colour with a creamy milk chocolate brown.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, coffee, milk chocolate and a sweet finish. The flavour is of chocolate, roasted malts, mild coffee and caramel. This could possibly be the most creamy canned nitro beer I have had.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%. I find many nitro beers have a muted flavour although this one has quite a bit of flavour and I quite enjoyed it. 

Commercial Description:  Odyssey is infused with nitrogen gas, creating cascading clouds of tiny bubbles that give way to thick dense foam.  Warm roast flavours with accents of nuts and dark chocolate.


Vanilla Porter – Mill Street Brewery

From Toronto Ontario’s Mill Street Brewery comes their “Vanilla Porter” a Nitro Porter in a can.  The beer pours a deep brown with a creamy tan head.  The aroma consists of vanilla, chocolate and sweet.  The flavour is of vanilla, chocolate, fruit, toffee and a sweet finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 29.  Being a person that finds vanilla to sweet I was a bit worried about this beer.  Luckily for me with it being a nitro beer the vanilla was a bit subdued and the flavour was quite enjoyable.

Commercial Description:  Mill Street Vanilla Porter has been a cult favourite in our brewpubs every winter for the past four years. brewed with Washington state nugget hops, our house ale yeast culture & pure natural vanilla extract, vanilla porter is nitrogen-charged to pour a Thick, tight head with a creamy texture & body. Our vanilla extract is cold pressed from vanilla orchid bean pods giving it over 250 individual flavour notes (conventional hot extraction yields 50) resulting in a captivating depth of flavour and breadth of character.

Food Pairing as per brewery:  Dark Bitter Sweet Chocolate, Blue Cheese, White Chocolate Desserts.