710 Oaked Stout – Faculty Brewing

From Vancouver’s newest brewery Faculty Brewing comes their “710 Oaked Stout”. Faculty Brewing is naming their beers with numbers much like post secondary classes number designations. 100 series are easy drinking while 700 series is more challenging for some. The Stout pours an opaque black with a brown head. The aroma consists of coffee, some roasted malts and some oak. The flavour is of roasted malts but not overly done with mild notes of coffee and chocolate, a good note of grainy malts and some oak. There is not a very much bitterness present. The alcohol content comes in at 5.5% with an IBU of 35. This is my favourite of the four beers the brewery launched with and I can say that I really enjoy it.

Commercial Description:   A dry stout with a creamy oatmeal head. The roasted barley offers notes of coffee, while the american oak provides aromas of vanilla and wood.