O’hare’s Beer Club – October 2013

As the fall rains fall upon Metro Vancouver it would be a great time to get something uplifting.  Luckily for me it was time again to receive my next beer club box from O’hare’s.

Drum Roll Please!

Beer Included is as follows:

Vancouver Island Brewery – Black Betty Blackberry Saison
Howe Sound Brewing – Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Base Camp Brewing – In-Tents IPL
Driftwood Brewing – Sartori harvest IPA
R&B Brewing – Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA
Renaissance Brewing Company – Craftsman Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Odin Brewing – Thor’s Sunstone
Parallel 49 – Crane Kick Sorachi Ace Pilsner

Reviews will come as I enjoy the Beer.  Once again O’hare’s has outdone themselves!  Thanks O’hare’s!!!

O’Hare’s Gastropub & Liquor Store
5031 Steveston Hwy
Richmond BC
V7E 2K5
Liquor Store 604-241-4313

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Thor’s Equinox 2012 – Odin Brewing (Aged 1 Years)

Limited Fall/Winter Release

From Odin Brewing out of Seattle Washington comes the “Thor’s Equinox” a bottle from the limited 2012 release consumed fall 2013.  This beer is a Belgian-Style Dark Ale.  This bottle has been stored in a cellar at a constant 15C.  First thing I noticed is that the colour sees to have shifted from dark brown to a lighter reddish/brown with a tan head.  Next the aroma is of dark fruits, grapes, malts, licorice and an overall sweetness but the aroma is not super strong.  The aroma did not change all that much with the exception of licorice but the flavour is a different story.  The flavour is now of roasted malts, dark fruits, grapes, licorice, burnt coffee, banana, hops bitterness and a hint of tobacco.  The beer still finishes with a good alcohol warming as you swallow.  The alcohol content comes in at a big 9% with an IBU of 20.  I am not sure if this beer tastes better with age but it sure tastes different!  No matter if it is better fresher or after one year it is still an amazing beer. I also Still have one bottle left in my cellar so it will probably be opened Fall 2014.

Commercial Description:  Belgian Dark Strong Ale is a brew that is big in flavor without the chewy body holding you back from finishing the whole glass. We have stepped back from the emphasis on yeasty phenols to showcase malt and a unique woody note from Angelica spice, creating a beer that is still Belgian, yet can satisfy stout and strong porter lovers as well.

Original Un-aged Review


Thor’s Sunstone – Odin Brewing

O’hare’s Beer Club October 2013 Box

From Odin Brewing out of Seattle Washington USA comes the “Thor’s Sunstone” a Belgian-Style Tripel brewed with spelt.  Spelt is an ancient style of grain from the fifth century.  The beer pours golden yellow with a white head.  The aroma consists of a strong sweet start with citrus, Belgian yeast, rind, pepper, spices and some hops.  The flavour is of citrus, yeast, pepper, spices, malts with a lasting citrus rind bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.9% and an IBU of 20.  This is not my favorite of the beer coming out of Odin Brewing but it is still a pretty good beer.  Well worth picking up a bottle especially if you like Odin Brewings beer.

Commercial Description:  Sunstone is a light summer addition to our premium Thor’s lineup. Pepper and spice flavors from the Belgian yeast abound yet give way to orange aroma from generous hop additions. Sunstone is the perfect beer to enjoy on the long days and short nights of summer.

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:Crab cakes, roast turkey, baklava

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Viking Gold Extra Pale Ale – Odin Brewing

From Odin Brewing out of Seattle Washington USA comes the “Viking Gold Extra Pale Ale”.  A white head rests on top of a copper coloured beer.  Pine , hops, citrus and malts can all be detected in the aroma.  The flavour is full of malts, citrus, pine and a nice hops bitterness although not quite hop forward.  The alcohol content is a low 4.5% and IBU comes in at 25.  This is a nice pale ale but would you expect anything else from Odin Brewing?

Commercial Description:  Among her many talents, Freya was a shape-shifter and could take on multiple forms.  Our Viking Gold pays homage to this, as the beer represents a subtle shift to Freya’s Gold Kolsch Style Ale (but still enough so to disguise the beer as something very different).  The result is an ale that is now capable of dealing with spices, creams and heavier sauces.

Viking Gold – XPA (Extra Pale Ale) Is a ‘best of all worlds’ beer. Using American and German malt and hop blends, this brew takes on a unique Craft/Import blended style with a rich malt forward aroma, a full flavor of citrus and light bread, and a combined bite of yeast, noble hops and faint wheat that quickly passes to a tangy, very refreshing finish.


Mikes Craft Beer Tasting #1

On Friday August 10th 2012 I hosted a beer tasting with a small group of people.  The group included Carmen, Stu C, Tom, Rosalba , and I.  I am hoping to hold more tasting events in the future and this was a trial run.  Each person was to bring 2 different 500ml bottles (min) of different beer.  Rosalba only sampled a few beer so we did not tap into her beer she brought along.

Each person was responsible for taking notes on the beer being tasted be it smell, taste or appearance.  Each person was also asked to rate the beer on a scale of 1 – 10 on their personal enjoyment of the beer.  1 being swill 10 being amazing.

Beer Selection and average rating

Driftwood Brewing – Fat Tug IPA 6.5/10
Duchy Originals – Old Ruby Ale  6.25/10

Stu C
Howe Sound Brewing – 4 Way Fruit Ale  7/10
Abbatiale Dest Amands – Abbatiale Triple  7.5/10

Phillips Brewing – Hoperation Tripple Cross  7.25/10
Lagunita Brewing – Lagunitas Maximus  8/10

Odin Brewing – Freya’s Gold  6.75/10
Parallel 49- Seedspitter Watermelon Wit 6/10

As the review for these beer are written I will link them back to this post for your enjoyment.  All reviews will use the notes that I have received from the tasting.  Let me be clear that most of the group was participating in their first tasting.  This was just a fun event to see if I could pull a decent tasting off.  All seemed to have a ton of fun and we all enjoyed the beer on hand.