Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers (Lounge Open) – North Vancouver

The tasting room had not gone through much of a change at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers since they opened up in August 2013.  Things have now changed in a big way though.


When you arrive at the brewery there is one glaring and obvious change to the right hand side of the doors.  They now have a patio out front!  One of these days the city of Vancouver will get their heads out of their buts and allow this like North Vancouver has.  If it was a nicer day it would be great to stand out at one of the barrels have enjoy a pint or two.

Gone are the long and seemingly breakable glass top tables and in are wood top tables and way more of them. This change has come about because they have finally received their lounge license.  The District of North Vancouver thought long and hard about this license due to the fact they are a brewery and a distillery and they had never licensed one like this.  With this change though you can now head over to Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers and enjoy more than one single 12 oz glass of beer.  Not only can the beer flow from the taps more freely but they now also have a full cocktail menu for spirits lovers to enjoy!  The changes didn’t stop there though as they also put in a small kitchen and have a hot food menu so you can enjoy some food with your beer or spirits.  They also added 4 more washrooms so they have 5 now to help with the increased consumption of alcohol.

The changes still do not change there as their beer will also be available in can very soon.  With the launch of a line of canned beers they are re-branding all of their beers and even tweaking a few of the original recipes.  Don’t just expect the same old beers in their cans though as they have some new concoctions ready to share with BC!

Make sure to head over and check out the changes and while you are at it have a pint and fill a growler (yeah yeah or have a cocktail or buy a bottle of spirits also).  Just make sure to check out their hours of operation as they have changed.

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here are my full sized photos.

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers
Unit 170 – 2270 Dollarton Hwy.
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7H 1A8
Phone: 604.770.1136
Fax: 604.770.1138


Stoup Brewing – Seattle

My second stop on my walking tour of the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle was Stoup Brewing.


Stoup Brewing is a brewery I had never heard of but was highly recommended by almost everyone I talked to at Hilliard’s Beer and on the walk to the brewery.  The tasting room is pretty small but well laid out with a bunch of tables and a bar area with lots of chairs.  They do have an outside patio but I missed out on checking it out.  Their bar area is interesting as their cooler area is located inside a brightly orange painted cargo container.  All six of the beer I tried in the tasting room were really high quality beer and I wish I had brought a growler or two with me on this walking tour!  Stoup Brewing only offers beer to drink in the tasting room and growler fills so if you would like to try their beer and you should then you will have to head to Ballard.

This is a pretty small operation with a small brewery located beside the tasting room.  Multiple small tanks helps pump out a pretty good number of different brews ensuring you would never get board drinking here.

On top of really good beer and a great looking brewery this place had a really good vibe with lots of friendly people and amazingly friendly and helpful staff.  They really made me feel at home and made sure I enjoyed my short stop into their brewery.

Full sized photos.

Stoup Brewing
1108 NW 52nd Street
Seattle, WA 98107

Hilliard’s Beer – Seattle

On a recent trip to Seattle I set out to check out a few breweries located outside of the Downtown Core.  I decided on the Ballard neighborhood as there was a high concentration of breweries and one brewery in particular that I have been enjoying locally in Vancouver for a while.  That brewery was Hilliar’s Beer and it was my first stop.


When you arrive you first notice that they have a nice patio out on the side of the brewery.  Once inside you find a tasting room and that shares a room with the brewery.  Starting with the tap room you find a nice little bar with a bunch of different beer to try.  They also have a few big re-purposed tables and chairs.  You are able to get growler fills here as well as buy tall cans of their products and some other swag.

Basically right behind the bar area you will find the fermentation tanks.  off to the side the actual brew house can be found.  For the amount of Hilliard’s Beer making it up to Vancouver is was very surprised to see how small this operation really is.  Inside their cooler they have tanks as well as lots of kegged products.

Not everything that Hilliard’s Beer brews is available in Vancouver and I found a few really good ones on tap that were quite exciting.  I look forward to the next time I end up in Seattle as I will make sure to stop back in for a glass or two of beer.

Full sized photos.

Hilliard’s Beer
1550 NW 49th Street,
Seattle WA
Brewery / Taproom Phone: 206.257.4486

Canoe Brewpub, Restaurant and Marina – Victoria BC

Having never been to Canoe Brewpub before but trying their beer at the odd cask festival I made sure to stop in for lunch and a pint of beer.

Photo taken from

Located right on the water they have a great big patio that looked like a great place to have a pint or two in the Summer.  Seeing as I was going to be outdoors all day I decided to eat my lunch indoors so I headed to the bar area.  A really neat feature with the bar is that above the bar they have tanks that are holding the beer being poured in the pub.  I have never seen this done before.

The burger was really good and the dip for fries was more of a tomato jam then ketchup.  I tried their latest seasonal which was a hopped Mexican Style Lager and was pretty impressed with it.  Once I finished up my lunch I got a chance to check out the brewery.  I now know why you can’t find Canoe beer anywhere. This brewery is amazingly small and cramped.  It almost seems like it was an afterthought as the brewpub side and restaurant are huge.

The area was so cramped I was not able to get very good photos of the brewery.  Everything was just to close together.  Two of these photos were taken through a glass window in a door and then the rest are from inside the brewery.  It would be well worth checking out Canoe next time you are in Victoria!  I know that I will be back.

Full Sized photos can be found here

Canoe Brewpub, Restaurant and Marina
450 Swift Street
Victoria BC