Celebrate Craft… Beer! 2016 – Vancouver

Craft Beer can sometimes help support other Crafts.  That is where this event “Celebrate Craft… Beer!” comes in.


Celebrate Craft… Beer! was held on Saturday November 5th between 7:30-10pm at Performance Works on Granville Island.  The event was held to raise funds for the delivery of the Craft Council of BC’s Craft Heritage & Me program for under-served youth.  Sixteen breweries showed up to pour their beers and help with this cause.  Here is the original list although Driftwood Brewery and Old Yale Brewing had to pull out due to differing issues.


Being an event about Crafts there were also many artists selling their products in the middle of the room.  Here is a sampling of what they were selling.

There was also a blind silent auction with lots of good prizes to be won.


This event was very well attended for the small venue it was held in.  The people both loved the crafts that were on sale and the craft beer that was served.

To top everything off the organizers of this festival held a competition for the best seasonal beer poured at the event.  The competition was judged by Rebecca Whyman, Chad McCarthy & Ken Beattie and the winning brewery won a a cool glass trophy as well as a handmade tap that will be designed and created by a noted local artist.

The winner of the award was Luppolo Brewing the brand new brewery on the block in Vancouver!


I hope that the fundraising was as was as successful as the event itself as it was a great time with a great mix of people some very new to craft beer and some that know the local industry inside and out.

Winter Cask Festival 2016 – Central City Brewing

On January 30th, 2016 (Saturday) Central City Brewing held their annual Winter Cask Festival.  This is probably the marquee cask event in BC and I was happy to once again attend.


This year the festival brought us 40 casks from breweries only found in British Columbia.  This years ticket got you a branded sample glass with three samples tokens.  More tokens could be purchased at the front desk.  Like years past many of the casks swung to the Imperial side of things which makes sense as most winter beers are higher in alcohol.

The Brew List

1 Black Kettle – Kentucky Uncommon
2 Brassneck – Old Money Mild
3 Bridge Brewing – Ambleside Amber Wassail
4 Dogwood – Organic Honey Giner and Ginseng
5 High Mountain Brewhouse – ISA
6 Howe Sound Brewing – Gathering Storm Cascadian Dark Ale
7 Moody Ales – Champions Scotch Ale
8 Phillips – Imperial Rye Lager
9 Red Collar – “Wobbly Bob” Dry Hopped English Strong Ale
10 Vancouver Island Brewing – Mid-Century West Coast Steam Beer
11 Big Ridge – Honey Saison
12 Spinnakers – Honey Muscle Saison
13 Big Rock Urban – The Muscles from Brussels
14 Townsite – Triple Red Power
15 Four Winds – Wild IPA Pepper Pot
16 Nelson – Bent Pole IPA
17 Russell – Barrel Soured Punch Bowl IPA
18 Whistler – Snow…White IPA
19 Driftwood – Old Cellar Dweller
20 Main Street – Barleywine
21 Powell Street – English Style Barley Wine
22 Steel & Oak – Barley Wine
23 Axe & Barrel – Winter Green Cocoa Porter
24 Callister – Midnight in Kentucky
25 Coal Harbour – Blackwing Baltic Porter
26 Fuggles & Warlock – Dark Cow Chocolate Milk Porter
27 Persephone – “Debris Slide” Oaked Chocolate Smoked Porter
28 Real Cask – India Export Porter
29 Bomber – Mocha Imperial Stout
30 Dead Frog – Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
31 Doan’s Craft Brewing – American Rye Stout
32 Old Yale Brewing – Fresh Chilli and Ghost Chilli Stout
33 Parallel 49 – Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
34 Red Truck – Swamp Thing Stout
35 Steamworks – Breakfast Stout
36 Deep Cove – Golden Sour
37 Moon Under Water – Oud King Crow 2015
38 R&B Brewing – Cherry Kettle Sour
39 Yellow Dog – Raspberry Sour Bruin
40 Central City Brewing – Mystery Cask

Like I mentioned before this is one of the best if not best Cask events in the entire province every year and it was not different this time.  The beer was great and the people attending were awesome.  I had great conversations that paired amazingly with the beer I was drinking.  I wish more places in BC would hold pure cask events to this scale.

My favourite beers of the night were a tie between two beers once again.

Moon Under Water – Oud King Crow 2015

Fuggles & Warlock – Dark Cow Chocolate Milk Porter

If you have never attended a cask festival or one of Central City Brewing’s amazing cask festivals then you need to change it up and attend.  Not only do you try great been but you will meet many new people that are really into Craft Beer.

Here are my full sized photos.



Tapped Vancouver (A Craft Beer and Cider Tasting) – Fighting Chance Productions

On Thursday January 21st, 2016 Fighting Chance Productions held what they hope to be the first of an annual fund raising event.  The event was called Tapped Vancouver and was held at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre.

The event began at 7pm and ran until 10pm in the evening.  All beer samples were included in the ticket price which is a nice change of pace for the Vancouver scene.  Like always I get to events before anyone else seems to so I have some early shots before the crowd arrived.  Its the best way to figure out what is being served before the crowds arrive.

From my memory the breweries involved were Bomber, Russel, Driftwood, Whistler, Black Kettle, Howe Sound, Parallel 49, Steamworks and Phillips.  There was also some cider on offer from Lonetree.

The main reason for this event was to raise money for Fighting Chance Productions so that they can continue to produce high end productions.  As a main way to raise money they did a silent auction that had all kinds of really interesting prizes inducing some alcohol, gift cards for brewery tours, artwork and some tickets to plays and a prize pack of Canucks tickets among other things.  Sadly I forgot to take photos of all the prizes (although that is probably good as then peoples contact info might be to public).


There was a really neat mix of people attending the event with a large portion of the crowd being in the theatre industry or big fans of theatre.  I was able to talk with a few of the directors of plays for Fighting Chance Productions which was really cool.  If you like theatre and didn’t make it out to the event make sure to check out what Fighting Chance Productions is currently showing as you may just really be interested in seeing it!


Here are my full sized photos.

Current plays from Fighting Chance Productions include:

Cats january 27th-February 7th, 2016 in White Rock and February 19-march 12, 2016 Vancouver

Facing East April 22 – May 14th, 2016 Vancouver

Virgins a Musical Threesome May 17th-21, 2016 Vancouver

Green Day’s American Idiot July 29tth, August 27th, 2016

Heathers The Musical July 28th, August 26th, 2016

Great Canadian Beer Festival 2015 – Victoria BC – September 12th

After missing last years Great Canadian Beer Festival it looked like a good time to reacquaint myself with the largest Beer Festival on Vancouver Island (and one of the largest in BC).   Like every year the festival was a two day event with a Friday that ran from 3pm-8pm and the Saturday Noon-5pm and was held at the Royal Athletic Park in Victoria.  Much like last time I was not able to make it out to the Friday event and only the Saturday because of work and bad/late planning on my part.  Tickets ran at $40 per day and you got a pamphlet with all of the breweries and beers available and a beer glass.  Beer tokens came in at a fairly average BC price of $1.5 which got you a 4oz pour of beer.


This years festival has reverted back to Canadian only Breweries with the vast majority being from British Columbia.  I personally like to bring in American breweries because its a good way to compare our brews to some of the most renowned in the world (but that’s just me).  There were still a ton of breweries at the festival with a total of 62.

The breweries in attendance:

33 Acres, Bad Tattoo, Barkerville, Big Rock(AB, BC), Bomber, Brasseurs Sans Gluten, Bridge Brewing, Cannery Brewing, Canoe Brewpub, Category 12, Central City Brewers & Distillers, Coal Harbour, Cumberland, Dageraad, Dead Frog, Deep Cove, Dieu Du Ciel, Doan’s Craft Brewing Company, Driftwood, Fernie, Four Mile, Four Winds, Fuggles & Warlock, Gladstone, Granville Island, Howe Sound, Hoyne, Les Trois Mousquetaires, Le Trou De Diable, Lighthouse, Axe & Barrel, Longwood, Merridale Cider, Mill Street, Moody Ales, Muskoka, Okanagan Springs, Parallel 49, Persephone, Phillips, Postmark, Powell Street, R & B, Red Arrow, REd Truck, Russell, Salt Spring Island Ales, Sherwood Mountain, Spinnakers, Stanley Park, Steam Whistle, Steamworks, Steel & Oak, Strange Fellows, Swans Brewpub, Tofino, Townsite, Tree Brewing, Unibroue, Vancouver Island, Wheelhouse, Wolf, Yellow Dog, Yukon.

With a selection of breweries as far north of Victoria as a 2,490km drive and as far East as 4,805km away this festival did a good job of bringing Canadian breweries out to share their beer!  In previous years I kept a log of the beers that I was enjoying but this year I decided against it.  I did take many photos of the beer I was enjoying but not all of them as I would hold up the line while doing it.

Once again the costumes were out in full force as well as the entertainment.  There were lots of familiar faces all around but there were so many people I knew were there but missed. This event is planned and executed very well and is a ton of fun but I found that there might have been to many people.  Some of the breweries had lines that you would be lucky if they only took you 10-15 minutes to get a beer sample.  Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks beat this with a line so long that I didn’t even say hi to the guys at the booth it stretched so long!  I hear the Friday event was much less crowded but I did not get to check that night out.

Full sized photos found here

Overall I had an epic time and I look forward to what next year has to offer!

Winter Cask Festival 2014 – Central City Brewing

On January 25th 2014 Central City Brewing held their annual Winter Cask Festival.

Central Winter -052

The pamphlet claims 30 casks from breweries in BC and the Northwest but this for the first time I can remember was not true.  This year every single cask was from BC and only BC.  Like always tickets ran you $30 and included 3 samples and a branded 4oz glass.  Extra samples were around a dollar a piece.  For the most part all 33 casks were very big on alcohol content as is expected with a winter cask festival.  It was great to be able to catch up with all of the different brewers that I have been able to get to know over the last year.  I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Sara and Chloe two amazing craft beer fans.  This year I did the impossible and tried every single cask.

Central Winter -053

The Brew List

1 Central City Brewers + Distillers & Camra – Mystery Cask
2 Mission Springs – McLennan’s Scotch Ale
3 Spinnakers – Hopscotch
4 Coal Harbour – IPA
5 Dead Frog – Fearless IPA
6 Old Yale – Sergeant’s Citrus
7 Phillips – Puzzler Imperial Belgian Black IPA
8 Big Ridge – West Coast Pale Ale
9 Deep Cove – Go Fuggle Yourself
10 Red Truck – Ale Dry Hopped
11 Big River – Bourbon Oaked ESB
12 Bridge Brewing – Nettle & Honey Red Ale
13 Persephone – Dry Hopped Red Ale
14 Central City Brewers + Distillers – Chocolate & Orange Porter
15 33 Acres – Melaco
16 4 Winds – Coffee & Cream Oat Porter
17 Russell – Estate Coffee Porter
18 Whistler Brewhouse – Oaked Brown Porter
19 Central City Brewers + Distillers – Vanilla Bean & Espresso Stout
20 Brassneck – Bourbon Barrel Aged Inertia
21 Hoyne – High Voltage Espresso Stout
22 Parallel 49 – Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
23 Steamworks – Rye Stout with Laphroaig
24 Cannery – Vanilla Nut Express
25 Driftwood – Old Cellar Dweller
26 Granville Island – Burly Goat Weizenbock
27 Green Leaf – Black & Tan Fantasy28 Howe Sound – Winter Ale
29 Lighthouse – The Bad Seed Farmhouse Quince Ale
30 Moon Under Water – Belgian Triple Wedding Ale
31 R&B – Ginger Beer
32 Storm – Orange Creamsicle
33 Yaletown – Jolly Hooligan

Central City Brewers + Distillers & Camra – Mystery Cask
Central Winter -002
Cumin? Spice not a favourite

Mission Springs – McLennan’s Scotch Ale
Central Winter -015

Spinnakers – Hopscotch
Central Winter -014
Dark Amber Colour
Caramel, Scotch Ale, hops bitter, pine

Coal Harbour – IPA
Central Winter -030

Malty, citrus, sweet, bitter

Dead Frog – Fearless IPA
Central Winter -029
Amber colour, off white head
citrus, pine, malts, sweet

Old Yale – Sergeant’s Citrus
Central Winter -028
Orange colour, off white head
pine, citrus, malts, full bodied

Phillips – Puzzler Imperial Belgian Black IPA
Central Winter -027
roasty malts, bitter smoke, mild hops bitterness

Big Ridge – West Coast Pale Ale
Central Winter -011
pale malts, citrus, orange, floral hops

Deep Cove – Go Fuggle Yourself
Central Winter -010
Cloudy amber colour, white head
citrus, floral hops, malty, citrus, tea, saison,

Red Truck – Ale Dry Hopped
Central Winter -023
copper orange colour, white head
malty, hops, citrus, orange

Big River – Bourbon Oaked ESB
Central Winter -031
earthy, citrus, rind, sweet, floral hops

Bridge Brewing – Nettle & Honey Red Ale
Central Winter -024
Deep Copper
malty, honey, nettle, amazingly sessionable

Persephone – Dry Hopped Red Ale
Central Winter -019
citrus, pine, malts, caramel, sweet

Central City Brewers + Distillers – Chocolate & Orange Porter
Central Winter -012
big roast, chocolate, orange, mild coffee

33 Acres – Melaco
Central Winter -050
roasty, sweet, vanilla, molasses, smokey

4 Winds – Coffee & Cream Oat Porter
Central Winter -025
Black brown colour
coffee, roasty, creamy, oats, semi sweet

Russell – Estate Coffee Porter
Central Winter -026
huge coffee, mild roasted malts

Whistler Brewhouse – Oaked Brown Porter
Central Winter -033
big roasted malts, creamy, mild, hops, sweet

Central City Brewers + Distillers – Vanilla Bean & Espresso Stout
my last beer and I missed a photo and only took the note tasty (oops)

Brassneck – Bourbon Barrel Aged Inertia
Central Winter -003
black opaque, brown head
bourbon, vanilla, roasty, bitter, coffee, cream

Hoyne – High Voltage Espresso Stout
Central Winter -021  Central Winter -022
Black opaque colour brown head
roasted coffee, peaty, vanilla

Parallel 49 – Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Central Winter -004  Central Winter -005
Bourbon, vanilla, roasted malts, bitterness, boozy

Steamworks – Rye Stout with Laphroaig
Central Winter -038

Cannery – Vanilla Nut Express
Central Winter -039
nut brown, vanilla, sweet

Driftwood – Old Cellar Dweller
Central Winter -020
Think double IPA, malty, citrus, sweet, boozy

Granville Island – Burly Goat Weizenbock
sweet, brown sugar, dark fruits, malts

Green Leaf – Black & Tan Fantasy
Central Winter -001
Black, brown head
roasty malt, coffee, chi, tasty

Howe Sound – Winter Ale
Central Winter -044
sweet malts

Lighthouse – The Bad Seed Farmhouse Quince Ale
Central Winter -006  Central Winter -007
cloudy yellow, white head
yeasty, wheat, citrus, very mild funk, lemon peel, wants to be sour

Moon Under Water – Belgian Triple Wedding Ale
Central Winter -042
sweet citrus, orange, candied sugar

R&B – Ginger Beer
Central Winter -043
sweet ginger, more bite than ginger ale

Storm – Orange Creamsicle
Central Winter -041
vanilla, orange, sweetness, malts

Yaletown – Jolly Hooligan
Central Winter -040
sweet candied sugar, dark malts, rum, oak

This was another great event put on by Central City.  Thanks again for holding this event again as it is one of the most celebrated event each year.

Full Sized photos can be found here

My Favourite beer of the night was a tie between two beers.

Bridge Brewing – Nettle & Honey Red Ale
Central Winter -024


Lighthouse – The Bad Seed Farmhouse Quince Ale
Central Winter -006  Central Winter -007

I look forward to the Summer Cask Festival!  If you have never been to one of these cask festivals before you really need to check this one or one like it out!  They are a ton of fun and a great way to meet like minded craft beer nuts.