Pop & Stop (Open – Drink – Seal)

Do you ever accidentally after a few to many beers open up a bottle and realize after you can’t drink it?  Or do you ever just want half of a big imperial beer?


Pop and Stop could just be your best option.  The Pop and Stop like the name would suggest is both a bottle opener and a bottle stopper and can even be attached to your key chain if you would like.

I popped open a bottle of Cannery Brewing Stumbling Goat to test out the device.  I poured half of the bottle and then stopped it and put it in the fridge.  Here is my photo from my first glass of beer.


The Pop and Stop slides onto the neck of the bottle.  I had to check out how well the stopper works.  It is so water tight that you can hold the bottle upside down and it will not leak or store it on its side if you need the room in your fridge.

Approximately 24 hours later I took the bottle out of the fridge and I poured it in my glass.

I did not pour the beer quite as vigorously but as can be seen the beer still have a great head on top.  The beer still tasted nice and fresh also.  I would not stop and opened beer for more than 24 hours personally but I am sure it could go longer if you wanted.

They even have a fun commercial.

The sales sheet speaks of the following features and benefits.

– Opens and Re-seals any beer bottle
– Keeps beer fresh and carbonated for over 72 hours
-Air-tight seal prevents spills at BBQs, camping trips
– Easy to use, hard to break, and keychain compatible
– Fully customizable with your logo and colors

I think this would be a great gadget for every beer drinker to have at least one of.  It even works on other glass bottles with a standard beer bottle neck.  Just don’t use it on a screw cap bottle as they warn it could cause breakage.  Check out the products website for more information!


here are the full sized photos.