Final Touch Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

As a lark I picked up the Final Touch Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit when I was at Cabela’s in Abbotsford.  I have drank beer out of more than one pumpkin at events that I have attended but never at home.  While the events I attended the taps were far more expensive than this one.  At around $20 Canadian you can’t really go wrong with this cheaper plastic option.

Accidentaly took a photo of the french side.

Basically all you have to do is hollow out your pumpkin or watermelon.  Once you have hollowed it out you use the coring tool that comes in the box to make an opening for the tap as seen in the first photo below.  The second photo shows the tap system in its three parts.  The next two are of the tap put together.

To fasten the tap system you push the front portion of the faucet through the pumpkin or watermelon ensuring the gasket is on the outside of the pumpkin.  Then you screw the back portion onto the back of that first piece.  From here you screw on the tap portion of the system onto the front faucet.  Once you have it all set up and you think you are ready to put liquids into it make sure to test it with water just in case.  When you are sure the tap is sealed pour your beer into the pumpkin or watermelon.  If you want to get serious about your tapped pumpkin purge your pumpkin with CO2 then pour the beer into it.  Let it sit in the fridge to take on some flavour of the pumpkin.

While I purchased this as a lark I really enjoyed how it became the center of a birthday party.  It even pours really well!

This can be used in both the Fall or Summer and can be used for all kinds of drinks other than beer.  Think vodka and watermelon, Witbeer and watermelon or even a fruit punch.  I am sure this won’t hold up over the long term but it was certainly cheap enough to make it worth pucking up and ting out.

Here are a few places to tick it up currently

Cabela’s Canada

Gourmet Warehouse

Bed Bath & Beyond