Shake Your Fruity Milkshake India Pale Ale – R&B Brewing

From Vancouver BC’s R&B Brewing comes the “Shake Your Fruity Milkshake India Pale Ale” the newest beer in their Mount Pleasant Series of beers.  The beer pours a cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of tons of fruit including orange, pineapple and berries with lactose.  The flavour is of lactose, orange, pineapple, tropical fruits, berries, citrus rind, mild resin, earth and some bitterness.  This beer has a ton of body from all of the oats used.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.3% with an IBU of 38.  The Milkshake IPA isn’t for everyone but I am a total convert.  Keep these fruit bombs coming with the nice sweet finish.

Commercial Description:  What is a Milkshake IPA?  It’s not just a clever name — these are hoppy beers, brewed with oats and lactose sugar in order to produce a thick, milky, sweet, and often fruity brew. To the beer world, this brew style resembles a classic milkshake.  Brewed with oats and apple puree for a soft and full body. Primary flavours are of juicy orange and pineapple.




Ursos Arctos Russian Imperial Stout – R&B Brewing

From Vancouver BC’s R&B Brewing comes the “Ursos Arctos Russian Imperial Stout”.  The beer pours an opaque black colour with a brown head.  The aroma consists of chocolate, roasted malts, toffee, sweetness, earth, ash and some smoke.  The flavour is of roasted malts, ash, smoke, chocolate, toffee, earth, sweetness and some alcohol.  The alcohol content comes in at 10.4% and an IBU of 85.  I am a big fan of the Russian Imperial Stout style and this one is very well made.  I will have to look into buying a few more bottles to age them in my cellar.

Commercial Description:  We wanted to produce a full flavored Russian Imperial Stout with complexity in dark malt character that was well balanced. The beer was produced using a double mash technique. Complexity of dark flavours was enhanced by a 12 hour boil time and two months of conditioning time. We are extremely happy with how this beer tastes right now, and it will continue to develop with aging in the bottle.


Dude Chilling Pale Ale – R&B Brewing

From Vancouver BC’s R&B Brewing comes the “Dude Chilling Pale Ale”.  The beer pours a light copper colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of grain, very malty, citrus and floral hops.  The flavour is of grain, citrus, tropical fruit, herbal and grassy hops with some good bitterness in the finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.2% with an IBU of 40.  The Pale Ale might not be the sexiest beer these days but this one has a ton of flavour and should be given a serious try!

Commercial Description:  Dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Centennial hops. A beautifully balanced, drinkable medium bodied go-to beer for those who crave hops. One of our new faves and a core brew that pairs well with food.  “Dude Chilling” is a celebration of our East Van neighbourhood and the naming our their own piece of nature. After thousands of residents basically told their municipal government to chill out, a city park now permanently sports a sign that reads:  “Dude Chilling Park.”


Celebrate Craft… Beer! 2016 – Vancouver

Craft Beer can sometimes help support other Crafts.  That is where this event “Celebrate Craft… Beer!” comes in.


Celebrate Craft… Beer! was held on Saturday November 5th between 7:30-10pm at Performance Works on Granville Island.  The event was held to raise funds for the delivery of the Craft Council of BC’s Craft Heritage & Me program for under-served youth.  Sixteen breweries showed up to pour their beers and help with this cause.  Here is the original list although Driftwood Brewery and Old Yale Brewing had to pull out due to differing issues.


Being an event about Crafts there were also many artists selling their products in the middle of the room.  Here is a sampling of what they were selling.

There was also a blind silent auction with lots of good prizes to be won.


This event was very well attended for the small venue it was held in.  The people both loved the crafts that were on sale and the craft beer that was served.

To top everything off the organizers of this festival held a competition for the best seasonal beer poured at the event.  The competition was judged by Rebecca Whyman, Chad McCarthy & Ken Beattie and the winning brewery won a a cool glass trophy as well as a handmade tap that will be designed and created by a noted local artist.

The winner of the award was Luppolo Brewing the brand new brewery on the block in Vancouver!


I hope that the fundraising was as was as successful as the event itself as it was a great time with a great mix of people some very new to craft beer and some that know the local industry inside and out.

Double India Pale Ale– R&B Brewing (R and B Brewing)

From Vancouver BC’s R&B Brewing comes the “Double India Pale Ale” the newest beer in their brand new Mount Pleasant Series of beers.  The beer pours a golden colour with a white head. The aroma consists of floral hops, citrus, melon, almost tropical and some caramel. The flavour is of melon, citrus, tropical, earth, resin, caramel, brown sugar sweetness, bitterness and some alcohol. The alcohol content comes in at 8.8% with an IBU of 70. I am a huge fan of the style and I am happy to see R&B jump into the ring with a tasty one.

Commercial Description:  A nicely complex IPA with a simple malt profile and deep hop aromas — brewed with Columbus, Centennial, Chinook, Vic Secret and Galaxy hops. The ale is double dry hopped to achieve hop aroma and flavours of citrus, tropical fruit, floral and resin, which gives this beer its specific flavour profile.