Rhubarb Wit – Big Rock Urban Brewery

From Big Rock Urban Brewery in Vancouver comes their seasonal the “Rhubarb Wit”.  The beer pours a cloudy golden orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of wheat, orange, citrus rind, yeast and maybe a hint of rhubarb.  The flavour is of orange, citrus, citrus rind, rhubarb, yeast, wheat, sweetness and a hint of tartness in the finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 12.  If you enjoy a good Wit this beer will be for you.  I wish the Rhubarb shone through more only because I am a huge fan of rhubarb but this is a really tasty wit and a great sip on a hot day!

Commercial Description:  This classic witbier is aged with rhubarb, lending a hint of sour tartness to subtle layers of orange peel and spice, all thrown into relief by the balanced bitter of a low hopping rate. A light bouquet or coriander and citrus crowns the faint undercurrent of rhubarb, unfiltered and echoed through to a delicate finish.


Lighthouse Brewing Co – Rhubie Rhubarb Ale

The Lighthouse Brewing Company of Victoria, BC has produced the Rhubie Rhubarb Ale. Brewed with Pilsner Malt, flaked wheat, hops (unspecified), Belgian Wheat Ale Yeast and organic Fraser Valley rhubarb this is meant to be a refreshing summer beer.

It has the look of a Pilsner, clear and straw yellow with a loose, white head. This just screams refreshing summer drink. The carbonation flows up beautifully, reinforcing the summery feel.

The malt aromas come through clear but light, giving it a Pilsner scent with some hints of wheat beer. Just a hint of sweetness on the nose and a bit of Belgian funkiness and just a hint of rhubarb at the end.

The flavours are light as a cloud and balanced beautifully. The rhubarb, Pilsner Malt and Belgian yeast all come to the fore ba using a play on tart, sweet and funky. The slight hops bitterness backs up the rhubarb and lets the tartness shine through a bit. The creamy mouthfeel reminds me of really good ice cream with a light tickle of champagne-fine carbonation on the back of the tongue.

This is a great, light summer beer that should be enjoyed on a sunny patio with a cobbler.