Roggenbier Rye Ale – R&B Brewing (R and B Brewing)

From Vancouver BC’s R&B Brewing comes the “Roggenbier Rye Ale” the first beer in their brand new Mount Pleasant Series of beers.  This one was originally released for September 2015 this beer is getting hard to find.  The beer pours an amber/brown colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of banana, clove, rye and a sweet finish.  The flavour is of rye, caramel, banana, clove, earth and a very mild hops presence.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 16.  I really do not know this style well so I can not compare it to many but I did enjoy this beer and would pick it up again if I saw it.

Commercial Description:  R&B is creating a new series! We’ve named it “The Mount Pleasant series” after the historical and modern day significance in Vancouver’s brewing scene and the diverse neighbourhood that we have been apart of for the last 18 years.  It will be a rotational program of limited releases offering a variety of new and interesting flavours throughout the year.  Roggenbeir is a modern recreation of a historical and traditional German rye beer brewed in the period before the Reinheitsgebot. The addition of rye imparts a spicy character to this deep copper coloured beer, while fermentation using a traditional German weissbier yeast in our unique horizontal tanks, promotes an aroma of earth, spicy clove and banana.


Red Rye Ale – Hearthstone Brewery

From Hearthstone Brewery in North Vancouver comes their “Red Rye Ale”. The beer poured a reddish brown colour with a tan head. The aroma consists of caramel, rye, sweetness and some floral hops. The flavour is of earth, resin, caramel, rye, fruit, some roasted malts and some hops bitterness. The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 40. Hearthstone Brewery keeps on bringing their A game and this beer is no different.

Commercial Description:  An easy drinking number good for all occasions and great with food.  The rye provides a smooth, slightly spicy, malt forward mout, backed up by a blend of Yakima Valley hops to compliment the malt with notes of pear, citrus and black pepper.


Rye IPA – Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

From the newest brewery in East Vancouver Doan’s Craft Brewing Company comes their “Rye IPA”.  The beer pours a golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of rye malts, earth and lots of piney hops.  The flavour is of rye malts, citrus, pine, earth and good hit of bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 6% with an IBU of 60.  This is a nice clean refreshing take on a Rye IPA and it is very drinkable.  I would love to have many of this beer in the future.

doansbrewing-rye ipa  IMG_20150610_145830

Dandy Hobo – Saltspring Island Ales

Limited Release

Coming from Salt Spring Island’s Saltspring Island Ales (Gulf Island Brewery) comes the “Dandy Hobo” a light golden rye ale that was brewed with fennel, cumin and caraway.  This limited release was only available for tastings and growler fills at the brewery.  The beer poured a light golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consisted of sweet fruits, spices, mild malts, fennel, caraway and some rye.  The flavour was of huge fruits up front with caraway, fennel, very mild spice from cumin, malts such as rye and a very mild tart finish.  The alcohol content came in at 5%.  This was a very refreshing ale and just as tasty as it was experimental!  I hope that this beer some day sees the light of day in a bomber release.


Triumph Cascadian Rye Ale – Coal Harbour Brewing Company

From Coal Harbour Brewing Company located in East Vancouver comes the “Triumph Cascadian Rye Ale”.  The beer pours a golden amber colour with a white head on top.  It smells of sweet malts and Rye.  The beer tastes of sweet malts and Rye with some fruitiness and hops to finish it off.  As the name suggests this beer is brewed with Rye and the Cascadian refers to the type of hops used.  This beer sits at 5.25% alcohol.  This is a very nice ale and well worth a look.