20th Birthday Suit (Sour Brown Ale) – Uinta Brewing Company

Limited Release

From Uinta Brewing Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah comes the “20th Birthday Suit (Sour Brown Ale)” a beer in their Crooked Line.  This beer was brewed in celebration of Uinta’s 20th Birthday.  The beer poured a dark brown colour with a tan head.  The aroma consists of roasty malts with some funk and tartness.  The flavour is of roasted malts, earthiness, funk, sour fruit, woody, toffee and lemon juice.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.4% with and IBU of 20.  This is a very interesting sour ale with lots of interesting flavours.

Commercial Description:  Brewed in celebration of Uinta’s 20th Birthday, this American Style Sour Brown Ale flaunts significant acidity balanced by flavorful Abbey and Chocolate malts and a modest amount of hops. A distinct tartness on the palate combines with notes of toffee and earthiness.


Hop Rising Double India Pale Ale – Squatters Pubs and Beers

From Salt Lake City Utah…. yes you saw that right I said Utah comes the “Hop Rising Double India Pale Ale” brewed by Squatters Pubs & Beers.  The beer pours a coppery orange with an off white head (warning when I cracked this beer it foamed like crazy).  The aroma consists of alcohol, sweet fruits, hops and malts.  The flavour is of sweet fruity citrus, caramel, hops bitterness, malts, pine, resin and a mild alcohol finish.  The alcohol content of this beer is 9% while the IBU comes in at 75.  Beer on tap in Utah can only be 4% by volume or 3.2% by weight by law
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Brainless Raspberries (Release #1) – Epic Brewing Company (Utah)

Limited Release

From Epic Brewing Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah (not to be confused with the brewery in New Zealand with the exact same name) comes their limited release bomber “Brainless Raspberries (Release #1)” a Belgian Style Golden Ale.  The ale pours a reddish/orange colour with a lightly pink head.  The aroma is basically just tart raspberry jam.  The flavour consists of tart raspberries, malty undertones with a decent sweetness and maybe a hint of yeast.  The alcohol content of this brew is 9.7% but you will not taste the alcohol or feel its warming effects.  This would be a great beer to have with your dinner but not one to drink larger quantities due to the sweetness.

Commercial Description:  We put our Brainless® Belgian-style golden ale into stainless steel tanks for 10-12 days with raspberry puree for a secondary fermentation.  Hints of raspberry bubble gum flavors from the Belgian yeast and fresh raspberries tease the pallet.  The raspberries give a generous color contribution including a trace of pink to the lacing, as well as a pleasant tartness that lasts until the final sip.


The Malts/Sugars/Fruits:  Premium Weyermann Pilsner, Ultra-Premium Muntons Maris Otter, Light Candy Sugar, Briess 2- Row Carapils Malt, Flaked Oats and Muntons Wheat Malt.
Raspberry puree
The Hops:  In the Boil: Premiant, Tettnang and Saaz