To pint, or not to pint (An Editorial)

I have been noticing a disturbing trend.  Here are my thoughts on the topic of serving sizes.

Like most people that enjoy craft beer I want to know the volume of beer in my glass when out at a pub or restaurant.  Some people may assume this is only due to a person wanting more beer per glass but this is not the case.  Being a cost conscious person it is always good to know the cost vs. volume for the beer you enjoy.  It may be priced well for a full 20oz pint but horribly expensive for a 12oz sleeve.  As such, I am a big supporter of Camra Vancouver’s F.U.S.S. Campaign (Fess Up to Serving Sizes) that pushes for licensee’s to post what their serving sizes are.  We as consumers want to know if we are getting a Pint (20oz) or one of many sizes of sleeves (12oz, 16oz etc.).  Recently I have noticed a shift in this movement from outside of Camra though that disturbs me.   More than a few people have taken to Twitter and Facebook and gone on the offensive.  If a pub, restaurant, brewery or café is not serving a full 20oz pint they head to social media to dissuade people from being patrons of these businesses until they start serving pints.  These people have missed the point of the campaign!  Not all beer should be served in a pint glass.  Beers such as Barley Wines and other big flavour, big alcohol beer are better enjoyed in smaller glasses and as such the proper glassware for the style are smaller.  The aim of a night out drinking craft beer for many is not to get drunk but to enjoy the many flavours and Nuances of these well-crafted ales and lagers.  As long as the price matches the serving size these businesses might actually be doing you a favour.  Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down to a few different glasses of beer?  Let’s stop causing issues for our local businesses championing craft beer.  If they serve a “pint” that is under 20oz make a FUSS but otherwise just enjoy your great beer and remember it was not that long ago we had to hunt for a high quality draft beer.

Camra Vancouver’s F.U.S.S reading material

What are your opinions on the topic?