Moody Ales – Smouldering Smoked Porter

Moody Ales from Port Moody BC has a new batch of their Smouldering Smoked Porter.

Opaque, black.  Flat out black that lets no light through at all with a dark brown head, almost cola coloured, of coarse bubbles.

I feel like I am sitting by a campfire as soon as my nose gets close to the glass, the nose is full of wood smoke.  After a few moments I find notes of unburned beechwood underneath along with a clean malt aroma.

The flavours are exactly what I want in a smoked porter.  There is an up front bitterness that comes more from the smoked malt that reminds me of char from a barbecue (think the grill marks on a steak).  Along with the bitter is great smoke flavour that makes you think of bacon in a skillet over a fire.  There is a sweet bass note that runs under everything that actually makes me think of candied bacon and wood aromas, maybe cedar, and balances against the bitter smoke really well.  The carbonation is a bit rough, which fits the profile of the beer very well. The mouthfeel is surprisingly light for such a dark beer, don’t expect a beer you could eat with a fork.

I love this beer.  The flavours are layered and complimentary, nothing is too overwhelming.  It is complex in a good way.image1 (1)

Cold Smoke (Smoked Porter) – Mt. Begbie Brewing Company

From Mt. Begbie Brewing Company in Revelstoke BC comes their “Cold Smoke (Smoked Porter)” their latest and very limited release.  The beer pours a deep amber colour (odd for a porter) with a tan head.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, sweetness, cherry and a mild smoke.  The flavour is of cherry, roasted malts, mild smoke, fruits, burnt coffee, toffee and a mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.5% with an IBU of 20.  It may not have looked super Porter like but it sure tasted great.  The smoke added some nice dimension without being strong.

Commercial Description:  Our new winter seasonal “COLD SMOKE” Porter was bottled yesterday! Now available in select cold beer stores and at the brewery! Hop into this Beechwood smoked, rich malty brown porter – the only friend you need on a powder day! 6.5%alc/vol, 20 IBU best served at 8c with roasted or BBQ food, soft cheeses and dark chocolate!


Smouldering Smoked Porter – Moody Ales

From Moody Ales out of Port Moody comes their “Smouldering Smoked Porter” a beer I acquired in their new 946ml crowler cans.  I poured this entire can into my brand new 56oz glass (what a great Christmas gift).  The beer poured a deep black with a big brown head with some lasting lacing.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, smoke and some caramel.  The flavour is of huge smoke, roasted malts, burnt coffee, wood, bitterness, chocolate and a mild dark fruit finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.9% with an IBU of 19.  I am not a huge fan of smoked beer but I thought I would give this one a chance.  It is not something I would drink every day but if you like a good smoked ale this would be a great choice.

Commercial Description:  Ever wanted to drink the char marks on your steak?  Now you can!  Our Smouldering Porter contains copious amounts of beechwood smoked malts and is fermented with a clean yeast to showcase the smoky aromas of barbecued meats and wood fire.  It is equally well suited to the summer, where it pairs well with charred red meat, and the winter, where it pairs well with the fireplace.


Four Winds Brewing Company – Delta BC

Calling all Delta Residents you now have your very own Craft Brewery!  Run out and check them out!


On June 1st 2013 the brand new Four Winds Brewing Company opened its doors to the public.  Located in South Delta it is a prime location for people that also live in Richmond and Tsawwassen.  On opening they had 6 draft beer and one cask beer for sampling.  The staple beers were a Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and Saison.  The seasonal beers were Smoked Porter, Wit Bier and a Wild Flower Saison and the cask was an IPA with Douglas Fir.  Currently the only way to purchase their beer is at the brewery using Growlers (1.89L) bottle and a Boston Round or Mini Growler (1L).  Bombers will be available in the near future (Rumor was July).  Current prices are $11.5 for a growler fill, $5 for a glass or beer or $5 for a flight of 4 beer.  A new Growler bottle is $5 and they will fill anyone’s growlers not just their own.

From what I have tried so far I can tell this will be a great new addition to our local brewing landscape.  I look forward to coming back and talking with the Brewmaster and the staff at the brewery as it was a mad house for the opening!  Keep up the good work guys.  Do yourself a favour and take a drive, taxi or bus to the brewery and enjoy their wonderful beer!

Read more about Four Winds Brewing here

Four Winds Brewing Company
# 4 – 7355 72nd Street
Delta, BC Canada
V4G 1L5
Phone (604) 940-9949

The Big Smoke – 8 Wired Brewing

O’hare’s Beer Club December 2012 Box

From 8 Wired Brewing out of Blenheim, New Zealand comes the “The Big Smoke” a smoked porter.  The beer pours a dark brown/black with an explosive brownish head that just builds and builds!  The aroma consists of smoke, roasted malts and some understated chocolate.  The flavour is comprised heavily of smoke with roasted malts, chocolate and hops rounding out the flavour.  The alcohol content of the porter is 6.2% with an IBU of 40.  I am personally not a fan of smoked beer and as such was not huge on this beer.  That being said this beer has won many awards and has a 95 rating on  If you like smoked beer I hear this is an amazing brew!

Commercial Description:  We’ve taken our best porter recipe and added a good measure of that same Bamberg Rauchmalz. The smoke mingles beautifully with the rich, dark roasted chocolate flavours of the porter without being overpowering. Although it pairs extremely well with smoked seafood, barbeques, strong cheeses and hearty stews, its food friendliness isn’t limited to savouries; chocolate and caramel based deserts are great companions too! Trust us; it really isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Hops: Southern Cross and Willamette
Malt:  Bamberg Smoked, Gladfield Pale, Crystal, Carafa Special, Black Patent and variables
Yeast: Wyeast 1272 – All American Ale

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:  Smoked fish, strong cheeses, heavy stew, chocolate.

Click here to check out the December Box

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