Bourbonic Plague (2011 Project) – Cascade Brewing

From Portland Oregon’s Cascade Brewing comes their “Bourbonic Plague (2011 Project)” a North West Sour Ale (porter) consumed in late 2014.  The beer pours a cloudy deep brown with a very small tan head.  The aroma consists of sweet cherries, dates, vanilla and big tartness.  The flavour is of sweet cherries, dates. (very fruity), vanilla, spices, oak, earthy, some roasted malts, leather, tobacco and a sour tart finish.  The alcohol content comes in at a big 11.5%.  This beer is by far the most approachable of any Cascade Brewing beer that I have had.  It was sour to be sure but not as sour as any other beer Cascade Brewing has in their lineup.  This beer is worth every penny and I wish I had more of it!

Commercial Description:  This NW style sour ale is a blend of spiced double porters thta were aged up to 18 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels before aging on dates and spices for up to an additional 12 months.  Complex aromas of dark malts and spices combine with sweet vanillin and notes of Bourbon.  Rich Bourbon, vanillin and dark fruits with notes of dates, oak, leather and tobacco dance on the palate.  Tart dark fruits and a warming Bourbon flavour finish this off as only Bourbonic can.


De Witte – Dageraad Brewing

Seasonal Release

From Dageraad Brewing out of Burnaby BC comes their “De Witte” a sour fermented Belgian Witbier.  The beer pours a cloudy golden yellow with a white head.  The aroma consists of citrus and orange peel up front with bready wheat malts, coriander and other spices and a mild sour funkiness.  The flavour is of bready wheat, orange peel, citrus, coriander, spices and a mild sourness from lactobacillus.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.2%.  I do not remember having very many sour Wit’s but this is a really integrating beer.  It takes a good summer style ale and gives it just that much more intriguing!

Commercial Description:  De Witte is a flavourful summer beer brewed in the tradition of the while ales of the Flemish Brabant.  Made with malted and unmalted wheat, seasoned with orange peel and coriander and fermented with Belgian yeast and lactobacillus.  De Witte is complex on the palate, with a refreshing, tart finish.


Strawberry (2012 Project) – Cascade Brewing

From Portland Oregon’s Cascade Brewing comes their “Strawberry (2012 Project)” an American wild ale or sour ale.  The base beer for Strawberry is a Wheat Ale.  The beer pours a very cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of mild strawberries, wheat and mild tartness.  The flavour is of tart strawberries, sour, wheat, oak and yeasty notes.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.1%.  This is not anywhere as powerfully sour as most Cascade beers.  This is an amazing sour to be consumed on a patio in the summer!

Commercial Description:  This NW style sour is a crisp, refreshing wheat beer that was barrel-aged for seven months then additionaly aged with strawberries for another eight months. Bright, sweet strawberries and light candy notes greet you in the nose. A light tartness and berry sweetness intermingle on the palate, giving way to a light, sparkling fresh berry tartness in the finish. It is better as a breakfast beer or a dessert? You decide.

cascade strawberry IMG_20140413_174504

Glacial Mammoth Extinction – Storm Brewing (Unaged)

Limited Edition

From one of my favourite mad scientists James from Storm Brewing in East Vancouver comes  his “Glacial Mammoth Extinction”.  This is a 30% alcohol flanders red ale that was released for the Alibi Room‘s #500 tap list.  This is a beer that is brewed to a high alcohol content and then freeze distilled to remove water and increase alcohol content.  A large portion of this beer has now been transferred into barrels for long term aging!  The beer was only poured in 1oz tasters  as it is meant to be sipped in small amounts more like a fine whiskey than a beer.  The beer pours a ruby red colour with a small off white head.  The aroma consists of sour and tartness with some cherries, dark fruits and a very mild boozy aroma.  The flavour is surprisingly not as big as you would expect but consists of sour and tart notes with cherries, berries, dark fruits, fruit juice and a very mild alcohol warmth.  This beer may have an alcohol content at a soaring 30% but it does not taste any more boozy than maybe a 10% alcohol Imperial.  This is one of the best crafted sour ales that I have ever had and I look forward to the aged edition in a year or three!

Description from Alibi Room’s #500 Tap List:  Holy shit, ready for this??  Storm Brewing “Glacial Mammoth Extinction”.  WTF is that?  We here your cry.  Well, it’s a “freezed distilled sour”.  It’s 30% A.B.V.!  And will be served 1oz at a time for $5.00 (tell @knightafter if he wants a 20oz sleeve of it, to just let us know.  It will probably shut him up… forever)

storm glacial mammoth exrinction IMG_20140310_200535

Bird Of Prey 2014 – Driftwood Brewing

From Victoria BC’s Driftwood Brewing comes the “Bird Of Prey” a re-release of Driftwood’s first every Sour Ale a Flanders Red Ale.  The original release came out in November 2011 and started their Bird Of Prey series of Sour Ales.  This version was released in February 2014.  This Flanders Red Ale pours a deep amber/red with an off white head.  The aroma consists of sweetness, sour cherries, fruits, oak and mild funkiness.  The flavour is of grape must, sour cherries, oak, tannins, candies, mild funky sourness.  The beer comes in at an alcohol content of 7.5%.  I think this beer will be amazing in a year or two with aging.  Currently the flavours a muted and a bit  muddled much like many very young sours.  I have 5 bottles of this beer put away so I will keep everyone up to date on how this beer ages.  I recommend picking up a few bottles and aging them.

Commercial Description:  The return of the original Bird of Prey from Driftwood Brewery’s Wild Ale series, this sour ale was inspired by a Coopers Hawk that took residence in the brewery for 24 hours in November 2011. Brewed in its honour, this very unique sour beer has been conditioned in a mix of American and French oak wine barrels for a year, creating a dry, sour & funky profile that will continue to evolve in the bottle for a very long time.