Cherry IPA – Strathcona Beer Company

From Strathcona Beer Company in Vancouver comes their “Cherry IPA” a Cascadian Dark Ale.  The beer pours a deep black with a brown head.  The aroma consists of mild roasted malts, cherry and floral hops.  The flavour is of roasted malts, ash, earth, cherries, sweetness and medium bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.3%.  I was surprised this was a Black IPA as it didn’t say it on the can but I enjoyed this one for sure.

Strathcona Gold – Strathcona Beer Company

From Strathcona Beer Company in Vancouver comes their “Strathcona Gold” a Belgian Ale.  The beer pours an copper colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of caramel, bubblegum, fruits and yeast.  The flavour is of caramel malts, yeast, fruit, bubblegum, sugar, with some alcohol and bitterness in the flavour.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.6% with an IBU of 32.  This beer is on the the sweeter side for me but if you enjoy a beer that sits more on that side you should enjoy this one.

Commercial Description:  The Belgian Gold is a complex and powerful ale but the flavouring is still delicate, made up of fruit, spice and estery tastes. The aroma is also spicey and fruity that comes from the Tettnanger hops, part of the Czech Saaz hops family.

Strathcona Beer Company – Vancouver

Vancouver once again has a new brewery.  This time it is Strathcona Beer Company and it has opened up in the Vancouver neighborhood that bears the same name.


Walking in the tasting room you find a beautifully designed space.  They have lots of tables and bar space that will be well used when they get their lounge license.  They have two bars set up one for having beer on site with the second one off to the side for growler fills.  You are also able to pick up some of their very original 40oz bottles of their Strathcona Golden  Belgian Ale.  They also have a kitchen with some food options.  If you are into swag then they have you covered there also.  They even sold some branded skateboard decks.

I was lucky enough to run into the head brewer Michael “Fezz” Nazarec who is also the host of Beer the Show while visiting and he gave me a tour of the brewery.   They have a 25HL brew system that is housed in view of the windows that are located behind the bar.   After looking at the brew house we headed over to the cold room where we saw their serving tanks and kegs.  We then checked out their tank farm where we were told there are plans of a large tank to fit between the two rows of tanks as seen in the 8th photo to house their lager they plan on making.  Photos 9 and 10 show their bottling setup for the 40oz bottles.  The last photo shows their future yest lab that they hope to have up and running sooner than later.

Here are my photos of their 40oz bottles.  I don’t know why but I keep hearing a Sublime song in my head when I see these bottles.

Strathcona Beer Company hopes you will take some time to check them out soon.


Strathcona Beer Company
895 East Hastings Street
Vancouver BC, V6A 1R8
Phone: 778.379.9050

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