Wobbly Bob English Strong Ale – Red Collar Brewing

From Red Collar Brewing in Kamloops in the Okanagan comes their “Wobbly Bob English Strong Ale”.  The beer pours a copper colour with a beige head.  The aroma consists of biscuit, mild fruit, floral hops and sweetness.  The flavour is of biscuit, plums, toffee, brown sugar, bitterness, earth and sweetness.  The alcohol content comes in at 10.6% with an IBU of 66.  Not quite like other English Strong Ales I have had but I would not hesitate to drink more of this if I found more.

Commercial Description:  A New World take on a classic English style.  A trifecta of Pacific Northwest Hops, Centennial, Comet and Cascade, are combined with rich biscuit and malt flavours.  Balance is key to this golden brew through one should heed our warning; this ale packs a wallop!


Dark Strong Ale – Old Abbey Ales

From Old Abbey Ales the new brewery on the block in Abbotsford comes their “Dark Strong Ale”.  The beer pours a deep almost ruby brown colour with a light brown head.  The aroma consists of dark fruits, candied sugar and a sweet toffee finish.  The flavour was of dark fruits, candied sugar, bananas, sweetness and an earthy finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 9% and an IBU of 26.  This is a solid beer to be launching a brewery with with a ton of flavour and a fairly smooth finish for a 9% beer.  I look forward to when the bottle conditioned beers start to arrive in stores.


English Strong Ale – 4 Mile Brewing Co

From the newest brewery in Victoria BC 4 Mile Brewing CO comes their “English Strong Ale”.  The beer pours a deep amber colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of roasty malts, sweet dark fruits, nuts and candied sugar.  The flavour is of burnt malts, caramel, sweetness, dark fruits, nuts and a piney hops bitterness.   The alcohol content comes in at 6.9% with an IBU of 50.  Being the very first beer that I have tasted from this brewery I am quite interested in trying more of their brews.  This was a very well crafted beer with lots of flavour and calls for you to pick up more bottles in the future.

Commercial Description:  A robust nutty whack of the full-on strong personalities of malts and hops. There’s a bit of a wrestling match going on to see who’s nuttier, but they decide on a harmonious truce, and call for an alliance of flavours where no one is the conqueror and everybody wins. This beer can tango with a mellow pork pie, but it will also head-butt with the bold spice of Jerk chicken. If called upon it will make that last piece of stale dried-up pizza taste frigging amazing.


Utopias 2013 – Samuel Adams

Limited Edition
Bottle 6,561 of less than 15,000

From Samuel Adams out of Boston Massachusetts comes the Holy Grail of most beer nerds “Utopias” 2013 Vintage (also the most expensive beer to date).  This beer destroys your perception of what a beer is as not only is it uncarbonated but it is also 28% alcohol and is a blend of beers some of which have been aged in barrels for up to or more than 20 years!  This years edition has been aged in Bourbon barrels, 8 year old port barrels and rum barrels and the finished product is blended together with a small amount of their beer the Komsic Mother Funk.  Before you pour this beer understand it is not meant to be refrigerated and should be served at room temperature.  The beer pours a ruby brown colour and as mentioned is uncarbonated.  The aroma begins with alcohol up front with whiskey, vanilla and some sweet fruits.  The flavour is of huge malts, maple syrup, toffee, plums, cherries, butterscotch, chocolate, honey, vanilla, salt, rum, port, bourbon with a good sweetness.  This beer is quite viscus and feels almost more like a syrup than a brew.  The beer has a strong alcohol warmth and a medium alcohol flavour in the finish.  To say this beer is tasty would be the understatement of the year!  This is a game changer in the brewing industry as not only is is amazingly flavourful but it is also a beer that is brewed to an amazingly strong 28% (IBU is 25).  This beer does not use any gimmicks such as freeze distilling to achieve the alcohol content.  This beer tastes as good as high end Cognac and sherry.

Malts:  Two-row, pale malt, caramel 60, munich
Hops:  Hallertau Mittelfruh, Tettnang Tettnager
Special Ingredents: Maple Syrup, Komsic Mother Funk

Commercial Description:  Utopias is brewed using traditional methods. The brewers begin with a blend of two-row Caramel and Munich malts that impart a rich, deep amber color. Noble hops – Hallertau Mittelfrueh, Spalt Spalter and Tettnang Tettnanger – are also added to lend complexity and balance. During fermentation, several yeast strains are used, including one normally reserved for champagne. The beer is then blended with a variety of different brews, some of which have been aged in different wood barrels for more than 20 years. As a result of the blending and aging, Utopias invokes the flavors of a rich vintage Port, fine Cognac, or aged Sherry while feeling surprisingly light on the palate.

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Brazen Northwest Ale – Dead Frog Brewing

Limited Release

Well Tony is back at it again at Dead Frog Brewing in Aldergrove BC with the “Brazen Northwest Ale” a Strong Ale available as part of Dead Frog’s new and improved bomber series. The beer pours a deep copper/brown colour with a tan head. The aroma consists deeply of malts, with citrus and floral hops filling it out. The flavour is of semi sweet malts, citrus, pine, mild chocolate and a huge addition of hops bitterness. The alcohol content of the beer is 7.5% and the IBU is 81. This is a very good Strong Ale that packs a punch in every way but is an enjoyable sip.   Just be careful where you drink this brew as you do not want to be bare with a bear in the hot tub!

Commercial description: Our Brazen Northwest Ale is a celebration of all the things we love about beer in the Northwest. Massive hops and a complex malt base combine to make a perfectly balanced brew that is crafted for the brazen. This dark red ale features an enticing citrus and pine aroma from massive helpings of Simcoe and Columbus. The hop flavour is bold but balanced by a deep, complex malt base with slight hints of caramel that transition to chocolate. The brew is topped off by 81 IBU’s of glorious bitterness.

Malts: Cara 60, Chocolate, Munich, Northwest Pale Ale, Special B
Hops: Columbus, Nugget, Simcoe
Ingredients: Water, malted barley, hops, yeast

IMG_00000113  IMG_00000116