The Twelve Beers of Christmas – 8 – Steamworks Brewing Blitzen

(Steamworks Brewing is located in Yaletown, Vancouver added my Mike G)

My Eight Beer of Christmas is Vancouver’s Steamworks Brewing’s Blitzen, simply described as Strong Beer.

With a pleasant, pilsner-like golden colour and foamy white head this beer is deceiving as neither the nose nor the flavour are pilsner.

The nose is more IPA than anything with heavy hop bitterness and citrus coming off the head and a slight pine on e the head dissipates.

The flavours are something else again with a round, almost buttery mouthfeel leading into key lime flavours backed by bitter hops. There is an almost bubblegum flavour that follows and a pleasantly piney aftertaste. There are hint of weizen throughout though I found them hard to pin down. All of the flavours come off a touch muddled but pleasant.

Imperial India Pale Ale (for Autism) – Red Racer Brewing (Dec 18, 2014)

Beer Advent Calendar 2014

Updated review to reflect new “Imperial IPA for Autism” special edition.
Updated again for the rebrand as Red Racer Brewing as part of the Beer Advent Calendar 2014

From Red Racer Brewing (Central City Brewers and Distillers) in Surrey comes the “Imperial India Pale Ale” this version is the Charity version “Imperial IPA for Autism” with $5 per bottle going to Autism research.  This beer is a award winning beer available in 650ml bottles.  The beer pours a deep amber with a white head.  The smell of the beer is of strong hops, pine, citrus, mango and caramel malts.  The flavour is fairly malty forward with lots of caramel malts with lots of fruity notes inducing citrus, mango, pine, resin earthiness and lots of hops bitterness.  The finish of this beer is both sweet and bitter.  the beer has an IBU of 90 and an alcohol content of 9.0% and packs a punch.  This is a very tasty India Pale Ale if you enjoy a nice bitter North West IPA’s.  This special edition bottle coming out in February/March 2013 is a great cause and should get everyone out to buy it!

Commercial Description:  Red Racer Imperial IPA is dry hopped with whole leaf hops from the Yakima Valley, combined with Maris Otter English barley, which is floor-malted in age old tradition. A long maturation ensures plenty of flavour, with strong aromatics of grapefruit, tangerine and mango.

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:Salty cured meats, big strong cheeses.

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Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown 2014

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Baltic Porter – Uncommon Brewers

From Santa Cruz California’s Uncommon Brewers comes the “Baltic Porter” found locally in single tall cans.  This porter pours a deep black with a brown head.  This beer smells of sweet malts, licorice and anise.  The flavor is amazing with coffee, licorice, malts and anise with a slight hint of hops.  The beer comes in at an alcohol content of 7.8%.  Being a lover of actual licorice I was a fan of this beer and would recommend it to any fan of porters or dark beer in general.

as Uncommon Brewers says this is an “Uncommon beer for uncommon people”.

Trappistes Rochefort 10 – Brasserie de Rochefort

Located in the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy is the Brasserie de Rochefort brewery near Rochefort in Belgian.  This is a Trapist monastery and as such makes trapist beer such as this “Trappistes Rochefort 10”.  The beer pours an orange brown with an off white head.  This beer has a great aroma of alcohol and darker fruits.  There is a ton of flavor to this beer including fruit, yeast, malts, woody smokiness and a slight alcohol taste that has a slight burn down the throat just like a hard liquor.   This beer is not too sweet and has a really nice flavor.  The alcohol content of this beer is quite high at 11.3%.  I did see some sediment in the bottle but it was not an issue.


Trois Pistoles – Unibroue

From Chambly Quebec’s Unibroue comes the “Trois Pisatoles” a Belgian Style Ale.  This beer pours a deep reddish brown with an off white head.  The aromas given off are of dark fruits, caramel and yeast.  The flavor is pretty complex with lots of malts, dark fruits some yeast and a slight bit of hops and alcohol bite to finish it off.  The alcohol content of this beer is quite hight at 9% but it is not all that noticeable.  The beeradvocate website rated it with a 93/100 and the Bros from that site gave it 100/100 so it is no slouch.