Vancouver Canadians partner with Northam Beverages in 2015

Are you a fan of the Boys of Summer?  Vancouver’s favourite Summer hangout is at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium and the Vancouver Canadians.


Single A baseball has taken off in Vancouver in the last few years with sold out games almost every time they play.  It only makes sense that the Canadians would catch on to the craft beer boom and sign a new beverage deal.  In steps Northam Beverages with their portfolio of alcoholic beverages.

Photo from Vancouver Canadians website.

For the craft beer lovers out there you will now find all kinds of Whistler Brewing beer on tap and in bottles.  You will also find a few different Hard Iced Tea’s and Ciders.

Here is a list of the expected drinks that will be available for purchase this season.

Whistler Beer
Powder Mountain Lager
Whiskey Jack Ale
Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale
Bear Paw Honey Lager
Lonetree Cider
Authentic Dry Cider

Whistler Beer – 355 ml cans
Bear Paw Honey Lager
Fox Tail Red Ale
Powder Mountain Lager
Whiskey Jack Ale
Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale
Hey Y’All – 341 ml cans
Original Southern Style Hard Iced Tea
Georgia Peach Iced Tea (tbc)
Monsoon Tropical Island Vodka Coolers – 355 ml cans
Guava Melon Mist
Passion Mango Spritz (tbc)
Lonetree Cider – 355ml cans
Authentic Dry Cider
Ginger Apple Dry Cider (tbc)

So make sure you pick up your tickets for some great baseball and beer all under the Summer sun!

Box Office Number 604.872.5232

Press Release

Vancouver Canadians Quench Thirst with New Beverage Deal for Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium
Northam Beverages cements long-term serving rights partnership with Canadians

Vancouver, BC – The Canadians are warming up to 2015’s season opener, and soon concession stands will be stocked with a brand that’s making waves in BC and beyond. The C’s have secured a long-term serving rights partnership with BC-based Northam Beverages, and baseball aficionados will toast to home runs with a widened
 selection of beers and ciders

The three-time Northwest League Champions have their sights set on another title, but a season that makes moves off the field is also an intrinsic part to the stadium’s growth. Sushi mascot races, dance routines, themed-nights and exceptional partnerships with local brands and beverage companies all contribute to the impact and essence of this iconic baseball club.

“We have been building a close relationship with Andy Dunn and the Vancouver Canadians for nearly 5 years now,” says Bruce Dean, President and Founder of Northam Beverages. “We share close values as businesses and we deeply respect the family entertainment and traditional values that the Canadians and Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium bring to Vancouver. We could not be prouder than to cement a long-term relationship with the Canadians and Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.”

Bold and satisfying, Northam’s flagship brands, Whistler Beer and Lonetree Cider are guaranteed to be fan favourites. Whistler Brewing offers a wide variety of beer thirst-quenchers, from North American style lagers, to hop-forward India Pale Ales. The dry cider recipe of Lonetree Cider is an authentic beverage that’s winning the hearts of the BC market.

Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium partners with the absolute best, never sacrificing quality. Supporting local brands is a movement that the C’s are proud to be a part of and it’s these types of relationships that work especially well. As a BC-based company, Northam Beverages understands what it takes to meet local needs, specifically at the stadium.

“We’re passionate about strengthening our relationships with local, BC-based companies,” says Canadian’s president Andy Dunn. “Championing these brands is something we take deep pride in. Northam Beverages shares our vision and we love pouring our fans brands that are close to home,” adds Dunn.

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About the Vancouver Canadians
The Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club is a proud affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays organization and remain one of Canada’s most recognizable sports brands.  Since 1978, the Canadians have played out of historic Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium and
are locally owned and operated by Jake Kerr and Jeff Mooney. Winners of the John H.
Johnson President’s Trophy for MiLB’s most “complete” franchise, the Canadians are also three-time Northwest League Champions (2011-2013).

About Northam Beverages
Northam Beverages proudly produces and manages a wide collection of local craft and premium international beers, as well as select wine brands, vodka coolers and apple ciders. Its most widely recognized brands include Whistler and Warsteiner Beers, Lonetree Authentic Dry Cider and Monsoon Tropical Island Vodka Coolers. Northam Beverages offers a wide range of beer styles and authentic dry ciders made with real apples from old growth orchards in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. 



Lighthouse Brewing Co – Rhubie Rhubarb Ale

The Lighthouse Brewing Company of Victoria, BC has produced the Rhubie Rhubarb Ale. Brewed with Pilsner Malt, flaked wheat, hops (unspecified), Belgian Wheat Ale Yeast and organic Fraser Valley rhubarb this is meant to be a refreshing summer beer.

It has the look of a Pilsner, clear and straw yellow with a loose, white head. This just screams refreshing summer drink. The carbonation flows up beautifully, reinforcing the summery feel.

The malt aromas come through clear but light, giving it a Pilsner scent with some hints of wheat beer. Just a hint of sweetness on the nose and a bit of Belgian funkiness and just a hint of rhubarb at the end.

The flavours are light as a cloud and balanced beautifully. The rhubarb, Pilsner Malt and Belgian yeast all come to the fore ba using a play on tart, sweet and funky. The slight hops bitterness backs up the rhubarb and lets the tartness shine through a bit. The creamy mouthfeel reminds me of really good ice cream with a light tickle of champagne-fine carbonation on the back of the tongue.

This is a great, light summer beer that should be enjoyed on a sunny patio with a cobbler.


Weizen Heimer – Half Pints Brewing

Limited Brew

From Winnipeg Manitoba’s half Pints Brewing Company comes their Summer seasonal “Weizen Heimer” a Hefeweizen.  The beer pours a golden yellow with a white head.  The aroma consists of yeast, wheat, banana and an overall sweetness.  The flavour is of banana up front with a good sweetness, citrus wheat and an very mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at a respectable 5% with an IBU of 13.  This is a well crafted wheat ale and should be enjoyed on a hot summers afternoon in Winnipeg or anywhere you can get your grubby mits on it!

Commercial Description:  Nothing beats kicking back on the deck at the cabin and taking in a classic Manitoba sunset. Our Hefeweizen captures that jovial atmosphere with a hazy golden body from a blend of wheat, two-row pale, and Munich malts. German style hops balance the fruity wheat malts with a light, spicy character. Finally, clove and banana aromas fill the air due to the specially selected yeast culture.

Food pairings as per the brewery:  Try it with a light meal of grilled bratwurst, hot mustard, and potato salad.


Summer Daze Saison – Russell Brewing

Limited Release

From Surrey BC’s Russell Brewing Company comes their new limited release the “Summer Daze Saison”.   This saison pours a golden yellow colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of wheat, yeast, citrus and clove.  The flavour was of wheat, yeast, citrus, pepper and some sweetness.  The alcohol content of this brew is 6% with an IBU of 30.  This was a very well crafted saison and is worth of anyone picking it up for a try!

Commercial Description:  Purposely brewed on a sunny day with the weekend in mind. Crafted in the Belgian farmhouse tradition using Belgian Pilsener malt, special aromatic malt, wheat malt and a touch of clear Belgian candy syrup, balanced with German Hallertau hops. Our Summer Daze is dry to the finish with great hop character throughout and a slight peppery nose. Kick back, relax and enjoy!


Banana Hammock Summer Hefeweizen – Parallel 49 Brewing

Coming out of East Vancouver’s Parallel 49 Brewing comes the brand new “Banana Hammock” Summer Hefeweizen.  This summer Hefeweizen pours a cloudy straw colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of wheat, banana, clove and yeast.  The flavour is of wheat, clove, banana and yeast.  All banana flavour comes from the yeast and is not added as some have been asking around.  The alcohol content of this brew is 6% while the IBU is 8.  I am not sure if I approve of most banana hammocks but this is one that I can get behind!  This beer is very tasty and should be enjoyed by all that can!

Commercial Description:  Why don’t bananas like getting sun burnt? Because they peel. Ok, the joke may be bad, but this unfiltered, German-style wheat beer with notes of cloves and banana-like esters is very good. We swear.

IMG_00000867  IMG_00000878