Middle Man Marzen (growler fill) – Foamer’s Folly Brewing

Foamer’s Folly Brewing in Pitt Meadows, BC gives us their Middle Man Marzen.

The beer is a deep red-amber, very clear with light carbonation bubbles visible. The head is light tan and dense.

The nose is heavy on malt with that distinct German “beer-y” smell of mashed grains with a slight boozy backbone. No hops are detectable on the nose but the malt aromas are deep and inviting.

Hops are much more distinct on the first sip with an herbaceous, celery bitterness pairing against subtly sweet malt and toasted biscuit flavours. The hop flavours hang on forever while the malt fades fairly quickly.

Crisp and fresh this makes a good sipper. The hops linger too long to session this Marzen but with a good bratwurst or salty pretzel this would be perfect.

Eureka Pale Ale (Single Hop Series #3) – Persephone Brewing Company

Persephone Brewing out of Gibsons BC has started up a single hop series recently.  The third beer in this series is the “Eureka Pale Ale” a series where the beer recipe will only be altered at the hops level.  I can not find any information on Eureka hops so I can not look up what to expect from this hop.  The beer pours an orange copper colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of floral hops, tropical and sweet malts.  The flavour is of earth, caramel, tropical fruit, orange, sweetness, pine, mild bitterness and some resin in the finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%.  Once again this was a great pale ale with lots of flavour.


Central City Brewing and Elysian Brewing – Collaboration Brew I-5 Amarillo Ale

A collaboration brew between Surrey, BC’s Central City Brewing and Seattle, WA’s Elysian Brewing we are given the I-5 Amarillo Ale.

We drink first with our eyes so the look of the beer is important.  It has to catch our eye and make us want to drink it.  The I-5 has a nice orange-amber hue and thick, off-white head.  Clear, with a little light carbonation showing the little bright orange highlights that come out when held to the light really draw you into this beer.

Heavily citrus on the nose, you can smell sweet oranges, like Valencia or mandarin oranges and something a little more uncommon, maybe pomello.  Some nice spice notes come off of this beer as well.  A touch of cinnamon and coriander, maybe more that I cannot pick out.

The taste brings in the malt flavours to compliment the citrus and spice.  A smooth and light mouthfeel delivers a slightly sour note under the sweet malt sugars.  The light bitterness from the hops melts right into the sweetness of the citrus.  This is a nice mix of flavours and makes for a nice sipping pint.

University Brew Off IPA – Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

Limited Release

Back on October 26th, 2013 Hops Connect and Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers held a home brew competition.  Click here to check out the competition.  The contest put the Simon Fraser Brewing Club (S.F. Brew) against University Of BC brewing Club (brUBC).  There were a bunch of great beers in the competition but the winner of Best Of Show was Hop-A-Rella IPA.  Hop-A-Rella IPA was brewed by Natasha Peiskar and Jill Plotnikoff.  The prize for the winning beer was to have a 15HL commercial batch brewed at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers.  Recently Jill and Natasha were able to brew this beer with the help of Brew Master Kevin Emms.  The beer was renamed the “University Brew Off IPA”.


This is not the original Hop-A-Rella IPA but a re-imagining tweaked for the larger brew size.  The beer pours a amber orange colour with a white head and some lasting lacing.  The aroma is malty with fruity esters and floral hops.  The flavour is of big hops bitterness up front with sweet malts, tropical and citrus fruits, resin and pine.  The alcohol content comes in at 7% with an IBU of 78.  The Ladies really hit it out of the park with this beer but then tasting the Hop-A-Rella back at the competition I knew that they would.


I was not able to make it to the brew day due to work but Natasha Peiskar sent me these photos.

I was also unable to go to the launch party as I was out of town but again Natasha Peiskar sent me photos.

Mosaic Imperia IPA – Mikkeller

Limited Edition

Mikkeller is a gypsy brewery from Copenhagen, Denmark that contract their beer to be brewed all over the world.  This brew was brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium and is called “Mosaic Imperia IPA”.  This is one of Single Hop series beers that Mikkeller is producing.  This Imperial IPA pours an orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of fruits, big malts and some floral hops.  The flavour is of tropical fruits, lemon, citrus, pine, hops bitterness and some sweet malts.  The alcohol content comes in at 8.9% with an IBU of 100.  This is an extremely tasty double IPA and really shows what Mosaic Hops bring to the table!

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