Fuggles & warlock Craftworks Lounge Construction – Richmond

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks in South Richmond are fully up and running making some amazing beer already but their tasting room/lounge is still under construction.  Twice in the last few weeks I stopped in to see the construction and I took photos both times.  The first set of photos are from the first visit.

Photo one and two are early looks at the bar area.  Photo two also will house their gaming system for people to enjoy all kinds of classic video games.  On the far side of the second photo you will see into the brewery.  The third photo will is to the right of the bar and also shows a window into the brewhouse.

On my visit the other day things have progressed some as can be seen in the next set of photos.

This set of photos shows some progession.  The first photo is of the bar area with some more work complete.  Photo two shows the same view as the third photo above.  The last photo is a bit of a panorama inside the upcoming tasting lounge.

On top of having video games to play they will also be having lots of one offs and seasonals on tap at the tasting room once finished.  This will be one of the most fun rooms to hang out once open!  Richmond better be excited!

The opening date is still up in the air so keep glued to social media.

Here are my full sized photos.

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
11220 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A


Hilliard’s Beer – Seattle

On a recent trip to Seattle I set out to check out a few breweries located outside of the Downtown Core.  I decided on the Ballard neighborhood as there was a high concentration of breweries and one brewery in particular that I have been enjoying locally in Vancouver for a while.  That brewery was Hilliar’s Beer and it was my first stop.


When you arrive you first notice that they have a nice patio out on the side of the brewery.  Once inside you find a tasting room and that shares a room with the brewery.  Starting with the tap room you find a nice little bar with a bunch of different beer to try.  They also have a few big re-purposed tables and chairs.  You are able to get growler fills here as well as buy tall cans of their products and some other swag.

Basically right behind the bar area you will find the fermentation tanks.  off to the side the actual brew house can be found.  For the amount of Hilliard’s Beer making it up to Vancouver is was very surprised to see how small this operation really is.  Inside their cooler they have tanks as well as lots of kegged products.

Not everything that Hilliard’s Beer brews is available in Vancouver and I found a few really good ones on tap that were quite exciting.  I look forward to the next time I end up in Seattle as I will make sure to stop back in for a glass or two of beer.

Full sized photos.

Hilliard’s Beer
1550 NW 49th Street,
Seattle WA
Brewery / Taproom Phone: 206.257.4486

Three Ranges Brewing – Valemount

I just got home from a long road trip that headed as far North as Prince George.  The first stop on the trip was Valemount a short 675km from Vancouver (and we drove from Squamish 737km).  Not only was Valemount a great way point for a road trip but it also houses the brewery Three Ranges Brewing.


Three Ranges Brewing is not open on Mondays but still opened the brewery up to give me a tour of the facility. The tasting room is beautiful with wood finishes everywhere.  For such a small town Village like Valmount the brewery has lots of seating and around 6 taps of beer.  Sadly when I was in town they had temporarily shut down beer production for maintenance and were using the shutdown to reorganize the brewery. Fortunately for the locals it gave them a chance to have a tap takeover and showcase the breweries friends.

Once finished looking around the tasting room I was brought into the brewery.  Currently the brewery was in a bit of disarray as they were just finishing up moving tanks and starting to brew again.  They have moved equipment around to new locations and are working on bringing in new equipment also.

Here are a few more photos I took including the Valmount sign and two more of the brewery.

If you are looking for Three Ranges Brewing’s beer you will have to take a drive unless you live in Valemount, Prince George, Clearwater and McBride according their website.  It is well worth the drive though and I was happy I found a few 6 packs while driving through Price George.

Full sized photos

Three Ranges Brewing
1160 5th Avenue

Ridge Brewing Company – Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is starting to join the craft beer revolution with their second brewery opening up this past weekend.  Ridge Brewing Company is located really close to the first brewery in Maple Ridge only being one block away.


Walking in the door you find a tasting room.  The tasting room has very nice wood accents with a nice eclectic style mixing in metal cladding and steel drums (Ladies they have purse hooks on the tables!).  Swag is already in full force with an array of t-shirts already available as well as hats, growlers with at least 4 different sayings on them and some growler carrying cases.  The brewery has launched with three beers including a Witbier (Gringa Loca), IPA (Green Eyes White) and Brown Ale (Cafe Morena).  They also have some kind of Irish ale in the works and a Pilsner on the horizon.

It does not take much to find the brew house as it is fully visible from the tasting room.  The brew house is 10HL and they currently have 3-20HL tanks but as you can see there is some room to expand out and up so the beer should keep flowing as demand builds.

Ridge Brewing Company is an exciting addition to the Fraser Valley brewing scene and both Carlos the owner and the brewmaster are very friendly people.  Make sure you head out to the brewery soon to try their beer especially if you live in Maple Ridge!

Full sized photos can be found here.

Ridge Brewing Company
22826 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Unit 2,
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 7Y3
Call: 604-380-0888

B’s Craft Beer Lounge – Langley

If you either live out in Langley near Willowbrook Shopping Centre or just find yourself in the area then you need to check out B’s Craft Beer Lounge.


This craft beer lounge gives you the brewery tasting room feel but it does one better.  They serve beer in tasting racks of two volumes or single glasses of beer from all over the world.  You are able to choose beers for the tasting racks from a preset menu that has enough beer that you can have two full tasting trays and not try every beer.  They also have beer that you can enjoy a full glass of.  Everything is poured from bottles (usually bombers) and recapped.  Luckily the beer moves quite fast and will never sit long enough to no flat.

The staff is very knowledgeable and will have information about all the beer that they are pouring which is a very nice touch.   This tasting lounge is attached to a liquor store (Berezan Liquor Store) but you can also purchase beer to go from the lounge.  The lounge seems to have some amazing gems for sale and I walked out with two great beers one being a Fifty Fifty Brewing Eclypse!

Full sized photos found here.

B’s Craft Beer Lounge
19665 Willowbrook Drive
Langley, British Columbia
(604) 539-0046